Abzu, Primordial God of the Cosmos [Active]


May 28, 2014
Trait Points
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"Behold the might of the cosmos. I am known by many names: the Timeless One, the King of Confluence, the First and Final Shape, the Harrowed God, the Destroyer of Possibilities. If those here are the weavers that write upon the tapestry, then I am both it and its creator! I am Abzu, the Primordial God of the Fresh Water Sea. I am all there is, all there was, and all there will be."

Basic Information

Name: Abzu
Titles: God of the Freshwater Tides, Primordial Allfather, Void, Shapeless One
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

Appearance: Abzu is one of the two ancient entities that underly and govern all of existence. Unlike Tiamat, his form is one without definition, for he is creation itself. As such, when he manifests, his shape is entirely within his ability to control, whether human or bestial. His preferred form resembles a bizarre, unnerving union between the two; an eyeless, hairless humanoid body with porcelain skin and clawed extremities, his mouth filled with rows of yellowing teeth and bleeding gums. Protruding from his head, back and shoulders are great horns resembling those of antelopes. The tattered cloak draped over his body conceals his towering figure and lack of eyes, baring only his snout and a garish smile. He carries with him a greatsword that appears to be a singular structure, carved from the oak of a tree. Where the pommel would be, the handle splits into smaller root-like branches, sharpened to resemble the talons of a predatory bird. At the base of the blade is a similarly haunting grin stretched across the sword, the crease patterns in the bark drawing lines up and down the sword, widening above the smile to reveal two beady eyes.

Personality: The gaze of our reflection.

Rank, Birth, Affiliation & Jutsu Information

Rank: ...
Health & Chakra: ...
Land of Birth: ???



History & Background Information

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If Tiamat was the ‘all-mother,’ then Abzu is her natural counterpart: the ‘all-father’ that shaped the cosmos. Only the eldest of Marduk’s Pantheon knew of his existence; to them, he went by many names, all equally infamous: Abzu, Apsu, and Apason. No human record mentioned his existence. But to describe him as the shaper of the cosmos is inaccurate. Rather, Abzu is the cosmos; his very essence is synonymous with reality, truth, and creation. Abzu’s existence naturally passes cycles of expansion and contraction. In the latter, Abzu remains inert and passive within existence, a slumbering serpent. But in the former, the serpent awakens and Abzu plays an active role in the shaping of reality.

Abzu and Tiamat form a duality, each respectively a Primordial Entity. Tiamat is the Goddess of the Salt Sea, holding Authority over all Life. Abzu is her counterpart, the God of the Freshwater Tides. The cosmos themselves are shaped, and contracted, through the changes in the Chaos Tide. This tide was witnessed by the Champions of Humanity in Irkalla; it was referred to by Nergal as the “Primeval Sea below,” and can be seen deep in the Palace of Ganzir. In fact, one of Nergal’s original responsibilities as Ruler of the Underworld was to watch the Chaos Tide for its inevitable encroachment. Abzu is himself formless; only by observing in a conscious state can the All-Father grant himself form. But because the Chaos Tide ebbs and flows Abzu reverts to an unconscious state cyclically. It is similar to cycles of death and rebirth in that each time Abzu falls to slumber his consciousness and memory is wiped away, reverting back to a state of cosmic inertness.

Abzu was originally awoken 2,000 years after Marduk’s Pantheon cast down Tiamat and began building their own reality within the cosmos, our world. Their betrayal was the original sin that gave rise to the eight eyed serpent coiled around Tiamat’s body in the Void, as Lucifer saw during his visions in the depths of the ancient sea. Abzu’s plan took root in the mind of Imeroth, who began to doubt his faith in Marduk as a Priest of Justice. Abzu tended to the seeds of ruin in his mind and when they finally bloomed the serpent’s first servant used trickery and deception to tempt Nergal into abandoning his post in the Underworld. This would inevitably trigger the Great Civil War that saw much of Marduk’s Pantheon destroyed, Basel’s breach into our world, and Enlil’s death at his hands. It was Imeroth’s trickery that taught Abzu how to tap into deception to control others, including draining Tiamat’s sanity as she slept in the Void. Through each primeval nightmare he induced upon the Goddess of Life he pushed her closer and closer to madness, until her rampage after being unleashed in the Hokubu.

Within the Void, and making use of his captive Tiamat’s powers, he manipulated and engineered for the creation of four new deities to rise to power in the wake of his tidal peak. But one of these children escaped, taken in by Emiya Shirou. That child came to cure the Red Fever, another plague synthesized by Nefarian, God of Disease. He would come to be known as Enkidu, the Chains of Heaven.

When Isabella Uchiha was murdered by Nefarian she did not pass into the afterlife in Irkalla due to Phetra’s interference. Instead, she was sent to the Void where Abzu caressed her soul and empowered her with his own eyes, the Shinkaigan. But this was no blessing or gift; it was making use of an instrument. Abzu, just as he did through Imeroth, learned by watching through Isabella, who had become his Witness. She was a Witness to humanity, their vices, and her own sins that taught Abzu the value of sensory deception, trickery, and a lust for power. But it also taught him bravery, arrogance, and masochistic cruel tendencies. Through Isabella’s eyes he shaped his form, choosing to take on a humanoid appearance albeit one so warped and hideous as to match how truly depraved humanity had become.

Thus, it can be said that Abzu is not shaped by his own volition; rather, he is a product of humanity’s souls, their desire, their conditions, and their deaths. He is our reflection.

When Marduk and his Pantheon constructed reality they did so in a way that excluded the Chaos Tide’s inherently volatile and random nature from having any direct influence. This was a conscious decision done to restrict Abzu’s passive influence from our world. It was a necessary choice to allow life and souls to grow naturally. This was the impetus for Marduk’s decision to establish four “Domains,” which would become integral to the Twin Pillars of Existence, Chakra and Divinity. Conceptually, Divinity is used to “Order” the universe itself; it establishes truths such as gravity as a fundamental force, for instance. Chakra, specifically the primordial energies of Yin and Yang, are used to fill the universe with matter and life. Together, they form the Twin Pillars of Existence. But these pillars cannot stand on their own; beneath them are the Four Domains: synthetic rules that establish fundamental truths for humanity itself.

The first, and most notable of these: Death. The Domain of Death was originally commanded by Nergal, first Ruler of the Underworld. It was passed to Ereshkigal in the years leading up to the Great Civil War. It was then stolen by Phetra who would slay and entrap Ereshkigal’s Divine Core in the Palace of Ganzir. The Domain of Death ordains that all beings must die; it was shattered when this law was defied and Ereshkigal was revived into corporeal form, becoming Death Defiant.

The second: Condition. Condition, or the Human Condition, refers to key events and aspects of human existence: birth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, disease, and finally death. The Domain of Condition was manifested by Nefarian, who became a God of Disease when he subsumed Ereshkigal’s Divinity. The Domain of Condition was shattered when millions of humans gained effective immortality through the Prismatic Plague, a disease that did nothing but halt the progression of death and defy the Human Condition. It was broken on the day Nefarian mutated the disease, causing millions to suddenly lose their very immortality and die simultaneously.

The third: the Soul. The Soul, or the Domain of the Soul, refers to the uniqueness of a human soul; unlike those engineered by Tiamat, specifically for the mass produced Lahmu, a human soul is perfectly unique. Yet Demetrias, master of its Domain, became the very instrument needed to shatter it when he discovered his own soul existed in a paradox that defied the rule set out by the Domain. Could those who exist as reborn by Paradoxical Rebirth maintain their soul’s uniqueness. Further compounding the effects of this paradox were the millions of souls that failed to travel to the Underworld after it had been sealed off by Ereshkigal to contain the encroaching Chaos Tide.

And the fourth: Desire. The Domain of Desire refers to humanity’s limitless capacity to desire: sex, riches, power, political or otherwise, all fall under this Domain. It is the driver of human progress. Without desire many are fated to live like the Monks of the Human Order, isolated and unable to develop. Yet the Domain was shattered when a band of humans led by Lucifer sacrificed the very desire that drove them to greater heights. It was achieved by following the meditative teachings of Grandmaster Iavid, learning to tap into their innately human potential and abandon all else. It was a moment truly befitting the name of Atavistic Flame, an atavism that reverted this band of humans to their truest state to counteract Basel’s Authority. Yet in that very process, something engineered by Basel and Imeroth, the Domain was shattered. Humans that had given up all greed and desire defied the very law established by Marduk in the first place.

When a Domain is shattered the very conditions that support the Twin Pillars of Existence are weakened, allowing for varying “Truths” to dominate objective reality. These were the seeds that Abzu planted into the world: the Void Tree itself, otherwise known as a Fantasy Tree. Within it contains a universe of possibilities, something that manifested within Merlin’s body during his journey to sagehood. Through his journey west Merlin suffered from phantoms and specters visiting him from alternative worlds, none worse than seeing Artoria herself appear before him. Reality weakened and what is “True” to us becomes far less so to others; the objective becomes the subjective.

Shattering the Four Domains is necessary to remove all restraints and supports upon the Twin Pillars of Existence. The conditions become ideal to activate (Ontorojī Kuoria) - Ontological Qualia, a technique only available to living beings who command the power of the Twin Pillars themselves, Chakra and Divinity. To date only two beings exist that fit such criteria: Madara Uchiha and Solomon. Madara, through ownership and binding of Kuniumi, possesses his own way to tap into the Void and Divinity. Likewise, as the Juubi’s vessel he has reached the pinnacle and primordial state of Chakra. If Chakra is the means to fill the universe with matter and life, then Infinite Tsukuyomi is the attempt to build a separate illusory reality within. Thus, Ontological Qualia is the physical counterpart to the Infinite Tsukuyomi. It is establishing new laws itself in order to dominate reality, according to Imeroth. In truth, Ontological Qualia is the act of breaking down the Pillars in order to bring forth Abzu from the Void, or to bring our reality to the Void. The end result is indistinguishable.

Abzu’s emergence happened in the depths of the Trench of Engur, a unique place in all the oceans as in its depths there is only frigid freshwater. It is the opposing dipole to the shallower salt waters of the Hokubu, the place where Tiamat escaped from her prison and in her escape left behind the seeds of the Void Tree.

What Abzu intends is all but a mystery. He is us, a collective visage of our reflection both twisted and true.​

Specialties, Signature Techniques & Other Information

Primary Specialty - ????: A power yet to be revealed.

Secondary Specialty- ????: A power yet to be revealed.

Extra Specialty - ????: A power yet to be revealed.​

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