Basel, Voidlord [Active]

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May 28, 2014
Trait Points
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"The hunger of a dragon is slow to wake, but hard to sate."

Basic Information

Name: Basel Timurain
Titles: Dragonkin, Voidlord
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

Appearance: Basel possesses a unique complexion in that it echoes that of a dragon, exuding power and beauty in it's full majesty. His face and neck are swathed in golden scales of lustrous shine and surprising flexibility, they enshroud the fringes of his face, allowing it to retain it's more human features, but unmistakably belies the type of beast he truly is. In addition to this he possesses a pair of burning golden red eyes, staring like hot coals on a forge.

Personality: Possibly the most enigmatic of the Voidlords, Basel can possess a disarming charm to him, without affecting the air of authority he commands. Over many dialogues with the various members of the Akatsuki he has shared rather blunt opinions of the assembled group, and even displayed camaraderie in certain instances, even laughing on occasion. Yet does not take everything with a friendly attitude, as he was provoked into displaying but a fraction of his strength, the results of which ended with one of the Akatsuki's members seeing the world from a new perspective.

Rank, Birth, Affiliation & Jutsu Information

Rank: Sage - Voidlord, Domain of Desire
Health & Chakra: 500 & 45,000
Land of Birth: ???

A Dragon hoards many powers.​

His scales like armor, a shield tenfold strong.
His teeth sharper than any sword of man.
His claws like spears, their reach incontestable.
The whip of his tail a thunderbolt, instant and fatal.
His wings a hurricane, billowing sails that assail the heavens.
His breath fire and death incarnate.

History & Background Information

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Phetra, a story of defying destiny; Demetrias, a story of identity; Nefarian, a story of loss. None compare to Basel, Dragonkin. Basel was not born of this world; his “truth” is alien to the experiences of the first three Voidlords encountered by the Champions of Humanity. Basel is a Dragonkin, a race of humanoids not from this world. The origins of the Dragonkin are from a shattered reality, one where the conflux of time and space is distorted and warped beyond recognition.

But the Dragonkin’s world was not originally this way. His world was originally dominated by its own Divinities, many of these dragons - the same iconic behemoths of flight and flame we are so intimately familiar with. The dragons grew alongside this alien form of humanity in lockstep. The dragons held control over the majestic Dragonfyre, a powerful spacebending flame that commanded the stars. Humans commanded the power of Icefyre, a frigid manifestation of entropic force that sways the passage of time in the universe. These two worked in tandem to maintain their own Order. And the greatest of these beings belonged within a Pantheon, much like Marduk’s Pantheon of old. A Pantheon constituting dragons and humans. The greatest tenet of this Pantheon forbade the mixing of dragon and human blood. It was a divine decree issued by Bahamut, the draconic equivalent of our Marduk. His philosophy grew from the idea that the nature of Dragon and Icefyres must never be mixed as one being could never wield the power that created them in the first place. This power ultimately derived from two Primordial Deities: the Mother of Life and the Father of Truth.

Yet the young Basel, a human far removed from the coveted seats of the Pantheon of Fyre, looked toward the stars. He saw not the truth set out by the flawed philosophy of his chief god Bahamut. He aspired for something more. He craved for something more. Hungered.

Their world had existed for eons. It was an agrarian world of peace with sprawling plains and small villages scattered throughout. Humanity plowed the fields, planted the seeds, and grew the crop. The dragons saw to the skies, guarded the Pantheon, and oversaw what governance was required. Thus created an imbalanced power dynamic that evolved overtime. While humans sat in the Pantheon their power over Icefyre never was fully observed. The bending of time holds cataclysmic consequences for reality while bending space could have its effects contained. Thus, humans never could exercise their latent power - a fact that in time came to disgust the young Basel. And so he rebelled with a single conviction: to take hold of Dragonfyre.

But his desire was not born of a need to see a better future for humanity or to dethrone the dragons. It was a desire born of his own greed, his hunger for greatness. To defy the natural order set forth by Bahamut.

To this end Basel hunted a dragon. Yet the young boy, no more than 15 years old by now, had no abilities to call his own. He did not command the latent power of Icefyre, that power belonged to the Divine humans that sat idle in the Pantheon. Dragons and humans did not war either. While there was a power imbalance in favor of the dragons they still lived in peaceful coexistence. What weapon could slay a fearsome dragon?

The answer to his question came not through prayer or ingenuity but through simple brutality. Beautiful and elegant murder. He did not need trickery to subdue a beast nor a poison to kill it from the shadows. Instead one day Basel followed a dragon home as it left its patrol in the sky; the dragon thought nothing of it. His guard was directed toward the heavens, not to the humans below. Yet that day in his cavernous home a dragon was felled. Basel had buried it and suffocated it under the weight of its own cave. He had destroyed it with his own strength. And that day he feasted on the dragon’s corpse, viciously eating its draconic heart. He had committed a cardinal sin.

What was once the dragon’s was forcibly taken by Basel. After ingesting the heart it did not take long for its blood to mix with the young human’s. Their heritage became one: the birth of the Dragonkin through a bloody transformation.

But his bloodlust and greed wasn’t sated with his ascension. He took flight to the Pantheon of Fyre, Bahamut’s hallowed sanctuary. The profane Dragonkin, seen as a blasphemy in the eyes of the Pantheon, slaughtered them all - human and dragon. And for each kill he consumed their heart, greedily feasting on it as blood and sinew dripped from the brutal warriors face. Not a soul lived to tell the tale of what happened at the Pantheon of Fyre. It is only through these eyes can it be seen now, a story that spans the cosmos.

How Basel, now no longer a young human but the first Dragonkin to come to possess the Dragon and Icefyres, came to our world is left to speculation. Gripped by maddened bloodlust it is likely that his blasphemy reached the eyes of the ancient Primordial Deities. Yet perhaps only one spoke, the other gripped by sadness and despair as its body writhed around Her. The Father of Truth whispered to the young Basel, tacitly encouraging him to combine the Fires of Ice and Dragon to complete his cardinal sin: the act of mixing blood and the act of mixing Flame. What occurred shattered the Dragonkin’s world. It became a fractured reality mired in despair and suffering.​

Specialties, Signature Techniques & Other Information

Primary Specialty - ????: A power yet to be revealed.

Secondary Specialty- ????: A power yet to be revealed.

Extra Specialty - ????: A power yet to be revealed.​

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