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Sage of Snakes
Apr 25, 2011
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Since people have been asking for some of the cannon summonings but there are no teachers for it its been decided that some senseis will now be able to teach the summonings that not many people can teach. This is to help reduce people asking through PMs for contracts and have to wait a long time to get a reply about it even if the summoning doesn't have a cannon made summon or even just one summoning. If you find the person that can teach you the contract you want you are to post in this thread with the format with the information that is needed. The thread will be checked by Adachi and Sharingdork to make sure it doesn't get backed up and for the Senseis to check if people request the contract they can teach. This also ensures you all actually get taught the contract.

[B]The Contract you want to learn:[/B]
[B]Link to your bio that has a free summoning space:[/B]
[B]Why you actually want this contract and what are your plans for it.[/B]
[B]Do you at least know B rank Ninjutsu? (The summoning jutsu is B rank ninjutsu and is required to summon animals) [/B]
[B]What is your other contract that you signed:[/B]

- Bat Summonings - Teachers - Korra.

- Clam Summonings - Teachers - Nathan. and Sharingdork

- Crow Summonings - Teachers - Crutch Kaguya

- Dog Summonings - Teachers - Priest

- Monkey Summoning - Teachers - Adachi and Pekoms

- Salamander Summonings - Teachers - Korra

- Shark Summonings - Teachers - Madāra Uchiha and Sharingdork

- Slug Summoning - Teachers - Adachi

- Spider Summonings - Teachers - Korra.

- Turtle Summonings - Teachers - Madāra Uchiha

Note: Left out Toad and Snakes since they are the most common contracts and didn't included Baku, Animal Path and Doki summonings since they are special. Bee summoning can only be learned by Kamizuru clan members and can't be taught to people not in the clan. [All credits for creating this goes to Korra.]
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