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Lord of Kaos

Apr 7, 2009
Trait Points
Sage Rank and Missions
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Sage Rank is the highest official rank of the RP, a rank difficult to obtain regardless of method. This exclusive rank offers several perks and abilities that can only be obtained by having this rank, such as a Custom Clan, a Sage Weapon, Prestige Mode, and more. Becoming a Sage is shown through acquiring a unique Sage Title. Sage Titles are not just some hollow words, they must correlate to the tester taking said test. As a result each title has to be approved to see it doesn't conflict with an already existing title. For example the "Sage of Fire" is the same as the "Sage of Katon", the "Sage of the Forbidden Arts" is the same as the "Sage of Kinjutsu". Sage Titles are also a legitimate way of stating your rank in your bio. For this reason, Sage Titles cannot be contradictory to the bio attempting it. This means a Water Specialist cannot test for Sage of Lightning. The only two ways one can obtain this rank is through either purchasing the rank for 25,000 Kumi or completing a rare and difficult Sage Mission. Keep in mind you can only attempt a Mission 1 time. Even with these two Paths, there are basic requirements that just be met previous to applying.​

There are two types of Sages, essentially determined through their method of acquisition: Basic and Advanced Sages. While these two types have access to the same systems, chakra, and health increases, Advanced Sages are identified through their completion of a mission and have all the abilities granted to Default Sages. These differences can be seen below:​

  • Sages can create their own Custom Clan.
  • Sages get 10 extra CJ slots, meaning their standard amount of CJ slots go from 35 to 45.
  • Sages have higher base health, chakra and speed compared to other Ninja. Their health increases to 200, chakra increases to 2000 and speed increases by +3 Speed levels to a base of 11.
  • Sages can have a 5th CE. Normally your name can only appear max on 5 different CE (whether it be as a student, creator or co-creator), but only 4 are allowed to be effectively used, meaning you have one 'dead' CE. As a Sage you are allowed to use that one from now on.
  • Sages are allowed to submit a third CFS OR a third Summoning Contract.
  • Sages can create their own Custom Clan. Should they not want a Custom Clan, they can potentially choose to have a Sage Weapon, customized for their Sage title and abilities. Note that this weapon will be made by the Staff and as such, may exceed normal capabilities of CW in the RP.
  • Sages can have both a 3rd CFS as well as a 3rd Contract
  • The primary requirement is first and foremost Jounin rank. Unless you have obtained this rank, you cannot apply for this rank.
  • Activity in the Roleplay is needed, requiring activity in at least 3 of the previous 5 arcs. Activity does not equate 1 or 2 posts per arc, but actual continued and sustained activity. This is to ensure potential Sages are active before they can apply.
  • Third requirement is that the applicant be a member of the RP for at least half a year. This is to ensure the member has had time to actually grow within the RP and hasnt spammed/raced through the ranks.
  • Should the user meet this requirements, he is able to apply via PM to Drackos with a PM title clearly declaring his intent to take this test. Because of their nature, only a limited amount will be accepted each batch on a randomized basis. After they have been accepted, a notice will be given stating that apps are currently closed until this batch is either complete with their missions or failed them. Inversely, he is capable of acquiring Sage Rank by directly purchasing it for 25,000 Kumi. This, however, will not allow him to utilize or gain the Advanced perks of Sage Rank, which requires the harder path be taken and completed.
  • Should you reach all of the necessary requirements, fill out the appropriate application below when applying.

[b]Name: Bio Rank and Link:[/b]
[B]Sage Title Applying for:[/b]
[B]Link to Activity in NW Arcs (may require multiple links):[/b][hr][/hr]
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Lord of Kaos

Apr 7, 2009
Trait Points
♚♚ Prestige System ♚

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Should a member reach Sage rank, he is capable of undergoing a difficult and trying system designed to challenge his skills while allowing him opportunities to gain new abilities. This system, called the Prestige System, is created for Sages who wish to have more to do at a more competitive level upon gaining the Sage rank. These opportunities present themselves in the form of new, rare bio combinations, new customs, and all new rewards - exclusive to Sages at the moment!​

Under this new system, Sages are able to submit one of their three allowed bios as a Prestige Bio. This bio becomes unique compared to the others for a few reasons, the first is that it and only it can be utilized inside of the Prestige System. The most notable aspect about this is this specific bio is able to have special combinations currently not allowed, shown and stated below. These abilities can be had obtained in any layout on a bio but no more than 2 of any field are allowed on a bio at any time, such as 3 Doujutsu, 3 AN, 3 Modes, etc.​
  • Dual Abilities (Cyborg + KG/HA/AE, 2 KG, 2 HA, 2 AE, 2 or any combination )
  • Custom Clan Advancements ( CC + Mode + AN, Dual CC, or CC + KG/AE/HA )
  • Dual Modes ( 2 Sage Modes, EIG + SHB, etc )
  • Dual AN + Mode ( Sound + Sensory + SM, Rain + Smoke + Kaguya, etc )
  • Dual Doujutsu ( Mangekyō + Tenseigan, Rinnegan + Ketsuryūgan, etc )
  • Canon Advancements ( Use of a Canon ability in any of the aforementioned options such as Obito's MS + Paper, Hashirama Wood + Seven Heavenly Breaths, etc )

In addition to these Bio Options, the Prestige System uses a Point System designed to allow fewer abilities to make the path more challenging in battles. This point system determines which abilities outside of the basics can be added to a Prestige Bio. These numbers, starting at 10 points, increase as one ranks up to allow more abilities while still remaining somewhat restrictive. The overall values for this can be found below as well as an example under this:​
  • Advanced Ninjutsu - 1
  • Hidden Abilities - 2
  • Advanced Elements/Kekkei Genkei - 3
  • Modes - 3
  • Medical Jutsu/Fuuinjutsu/Kinjutsu - 2
  • Yin or Yang - 4
  • Custom Clan/Sage Weapon - 5
  • MS/Ketsuryūgan - 3
  • Yin/Yang - 5
  • Rinnegan/EMS/Tenseigan - 4
  • Canon Abilities* - Cost of original field +3

There are additional limitations applied to canon fields, limiting what fields are capable of being chosen. Rinnegan of all characters excluding Nagato is unable to be held. When Prestiging a Canon character, one ability from your approved bio is able to be chosen as your "Custom" ability and you gain access to it on that character's level, such as Hashirama Level Wood Release if you owned a Madara or Hashirama, Shisui's MS if you have him or Danzo, etc. These would cost the normal amount of points plus an additional 3. The exception to this is Rinnegan, being at a cost of 4 when chosen and always being Nagato level unless access to a Custom Rinnegan was gained.
  • Prestige I Bio with Sasuke's EMS (7) + Byakugan (3)
At Prestige I rank, you get 10 points. Dual Doujutsu ( worth 10 points in this case ) would max these out.​
  • Prestige III Bio with Gyojin CC (5) + Nekura (5) + Fuuinjutsu (2) + Yin (4) + Yang (4) + Basics (0)
At Prestige III rank, you get 20 points. These would combine to equal 20 and max out.​
  • Prestige II Bio with Hashirama's Wood Release (5) + Tenseigan (4) + YY (5)
At Prestige II rank, you get 15 points. These would combine to equal 14 and almost max out.​

In addition to this, the user will gain access to 20 new Custom Slots. These customs can only be utilized on the Prestige bio and can be completely new or the user can choose to have one of his own regular CJ count as one of his Prestige Customs as well. The main difference with these and normal CJ are the scale reductions: Prestige Customs deal 10% of the base damage, use 10% of the base chakra and customs that utilize damage or chakra boosts also work on 10% of the original. In fights against non Prestiged members, techniques that land on the user deal 10% power while techniques that land on the opponent have original damage scaling back in place. While this scales fights back, it doesnt change much in the long run.​
These bios, while allowed to combine high level abilities, come with a catch: Upon Prestiging, the bio will reset at a rank called Prestige 1. Prestige 1 is almost the equivalent of a Chunin in the RP with a few key differences, namely what can and can't be utilized. Scaled down in comparison to the original 5 Ranks, there are only 3 Prestige Ranks. Much like the originals, these ranks determine which ranks of techniques you can access. Differently than the original ranks, however, these ranks do not restrict your access to high end canon abilities, usable from the beginning, only the number of custom abilities you can have.​
In order to rank up, this system utilizes a different method than accumulation of Passed Missions and/or Victories. This system requires a type of currency exclusive to this game called Prestige Crowns. Prestige Crowns, or PC, are gained through completion of NW arcs, missions, battles, and other means throughout the Roleplay. The amount needed for each rank is listed at the bottom of this section. A short list of how much PC is gained is also listed alongside this. Note that a Prestiged Member is capable of choosing to be awarded the corresponding Kumi in place of PC or vice versa.​
In addition to ranking up, PC can be used for Prestige Exclusive Prizes, aimed specifically at Prestiged members. These prizes can range from resubmissions of CE/CC, Upgrading Sage Weapons, some prizes previously restricted to tournament pools only, and more.​
Prestige Crown Award Rate
  • Passed Missions of B rank and lower and Won Battles against Prestige I or Chunin and lower enemies awards 20 PC. This amount is also gained for those of Prestige I and Prestige II Ranks for completion of a NW arc ( completion is defined as actively participating more than 15 posts/1 battle. Note these can change depending on arc ).
  • Passed Missions of A rank and Won Battles against Prestige II or Jounin awards 30 PC.
  • Passed Missions of S rank and Won Battles against Prestige III or Sages award 40 PC.
  • Completion of Ninja World arcs (completion requires at least 15 posts per arc, excluding battle posts) awards 50 PC.

Prestige Ranks

Prestige I:
  • Base health = 8 // Base Chakra = 50 // Base Speed = 6
  • Ninja Skills up to A-ranks
  • Genjutsu OR Taijutsu up to B rank, other up to C
  • Able to submit up to A-rank Prestige Customs of any field on the bio. Access to up to 3 CE/CFS/CSC ( this means collectively, not individually. Normal limits still apply. )
Prestige II:

  • Rank-up from Prestige I to Prestige II requires accumulation of at least 200 Prestige Crowns
  • Base health = 10 // Base chakra 75 // Base Speed = 8
  • Ninja Skills up to S-ranks
  • Genjutsu OR Taijutsu up to A rank, other up to B
  • Able to submit up to S-rank Prestige Customs of any appropriate field on the bio. Access to up to 5 CE/CFS/CSC ( this means collectively, not individually. Normal limits still apply. )
Prestige III:​

  • Rank-up from Prestige II to Prestige III requires accumulation of at least 500 Prestige Crowns
  • Base health = 12 // Base chakra 100 // Base Speed = 10
  • Ninja Skills up to Forbidden Ranks
  • Genjutsu OR Taijutsu up to S rank, other up to B
  • Able to submit up to Forbidden Rank Prestige Customs of any appropriate field on the bio. Access to up to 7 CE/CFS/CSC ( this means collectively, not individually. Normal limits still apply. )
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Lord of Kaos

Apr 7, 2009
Trait Points

August 26th, 2009:
  • RokuNR - the Sage of Music
September 24th, 2009:
  • Xylon - the Sage of Yin & Yang
  • Kagutsuchi - the Sage of Fire
January 7th, 2010:
  • Akiza - the Sage of Sharingan
March 3rd, 2010:
  • Goro Kaguya - the Sage of the Forbidden Arts
May 4th, 2010:
  • Nero - the Sage of One Move Pwn
May 6th, 2010:
  • ~Hasashi~ - the Sage of Kick Ass
May 24th, 2010:
  • BishamonSama - the Sage of Earth
June 4th, 2010:
  • Emperor - the Sage of Plants, Penguins and other Weird Stuff
September 30th, 2010:
  • Izuna Uchiha - the Sage of Water
August 22nd, 2011:
  • Mugiwara - the Sage of Diamond Bones
August 23rd, 2011:
  • Nirvāṇa - the Sage of the Mind, Body and Soul
  • Jokey - the Sage of Elemental Combinations
  • Axle - the Sage of the Sealing Arts
  • Scary Yamato - the Sage of Wood
August 7th, 2012:
  • House - the Sage of Byakugan and Gentle Fist
August 21st, 2012:
  • Caliburn - the Sage of the Abyssal Sword
September 6th, 2012:
  • Vincent - the Sage of the Medical Arts
October 8th, 2012:
  • Mathias - the Sage of Archery
December 8th, 2012:
  • Gobi Gobletsson - the Sage of Strength & Endurance
February 25th, 2013:
  • Scorps - the Sage of Illusionary Touch
June 11th, 2013:
  • Lili-Chwan - the Sage of Deceit
January 15, 2014:
  • Vision - the Sage of Misdirection
September 25, 2014:
  • Reborn - the Sage of Yin
August 6th, 2015:
  • Korra. - the Sage of Snakes
August 10th, 2015:
June 2nd, 2016:
  • Erzo - the Sage of the Divine
  • The Pervy Sage - the Pervy Sage, Sage of Senjutsu
  • Priest - the Holy Sage of Purity
  • Venom - the Sage of Lightning and *** Appeal
  • Zero Kelvin - the Sage of Yang
  • Edward - the Sage of Peace and Serenity
August 22nd, 2016:
  • Negative Knight - the Sage of Armament
February 15th, 2019:
  • Joestar - the Sage of Thunder
March 18th, 2019:
  • BusinessManTeno - the Sage of Rebellion
May 18th, 2019:
  • Zatanna - the Sage of Iron Fist
November 24th, 2019:
  • Hokusai - The Sage of Artistry
May 18th, 2020:
  • Drackos - the Sage of Elysium
  • Sasori - the Sage of Puppetry
  • Howard - the Sage of Sin
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