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Mar 16, 2011
Trait Points
Basic Information
Name: Powder
Nickname: Jinx
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Clan: (Hiruko Skin)

Slender, sinewy, and light-skinned woman. She wears common punkish street fashion typical for Badland youth. Her most noticeable features are her tattoos of stylized clouds, pink eyes, and natural blue hair. [Arcane appearance and style]

Eccentric inventor and loose canon, taking pleasure in inventing and causing mayhem and destruction. She's quickly becoming the most notorious and feared criminal across the Lands, delighting in her boombastic activities. They say she may have some screws loose and few sammiches short of a picnic, but shes a f---ing RPG Rocket with a buffet of grenades.

Village Information
Land of Birth: Badlands
WSE Clan: N/A

Ninja Rank: Jounin
Health: 160
Chakra: 1600

Elements: Earth | Wind | Water | Fire | Lightning |
Bungee Gum
Skills: Taijutsu | Ninjutsu | Kenjutsu | Fuuin | Genjutsu | Customs
Specialties: Advanced Speed (+2) | Elementalist - Bungee Gum (+20 DMG) | Primary Tracking (1.5x) | Lifeline
Other: Snake Summons | Carp Summons

(Za Kindachi Kyuui)
Rank: S
Type: Weapon
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Thousands of years ago, there was a lone some village in the Land of Eki, where all the villagers to a vow of peace. Never to fight even if their own life is endangered, the only exception was the protection of family and loved ones. Kids were taught this from an early age, meditation was also practiced at minimum 4 times a day to keep everyone at one with themselves. Within this village were great craftsmen throughout out all the land, that made tools with the heart for defending. Other bigger Villages and tribes with well over a thousand people wanted these craftsmen and their creations to in attempt to become rulers of the entire land of Eki. The village hidden in Ketsueki, the biggest in all the land and by far the most powerful, came to the lone village destroying everyones homes and killing the people of the village in search for the craftsmen and what they seen as "weapons". One of the Five craftsmen gave his son a pair of Gold earrings with what appears to have aqua colored diamonds[from chakra being stored within them] after the son put the earring on they became one with him. The intruders eventually found the last craftsman and his family hiding within a tunnel built under their home, each being pulled and executed, the son being the last one pulled from the tunnel, when they tried to kill him a barrier of chakra appeared reflecting theyre jutsu. This son with the only tools ever found, made by the legendary craftsmen , after 20 years went on to become King of all the land of Eki, finally bringing Peace. The earrings became known as "The Kings Peace", and their abilities are known to Block and/or Reflect nearly anything threatening the holder.

Note: The earrings can activate without the holders awareness but will always cost a move and drain proportional chakra to the technique defended from, preventing the user from molding his chakra at the same time for another technique.
Note: Only works with offensive Ninjutsu techniques (elemental or not) travelling towards the user.
Note: Blocking [right earring] is the ability through which the earings bring forth a shield of chakra, shy of 50cm from the user, in the path of an incoming technique, just enough to block it from damaging the wearer and Reflection[left earring] is the ability to bring forth a dampening shield of chakra, in the path of an incoming technique, which diverts the attack's path and sends it back towards its origin, albeit weaker by half (B-Rank becomes C-Rank for example).
Note: Each ability can only be used once every 3 turns and can only defend against up to B-Rank. By sacrificing the ability to reuse one of the applications, the user is able to forcefully will the earings to defend from a technique up to S-Rank. However, in this case, that application becomes unusable for the rest of the match and they need conscious control from the user to perform said defense.
Note: Have to be taught how to use the earrings abilities by Smirk(Stussy)
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A ( 40 chakra per use )
Damage: N/A
Description: A cyborg attachment to the user's body, the user has a robotic limb that allows for him to create spheres of energy that are capable of absorbing chakra up to S rank level. These spheres are capable of dealing brute force on impact as well, growing to large heights, up to 4 meters in radius. Starting at roughly rasengan size, these spheres grow proportionally to the size of the technique absorbed. Normal Ninja are able to make use of one of these devices via specialized gloves that allow them to absorb 1 Ninjutsu per turn up to S rank while Cyborgs have these attachments and are able to absorb up to Forbidden powered attacks and 1 from each arm per turn.
Note: Can be used a max of 3 times for Ninja and 5 for Custom Cyborgs.
Note: Cyborg can have up to 2 Absorption Arms.
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30 (-30 to recharge)
Damage: 60
Description: The Assasin's Arsenal is a set of 3 guns: an assault rifle and a pair of semi-automatic pistols. These guns are capable of firing Jutsu Bullets. The user can release up to 5 bullets freeform per turn, dealing a collective 20 damage. The user is also able to release Fire Jutsu Bullets at A rank power once per turn, only usable every two turns. This can be done via single fire or three round bursts from his chakra rifle or by firing his pistols, creating bursts up to 3 meters large.
Note: The two pistols can fire 5 freeform bullets per turn to deal 20 damage. These bullets are made of raw chakra and are of similar width to fingers.
Note: These pistols are also able to release up to 2 Projectile/Streaming jutsu per turn and up to 5 in total before having to recharge chakra cartridges. During the recharge periods, the user must spend 30 chakra to recharge the clips in which neither of the guns can be used.
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 per turn
Damage: 60
Description: The user invents a chakra blade that uses the wielder's chakra to generate a makeshift blade but has the downside of draining too much chakra too quickly. These blades are able to cut through attacks of the same rank and below with ease. Cyborgs are able to grow these blades from attachments to their body, noted within the biography.
Note: Ninja can have up to 2 Chakra Blades. Custom Cyborgs can have up to 4 Chakra Blades.
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Similar in use to the smoke and flash bombs respectively, this tech dazes the senses by emitting a powerful sound and light. It was powerful enough to block even enhanced senses of sight and hearing, leaving those with vision and sound based sensing useless. It's major downside, however, is that due to affecting a wide area, allies could also be caught in the blast radius if not warned beforehand. Due to the mass amount of chakra released from the explosion, chakra based sensing dilate also left useless. These are also able to negate B rank and below technological sensing devices as well.
Note: Does not count as a move but only one can be used per turn.
Note: User can have up to 3 max while Cyborgs have up to 6.
Note: Cyborgs are also able to fire these up to Long range.

Traveling and causing chaos wherever she sees fit, her eyes now pink, its said to be from the explosion and a reminder to herself to not give a f---. Her whereabouts in the present are unknown, until she pops up again to blow things up... To Be Continued


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