[Theory] Ceasar's possible comeback and redemption


Jan 9, 2013
Trait Points
Ceasar created SAD which was used for Doffy's SMILE factory. Vegapunk, Judge, and possibly Ceasar has access to Lineage technology which messess up with human emotions just like how Germa siblings have unnatural emotions. Kuma has lost his emotions too. Doffy have been supplying Kaido with artificial devil fruits or SMILE in mass production. This just may have something to do with the people of Ebisu Town like O-Toko being unable to show emotions other than happiness and they always SMILE. These people have to be cured but I doubt Vegapunk will show up in Wano (he'll probably show up in another arc) Judge is more likely to show up in Wano with Germa as a member of SH Grand Fleet but I doubt he'll do some charity work. Ceasar on the other hand is a lot easier to control. So I think he'll definitely show up in Wano. Luffy somehow will make Ceasar to cure the people of Ebisu Town and once he sees how influentual Luffy is with the grand fleet there in Wano, he'd rather choose to be under Luffy's protection rather than be captured by the Marines or other pirates. I also doubt he mananaged to just fly all the way out of BM's territory. What if he sneeked in on Sunny?
I also think he will create machines that can purify the poisonous waters of Wano (in some parts). Redemption maybe?
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