Bleach Reborn Chapter Nine


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Mar 27, 2012
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I guess I am a bit busy. But at least I try to post every week. So, this chapter is for you guys.

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Chapter 9: "Duel"

Tamo: This is my best friend, Nel.

Nel: Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, nice to meet you.

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Nel holds out her hand in a hand shake. She smiles. Kalin's hair and eye go back to normal. Kalin looks at her.

Kalin: My name is Kalin.

Kalin holds out her left hand in front of her. They handshake.

Tamo: How's the Queen of Las Noches?

Nel: She's doing good.

Kalin: Queen?

Nel: The Queen is Lady Halibel-sama. She used to be a Tercera Espada like me. We're both Terceras.

Kalin: Tercera?

Nel: That's Espada rank 3.

Kalin: Oh.

Kalin looked behind her.

Nel: I was asked to help awaken your dormant Hollow powers.

Kalin was distracted.

Nel: Kalin-kun, are you hearing me?

Kalin: Huh? Sorry I think there's something behind us. It feels like we're being watched by something.

Tamo: Yes. A Gillian class hollow, not the mindless kind.

Kalin: About time.

Kalin's hair and eyes go back to black, and an enormous amount of lightning ran all across her body.

Tamo: Do you know exactly what a Gillian class Hollow is?

Kalin: I don't care...I'm high on lightning and need to let it go, or else I can get bad heart burn.

Kalin turned and launched herself toward the hollow and leaving white lightning behind where she stood. The Gillian fires a Cero. Kalin dodged it and kept running towards it then stopped, and smiled.

Gillian: Huh? What's that?

Kalin: So you can talk...oh well. Thousand Swords!

The Gillian used Negación.

Kalin: Heh.

Kalin continues to run up to the hollow. The Gillian steps back and fires another Cero. Kalin stops.

Kalin: Bring it! Lightning blast!

The swords form one sword, and fires a beam of white lightning.

Gillian: Negación.

Kalin: Okay, this is getting old.

Gillian: Oh really? I just used it twice.

Kalin goes back to normal, and run even closer to the hollow. The Gillian stomps around, and kicks. Kalin dodges, still running.

Kalin: You move pretty slow for a Hollow.

The Gillian fires a Cero at Kalin and catches her off guard. Kalin flies backwards, and hits the ground.

Kalin: Didn't like that too much, did ya?

Kalin jumped back to her feet and began running again. The Gillian runs forward. Kalin stops. The Gillian fires a cero. Kalin makes a lightning shield. The Gillian adds more power into it. The shield shatters, Kalin lifts her right hand.

Kalin: I'm sorry, Mother and Father.

She removes the glove, and the necklace.

Nel: That's--

Kalin shows her true self.

Kalin: AHHH!

She sonidos without realizing it, and get to the hollow's face, and sticks her right hand out.

Kalin: ...Die.

And with a great amount of power, Kalin casts a lightning blast in the hollow's face.

Gillian: Nega--!

Kalin puts her hand on the mask of the hollow, and rips it apart. Nel sonidos to where Kalin is.

Nel: What happened?

Kalin: Nothing.

Kalin flies down.

Nel: Are you okay?

Kalin: Yeah, I'm fine.

Kalin puts the necklace and glove back on, then reverts back to normal.

Nel: What's that?

Kalin: What's what?

Nel: That necklace.

Kalin: It's a locket with a pretty gem shard inside...I think my mother and father gave it to me.

Nel: Well, let's get you cleaned up. C'mon.

Kalin takes a few steps and falls in exhaustion. Nel takes her arm and pulls it over her head, and helps her along.

Kalin: I'm sorry.

Nel: Oh it's okay.

She smiles. Kalin smiles back.

Kalin: I wonder if Ravi and Tamo will call me stupid for fighting a Gillian alone.

Nel: I'm going to help you awaken your Hollow, once you are ready.

Tamo sonidos and Ravi flash steps to where they are.

Tamo: That was unexpected, the way you handled it.

Kalin: Huh?

Tamo: You almost went into Resurrección.

Kalin thought for a bit.

Kalin: Tamo do you know what this gem shard is?

Tamo: No, what is it?

Kalin opens up the locket and puts the gem shard in her hand.

Kalin: This.

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