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ιn ѕιlιco
May 1, 2017
Trait Points
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Gender: Male
Age: 591

Clan: N/A
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_ _ _ _ _ _ _______________________________________Basic Info
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Alucard always wears his iconic red hat. In battle, on the road well it doesn't really matter. Along with his hat, he has other head accessories such as a pair of rounded sun-glasses with a yellow tinted glass. He usually wear these on all occasions but sometimes he puts them in his pockets in battle to prevent harm to them. When Alucard remove the glasses one usually notices his Dojutsu and covers in fear. As for the rest, Alucard wears a white shirt under a black thin suit with a couple of black silk pants. Along with this he has a red tie that matches the colors of his hat, eyes and also his crimson-looking trench coat. The trenchcoat is normally just used outside rather than inside. He also wear a pair of white gloves with the Hellsing symbol on. Alucard skin is pale as snow, he has sharp teeth which he uses to drain blood from his victims with. He has a long tongue and pitch-black hair. Alucard is also pretty tall and skinny yet strong.
Alucard is the absolute example of a sadistic and cruel man when it comes to his enemies. He is one of the most intimidating of characters of all time when it comes to battle, as he usually starts by letting his opponents turn him into shreds just so he can regenerate and imply as much fear as possible before striking back. When it comes to striking back, Alucard has his own ways of doing so. Being the cocky devil, he never takes precautions but simply takes his time with the opponent. This is the climax of his battles, as it builds up to his very own liking of terror. His enemies usually bleed out or get cardiac arrests due to the extreme torture Alucard puts them under when he has them in his hands, which he always in the end does.

Aside from battle, Alucard is calm yet ironic and might seem very self-centred. The true side of Alucard is not something that anyone but himself really realizes however. He beams out a certain aura that reeks of mystique and secrets about something long lost.
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Origin & Clan Information:_______________________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Village of Birth
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Clan of Alliance
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Rank/Chakra: Jounin | 2,600
Specialties: Shadow Clone Specialist | Advanced Speed | Apex Kenjutsu | Yin/Yang | Ghoulspine(CFS) | Jinton(Black Element)
Chimeras: Shikotsumyaku -
屍骨脈 | Meiton - 冥廷 | Jinton - 塵吐 | Tenseigan - 転生眼
Advanced Fields: Fūinjutsu - 風雲術 | Yin - 陰謀 | Yang - 陽遁 | Yin/Yang - 陰陽遁 | Chakra Sensory - 感知の術 | Kinjutsu - 禁術
Custom Elements:
Bisumaton -
ビスマトン | Porisuchiton - ポリスティトン | Parajiumufōmu - パラジウムフォム | Kuriputon
- クリプトン

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Vampire Squid Summoner/Owner:
Alucard, along Zora Akiyama was the one who created the signing contracts with these mighty and beautiful beasts. He and she has been with them for quite some time now after they discovered that they had been the chosen one to awaken their slumber. Having a deep connection with the vampire squids being their eternal master, it is their responsibility to make them combat ready once again. They had captured two summons so far, Nahla of the oceans and Kano of the deep. Alucard had developed a favoritism over this contract as he had been enough in the world to establish the summonings home base. Alucard carries the tattoo of the contract on his right shoulder which he inked himself.
_ _ _ _ ___________________________________________________ _ _ _ _
Thorny Dragon Summoner:
Alucard was able to sign the Thorny Dragon contract with his friend and companion and creator of the contract, Gajeel. He and Zora had captured one of the thorny dragons that later became Zora's personal summon. Kano was his name. Zora was more into the dragons than Alucard was, who was more interested in the vampire squid contract. Nevertheless, he was capable of summon from both contracts although not from both in one encounter. With that being said, he carries the tattoo of the contract on his left shoulder.

Fighting Styles
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Ghoulspine グールスパイン
ベクトルコブラ Vector Cobra
Passive Traits__________________________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Ghoulspine Specialist
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If the user specialises in the CFS, they will receive be granted extra shielding against not just against additional elements but also mind altering techniques and have any technique that hits them be debuffed and loses one rank in potential(this is due to another prospect of Yin release that makes debuffs applicable through either chakra tethers such as hungry ghost) In this case it is the complex formation of Yin shielding that is circulating across the users skeleton that creates this debuff.
Additional restriction is that the visual genjutsu effects only takes place once the users skeleton has touched them and infused them with their chakra.
Yin/Yang Specialist
The user becomes able to specialize in both component elements of Yin-Yang with their benefits under one Extra Specialty and becomes able to passively sense chakra and it's nature. Yang benefits are 1,000 extra chakra and reduction to damage(this is not stacking with Shikotsumyaku but gives a 40 damage reduction to clashes while nulling any type of recoil damage dealt during the performance of Forbidden techniques). Yin benefits from a passive chakra siphoning which drains opponents chakra with - 30/turn while also grants a passive Kai up to B-rank. For higher ranks however, Kai can be performed without handseals but not passively.
Kekkei Genkai
Shikotsumyaku grants a passive healing of 10hp/turn. It does, however, make Alucard unable to use Pain as a mean to break Genjutsu.
Tenseigan is always active on Alucard as it is one of his Chimeras and he cannot turn it off, similar to Nagato Uzumaki, and gives the same type of clairvoyance as the Byuakugan is terms of visible chakra flow but loses the ability of near 360 sight.
Dark release forges two marks upon Alucard's palms in which he can absorb and release dark abilities from.
Darkiscie's perk:
The abyssal aspect(as mentioned above) affects a single field that the user can use and receives a buff in both chakra(+10) and damage(+20). This counts as a passive boost and must be stated in the users biography as their "black element". This enchantment can only be applied on one field on a users biography and they cannot change it unless they update the bio itself. As the weapon is infused and heavily outsourcing damage potential towards the bearers abyssal aspect. The black element is currently Dust Release.
Golden Nightmare's perk:
The Golden Nightmare is a sword made by parts of reinforced steel and liquid bismuth. This makes the sword able to shift in construction and turn into a hand-cannon due to the liquid parts of the construction. It will either start as a sword or a hand cannon at the beginning of an encounter. Both forms gives the user an enhanced passive trait to the bisumaton release, increasing it's damage by +20 and giving it additionally +10 chakra through a designated seal that is passively activated when it's master is either holding the blade/handcannon or has it sheathed. The seal fluctuates bismuth chakra through its masters body constantly and gives them an extremely faint rainbowy aura(which is just for visual effects).

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __________________________________________Lilith
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(In'yōton, Onmyōton: Banbutsu Sōzō no Jutsu) Yin-Yang Release: Creation of All Things
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Short
Chakra: 500
Damage: N/A
Description: Initially, a technique first created and used by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki (who used it to create the nine tailed beasts), Creation of All Things is the core basic yet purer form of Yin-Yang Release and pertains to the administration of imagination, and the spiritual energy which forms the basis of Yin chakra to create physical forms from nothingness followed by the application of vitality, and the physical energy which forms the basis of Yang chakra, breathing life into form. Essentially, this technique allows one to create beings out of ones imagination. These beings are alive, self suficient and real. However, without the powers of Hagoromo, a normal master of Yin-Yang Release's usage of the technique pales and one cannot create something as a Bijuu. Even in his case, he needed to use the chakra of the Shinju to create the 9 Bijuu, so even in battle he is limited in the use of the technique. In Narutobase RP, however, one can create 1 living being, never bigger than 3x the size of the creator, that has the following abilities:
Can use 3 of the elements the creator knows (including AEs and/or CEs)
Can use one of the following: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, a Clan's HA, KG/KT, an Advanced Ninjutsu (Sound, Poison, etc), or universal ability (Fuuinjutsu, Iryo Ninjutsu, Yin-Yang Release, etc), a mode (SM, SHB, etc.) as long as the creator knows it
Has a chakra reserve of max 2000 points and a health pool of 150 points
Can use all techniques the creator knows of the fields it is able to use
Can be sentient or not, with human levels of inteligence or not, including power of speech and a mental link to the creator
Can have one of the following passive traits/skills: chakra sensory, increased physical strength resulting in +20 damage to Taijutsu, immunity to Genjutsu, usage of its elements without handseals or source restrictions, 40 damage reduction from clashes, a speed of 1.5x the speed of its creator, chakra transfer ability, immunity to fuuinjutsu techniques
Will have the physical abilities of the traits of the form created (for example, if it has wings, it can fly, etc etc) but it cannot be human nor the same as a real animal (has to, in some way, be unique and different from existing creatures)
It will also abide to the following restrictions:
The creation will stay in the fight even if the creator dies (in RP terms, if you die and your creation is still alive and wins, you win the fight and can continue in the event playing with your creation).
The creator can only have one creation per bio at any given time.
The creation will be initially formed at the end of the Yin-Yang training, serving as a rite of passage of Yin-Yang Mastery, after which it will need to be stated in the bio that has it and the user will always enter the field with it.
The creation is alive and as such can be killed, healed, poisoned, attacked with gentle fist, etc as any other living thing in Narutoverse and, in terms of NB RPG, suffers all basic restrictions that fall upon a ninja. It cannot, however, be revived with the Edo Tensei technique though if it dies, the creator can use the Creation of All Things technique to revive it once during the battle.
Creations cannot be done during a fight but can be done in any RP thread, be it a training thread or an RP NW thread.
It cannot have "absolute" traits such as being considered immortal or only existing in Limbo. It is a real, living, flesh and bone being that has the abilities listed above.
Cannot have a Doujutsu, Shikotsumyaku, Souma no Ko, Jikūkan or learn to open the Eight Inner Gates.
Note: Can only be used by Yin-Yang Masters.
Note: Hagaromo bios can have 2 creations.
Note: Reviving the creations costs the use of the technique and can only be done once per battle.
The creation of Lilith would be Alucard's Pinnacle technique and the gateway of the mastery of Yin/Yang, effectively ending his needs for a personal summoning which would never rival that of Lilith's power regardless. She would be his ally from her first creation until the world would end. Her abilities derives directly from her creator. She displays fully master in the custom elements Alucard created, Bisumaton and Kuriputon. She also possesses the Dark release, having the intrinsic markings on both of her palms. She also possesses the termendously powerful powers of Yin/Yang and can use its vast arsenal as well. She has a total chakra amount of 2,000 and 150 hp. She has the same type of intelligence as her creator and can be interacted with as any normal person. She does have a mental link to Alucard at all times in which the two of them can tap into whenever needed. Her unique feature is that she cannot be sealed as she is immune to Fuinjutsu. She is capable of flight with her wings and is the same size as Alucard.

Artifacts | Tools | Seals__________________________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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(Aratana Hajimari) – New Beginnings
Rank: A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: With the arrival of the God Child, the people pray for a blessed and auspicious future. They look forward with open eyes and a clear heart, hopeful for peace one day. It is a small broach with a blue diamond housed within the center of a gold inlaid metallic surface, no more than a few inches wide. Its origins are mysterious, appearing in the hands of those who fought bravely against a foe of primordial origins and only after a new star has been born. Those that hold it are imbued with a great sense of honor and duty, feeling hope for a better tomorrow. The artifact can be used three times in total. When used the user’s chakra reserves will be replenished by 25% and they gain increased travel speed in the Ninja World for five turns, reducing travel time by 25 minutes. While it is active their passive health regeneration in the Ninja World will be increased by 15 health per day, up to a maximum of 60 regenerated health. Note that this healing can only be used outside of combat and is done passively alongside the basic Ninja World Health regeneration. Once it has been used three times the artifact will go dark, becoming useless. Though it might be prudent to hold onto it, even after its purpose has been fulfilled as it might hold other mysteries. This does not count as a battle-based Artifact.
(Sonikkutorakutābīmu) - Sonic tractor beam
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 40(-10/turn)
Damage: N/A(80, if used aggressively and slam a shinobi into the ground for instance)
Description: The tractor cannon is a device placed inside the hand of the wielder and is about the size of a cent. The tractor cannon uses sound frequenciez to attract an object in question by surrounding it in a concentrated high-pitch and constantly controlled loud sound which in turn creates a force field around the object. This gives the properties of manipulating foreign objects without actually touching them, however the technology of this device is very underwhelming and is in a very early state of scientific research but the limits of the sonic tractor beam is that it can only move objects that are the same weight or less than the wielder of the tool. If the user wants to remain gripping an object for more than one turn, additional chakra needs to be put into the device and they may not close their one hand where the device is on since that would disrupt the tractor beams sound-waves. Therefore, techniques that requires handseals cannot be used at the same time as the tractor beam is used for an object(pulling, lifting etc). A way to neutralise being lifted up in the air and smashed into the ground is to simply disrupt the soundwaves by using wind. The user must also always focus the device on the object they are lifting. If an object is caught in the force-field of the tractor beam that is of much greater weight than the user, it will only partially slow it down. The tractor beam can push and drag objects in pretty decent speeds(up to the users own speed base). The minimal weight the tractor beam can influence is the weight of a feather.
Note: Objects that are to be manipulated cannot exceed the weight of the user or a regular human to have lift-off from the ground. They may only be partially slowed down.
Note: The maximum reach for the tractor beam, or as far as it can push objects is long-range.
Note: The tractor beams hold only lasts for a maximum of 3 turns and can only be used twice per battle for holding objects that long.
(Toritonmasuku) - Triton Mask
Type: Tool
Rank: B
Range: N/A
Chakra: 20(-5/turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: The triton mask is an advanced yet tiny mouthpiece that lets the user breathe under water and in other hazardous environments where gases that chokes humans could be a threat. The mask simply converts water into breathable air when used under water, while in other situations store enough oxygen for the user to survive in hazardous instances for one hour before getting too low. Warnings are always given to the user whenever the mask starts to run low on oxygen and will start run the same type of program as when submerged underwater, which is to convert the surrounding gases or liquids into breathable oxygen. Obviously this doesn't work for the most potent poisons but up to B rank it could still be very dependable. The mask will always work underwater though until the device is either broken or faced with enough water pressure that it breaks. The users needs to spend chakra constantly to convert gases into breathable oxygen but not for water.
Note: Can counter poisonous gases or other hazards that affects the users breathing up to B rank at the cost of chakra per turn.
Note: Lets the user breathe under water indefinitely.
Mercy of Ahamkara
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: Mercy of Ahamkara is an external miniature plate and classed as an advanced ninja tool that is placed behind the ear right on the skin on the wie
lder. The device is linked with the brain and uses ultra-sound to detect fluctuations and abnormal activity in the wielders mind. This means that it can detect mind altering techniques and classify them as abnormalties. While it cannot be used to break free from such techniques it can help the user realize their under one. This is done by sending very specific electrical stimulations that are coded to reveal the state of their brain. Even though they are still trapped in an illusion they can now determine the rank of a manipulative technique and the fact that they are manipulated. It occurs in the same timeframe as the illusion has been casted.
Note: Can only be used 2 times per battle with a 3 turn cooldown period after each use.
Note: Can detect up to S rank techniques.
Skorm’s Bow
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: Skorm’s Bow is a heavy-duty modernized high caliber chakra gun with blood/black thorn patterns and a red glowing holster. The gun has two types of rounds it can fire but both of them are purely composed out of lightning chakra. The gun has two different types of rounds that are all loaded in the magazine at all times but cannot be fired more than once per round. The first round is called explosive rounds, dealing 80 damage in total but is split into 40-40 whereas 40 damage is inflicted on contact where the bullet actually lands and the other 40 damage is spread up to mid-range in an omni-directional burst where the bullet ended up. This type of bullet is made up by fire chakra.
The second type of bullet is the armor piercing bullet, consisting of typhoon (or wind if the user cannot use typhoon) chakra it is extremely sharp but also very small. This bullet causes 80 damage and can penetrate up to S rank targets which are neutral to typhoon/wind. Up to forbidden if weak towards wind or typhoon. This bullet will continue through a target unless they carry armor(up to A rank) and hit whatever is behind it as well(directly behind that is and in the bullets trajectory).
Note: Can only be taught by Skorm. Each Bullet can only be utilized 3 times each.
Eye of Riven
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: N/A
Chakra: 30(-10/turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: The Eye of Riven is an advanced tech that is in the form of a very modernly designed monocle that is on the user either at all times or whenever they feel like using it. As the tool is small and easy to put on, it doesn't cost the user a moveslot to activate it. It draws from the users chakra immediately as it activates. The Eye of Riven is actually a spectrum of advanced technology that lets the user see different patterns through the monocle if they are behind a wall, behind a raging storm, mist or even underground.
The system works not unlike aircraft radar. But instead of bouncing off planes and returning to the ground, the signal here travels through the wall, bounces off a human (as we’re full of water), and comes back through the wall and into a detector, which is in this case the monocle. By using chakra, the user can interpret the signals coming through the monocle and browse through layers of material they are looking at through the monocle.
Note: Can only be made by Skorm.
(Kuchiyose: Raikō Kenka) - Summoning: Lightning Blade Creation
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A (-5 per tool/weapon)
Damage points: N/A
Description: This is a special "ninja tool summon" that allows the user to seal basic ninja tools, like shurikens, kunais, swords, etc into sealing marks placed on their clothes or their body. The ninja tools can be summoned in an instant just by touching the sealing "marks". The greatest advantage of this technique is that the time between taking out a ninja tool, taking the right stance and actually throwing it is greatly reduced and one can unleash a barrage of weapons with great speed in a small time window. Also when a weapon such as a Fūma Shuriken is summoned, the time needed to throw it can be further shortened by having prepared the weapon in fully extended form beforehand. Sasuke even shown that you can have the weapons connected to wires and linked to their sealing marks and used the technique in sealing marks he placed in his wrist bracers.
Note: Can summon up to 30 basic tools per sealing mark and can have up to 2 sealing marks.
( Ura Shishō Fūinjutsu ) - Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Offensive
Range: Short – Mid
Chakra cost: 40
Damage points: 80
Description: This is a sealing jutsu that is placed upon the users body, setting it to activate on the users death. It seals everything within a large, nearby, spherical into the users body.
Note: Can only be activated upon the users death.
Note: The placement of this seal must be stated on the user's biography.
(Yin/Fuinjutsu: Gyakusatsu | Yin/Sealing Arts: Carnage) - (Bisumaton)
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: N/A
Chakra: 50
Damage: N/A
Description: Carnage is a rather simple kind of sealing technique that works similar to that of the five elements sealing technique. However, instead of sealing an elemental technique, the user is able store an elemental technique in a seal that can elevate the rank of the technique itself by pressing extruding amounts of any element the user possess into each scroll and upon summoning the scroll the user can unleash the element to levels of S-rank from the seal. However, that is not what is the most unique aspect of the seal, because in the seal the aspects of Yin. The level of S-ranked elemental chakra that is stored in the seal is actually manifesting(as it is released) into that of an elemental spirit that can act similar to that of a ghost or a puppet. Not to be confused with sentience, which is a property of Yang, but rather within the lines of the Hands of Sloth technique. This means that the elemental chakra will retain its original S/W but can also become absolutely intangible but then also resulting it to be able to deal no damage but instead granted opportunities to act outside an enclosed barrier that the user might be trapped in. This needs to be stated clearly when used if the technique is to bypass physical structures or not, but what is interesting in the technique is that not the full range of the technique needs to be intangible, meaning one part of it can and the other not at the same time. Like the hands of sloth, this technique will make the unsealed chakra manifest into something that is an extension of the users body and in this case its wings. This means that as soon as the chakra has been released from the seal it will manifest on the users back.
Note: Must be stated in battle/bio what element is stored inside of the scroll.
Note: Intangibility may last for a maximum of 2 turns and can only be activated twice per technique/scroll.
Note: Can only be used 4x per battle, each usage lasting 3 turns.
Note: Needs to be Yin or Yin/Yang master to have dual elemental elements such as AEs/CEs stored in the seal

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __________________________________________Signature Techniques
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(Jinton/Inton: Shamen | Dust/Yin Release: Absolution)
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 70 (-20/turn)
Damage: 140
Description: Absolution is an advanced form of Dust release in which the user incorporates the unique trait of Yin release to solidify the the naturally energetic form of the Dust chakra. Instead, the form of the Jinton will take that of a stream of easily manipulative shards with the same disintegrating properties as its pure energetic form. On touch, these shards will travel through any target and disintegrate anything they touch(in accordance to S/W of Dust release). These shards are able to move and take the shape of anything due to Yin and Shape manipulation abilities. The shards will always originate from the users body and can have an extended duration on the field if the user wishes, which requires more chakra and extends the restrictions the user gets originally by the length the user keeps the technique active. In accordance to the properties of the Hungry Ghost technique, Absolution carries a debuff similar to that of the Hungry Ghost except it will only interract with techniques it clashes with and will not carry any parasitic properties once the technique defeats another(if it does) of course. The shards are a beautiful sight to behold, which is another property of the Yin aspect and gained passively. The shards are completely jet black and has a cyan flare to their exterior like a cold meteorite. This is purely an aesthetic property and carries no weight in battle.
Note: When the user has performed this technique, they are hindered from using S-rank and above techniques for two turns afterwards, as well as Yin/Dust release techniques above A-rank.
Note: Can only be used twice per battle with a cooldown of 4 turns.
Note: Can be sustained up to 3 turns for each use, but sustaining the technique prolongs the restrictive effects during that time it is sustained.
Note: User cannot use any Jinton/Earth/Fire/Wind/Yin techniques while this technique is active.
(Meiton/Inton: Kokuyōseki no sora | Dark/Yin Release: Obsidian Sky)
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 70
Damage: 140
Description: Obsidian Sky is a technique in which the user incorporates their Yin as well as their Dark release together to create the ultimate chakra siphoning technique. Through the use of Yin, the dark release absorption aspect loses its weaknesses to earth and water/other solid/liquid materials and lets the user absorb anything of the same chakra level while at the same time absorb enough chakra from an incoming technique for it to directly lose one rank, similar to the tethering abilities of Hungry Ghost. Unlike Hungry Ghost, however, this technique doesn't latch on to the opponent if it goes through and eats their chakra but simply applies the debuff on their technique. However, the strengths of the absorption release is also rendered neutral, meaning this technique can essentially absorb the same amount of chakra the user spends in their initial move. It is exactly the same for the release version of the technique with a total immunity to any weakness/strength and rendered neutral to everything and thus only overpowering techniques that has lesser damage output. When it comes to the release form of the aspect of this technique, the standard blue flames have changed aesthetically. The flames have a slightly different pattern than normal dark release techniques. It's aesthetics has changed into which the flames are pitch black with a cyan flare on the edges. On the inside there are images resembling that of a clear night sky, filled with celestial bodies. This is a passive aesthetic change and carries no weight in battle.
Note: When the user has performed the release version of this technique, they are hindered from using S-rank and above techniques for two turns afterwards, as well as Yin/Dark release techniques above A-rank. This applies for both times the release version is used.
Note: In the same turn the user uses the absorption function, they cannot use any other dark release techniques.
Note: The release form of the technique can only be used twice per battle, with a two turn-cooldown.
Note: The absorption form can be used 4 times per battle, with a two-turn cooldown.
Note: After usage, the user must wait two turns to use again for the absorption part and 4 for the release part.
( Tengai Shinsei ) - Shattered Heaven
Type: Offensive
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Long
Chakra: 100 (200 for double use)
Damage: 140 (240 for double use)
Description: The user weaves the Ram + Snake + Bird hand seals simultaneously between himself and his Susanoo, in order to use the Deva Path's gravitational abilities to draw a massive meteorite from the upper atmosphere down towards a specific location on the ground. As it is attracted towards the target, it descends along linear trajectory. The meteorite is enough to dwarf any entity known so far, being only slightly bigger than Senju Hashirama's (Senpou Mokuton: Shin Susenju) Wood Sage Art: True Thousand Hands Technique. The resulting impact of the meteorite is such that it will also damage the user in a fatal way if he doesn't manage to protect himself. It must also be noted that protecting oneself is not an easy feat as Madara was seen severely injured and left with his susanoo deactivated after using it. Despite its enormous size, the meteorites are very basic and, as they aren't chakra infused but simple lumps of rock attracted towards the user, can still be destroyed or affected by specific, feasible techniques as was the case of Onoki's earth manipulation jutsus. With more chakra, the user can pull two meteorites, one right after the others but at a great cost.
Note: Double use can only be used once and by Advanced Uchiha Madara bios and the Statue of Hamura.
Note: Must have activated the Deva Path beforehand and have Susanoo active
Note: Once used, the user can't use Deva Path's abilities for 4 turns. However, if used to pull two meteorites, the technique consumes 2 moves and disables the users Susanoo and his Doujutsu.
Note: If used by the Statue of Hamura, it cannot perform any other Jutsu that turn and the next.
( Tensei Suiryoku ) - Reincarnation Thrust
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary/Defense/Attack
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 40
Damage: 40 - 160
Description: The user will repulse and push away anything around him up to a given range, in all directions, producing an omni-repulsion effect. The force and repulsive effect is absolute, affecting both energy and matter alike. The technique itself can be used with different ranges/sizes, depending on how much chakra the user spends for the technique and can even, in its smaller form, be sustained, forming a static defensive field instead of a wave-like effect.
Shōkibo - Small Scale: the user will push away anything around him up to short range. The offensive power in this size is not that high as it hits opponents but can still do severe damage. It isn't, however, fatal, boasting a physical 40 damage. If the user focuses this ability with the help of his hands he can sustain a defensive absolute repulsive field around him. He can't, however, do any technique while he is sustaining it and he can only sustain it for 2 turns. Once used, takes one turn cool down to use gravitational related techniques again.
Chūkibo - Medium Scale: the user will push away anything around him up to mid range. The offensive power in this size is severe, sending opponents flying backwards with enough force to, if not defended properly, leave near fatal physical damage. Although not directly fatal, the technique boasts a physical damage of 80. If the user focuses this ability through one or both hands, he can push away a specific target or technique alone, instead of producing the normal omni-repulsive wave. Once used, takes 2 turns cool down to use gravitational related techniques again.
Ōkibo - Large Scale: the user will push away anything around him up to long range. The offensive power of the technique is devastating and anything in its path that doesn't manage to defend properly is left obliterated. Its fatal if unguarded, boasting a physical damage of 160. Using this techniques poses a great deal of danger to the user as he damages his chakra pathway itself to be able to mold sufficient chakra to perform it. Once used, the user loses the use any gravitational related techniques for the remainder of the fight and is unable to mold chakra for techniques above A-Rank for 5 turns.
Note: The technique is immune to normal Elemental Weaknesses and Strengths and as such can't be blocked or stopped. However, the enemies can still use techniques that prevent or reduce physical damage to their bodies to survive its effects or escape its range through a fast enough technique. This means that in the large scale, while the technique can't be stopped or directly countered, enemies can still manage to survive if they logically counter.
Note: Can only be used by Tenseigan Bios.
(Mabataki) - Blink
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 50
Damage: 100
Description: Blink is a simple move that is entirely movement based and incorporates the very non-existential fabric of Ghoulspine in terms of interraction. Ghoulspine itself is Yin-infused bone release that creates an intangible state. Blink lets the user infuse their entire being and not just skeleton - into Ghoulspine. This makes their bodies simply turn into a black substance that cannot be interacted with by any physical mediums. As their body becomes essentially "nothing" - the user gains the ability to "reshape" with specific handseals. To start the sequence, the user will look at a distance they wish to reshape at and perform two handseals to do the jutsu;
Dragon - Reverse Tiger
The distance the technique lets the user reshape has a minimum of short range from their original place up to mid-range, moving at x2 speed. That is not all though, upon leaving their original place, the user will also leave a trace of their Ghoulspine chakra at their original place which upon impact with a foreign body will indulge them in a deep and hellish illusion. This illusion is rather simple and loops over and over until the target breaks free. The illusion works like this: a target that travels towards the user of the technique will experience the same course of movement in an endless loop that starts from when they move towards the user and ends when they are impacted with the Ghoulspine chakra. This illusion lasts for 2 turns unless the target breaks free.
Note: Requires Ghoulspine.
Note: Can only be used 4 times per battle.
Note: No Ghoulspine/Yin technique in the same turn as use.
(Worutā) - Walter
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: B - S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 40 - 60
Damage: 80 - 120
Description: Alucard weaves the necessary amount of seals(depending on rank used) and unleashes chakra throughout his body to manifest his black spectral skeleton to form into an aura around him. Depending on the mass of chakra used, the technique becomes bigger and bigger but the core concept stays the same. Alucard forms the black mass into that of a spider web with a mm thick intangible wires of the spectral skeleton. These wires cannot be interacted upon with physical mediums, much like all other Ghoulspine techniques but may be used to interact with other intangible elements such as lightning. Due to this, the technique will simply phase through physical or liquid/gaseous defenses or other object completely unhindered. For the lowest rank of the technique, Alucard can form a web the size of half his size, while scaling upwards in size by a factor of 2 for each going higher, meaning more chakra needed to be spent. The web is designed to intercept applicable techniques but most importantly it forms an arsenal dedicated to Walter C Dornez - hence the name of the technique. Using shape manipulation along with the properties of Yin the user can freely manipulate these threads and sync them together to form a phantom bird cage. On contact, this technique deals direct mental damage and will feel like a target is getting skewered by actual wires even though it is all spiritual.
Note: B-rank requires a single seal(reverse dragon) - A rank requires two seals(reverse dragon - snake) - S rank requires three seals(reverse dragon - snake - reverse tiger). B rank variant can only be used 4 times per battle.
Note: A rank can be used 3 times per battle with a two turn cooldown between usages, S rank twice, with a three turn cooldown in between usages.
Note: After using A rank version, the user cannot use Yin or other ghoulspine techniques above A rank for two turns. After using S ranked version the user cannot use Yin or other ghoulspine techniques at all for 2 turns.

Background Information
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_ __________________________________First Verse
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Alucard was born in the village of old Kirigakure and its exact location isn't fully known. What is known is that he was born to the Meiton users of old and both his parents shared the ability to create this rather controversial chakra nature. His childhood was portrayed by intense training at a very young age and as all Meiton users, Alucard had the ability to use their clan's unique ability; Dark chakra. Alucard and his parents were natural hunters and roamed the lands outside of old Kirigakure, disguised as other animals for hunting purposes. They would trade their loot with the villagers for money but aside from hunting, Alucard's parents were also bounty hunters and keeping the civil life of old Kirigakure safe from spies and assassins during the old wars between clans and other old villages. However, Alucard did not use his dark chakra very often until he was older. Instead he focused on the basic ninja training as a kid and like the other kids in his age. Being an heir of the Meiton clan gave Alucard great ability to focus dark chakra and apply that chakra after he would absorb foreign chakra into his seals on his palms. The hunting with his parents paid off as well and Alucard was very quick and gained great reflexes at a young age. His skills with spears and bows were also beyond any of his classmates in the ninja academy and he liked to demonstrate his skills to show off. As other nature affinities went, he quickly showed skill in Katon and Raiton. He would master both of them relatively quickly. What it came down to in the end was that Alucard would be able to perform Katon jutsus with just a single handseal and weave handseals to his Raiton techniques with amazing speed. He grew up to become a very talented martial artist as well.
_ _ __________________________________
Second Verse
As Alucard excelled in the ninja academy, he was always keen to learn more. He had already extraordinary knowledge of Raiton, Katon and Taijutsu along with some basic ninjutsu techniques such as shadow clones and substitution. At the age of 7, Alucard graduated the ninja academy and took on the chūnin exams a year after the graduation where he'd be appointed to his team after becoming a genin. Alucards sensei was a gifted Water user with vast knowledge of their the element along with the other three that Alucard lacked at the time. Taking on private lessons from his sensei, Alucard finally learned how to use all five natural elements. He was one of the first ever to do so. After a couple of failed missions however, Alucard prepared himself to learn more by himself. He was particularly interested in the forbidden arts and... Immortality.. There where infinite ways and paths to reach this goal. There where different meanings of immortality. It turned out that Alucards greatest gift was his own creation, his will to become the strongest being on the planet; the chimera technique. The technique allowed him to siphon Kekkei Genkais, Advanced Elements and also Dojutsu. As he grew in the dark and forbidden arts he also created the puppeteer's seal, allowing him to control other people with a single fuinjutsu seal that he could place on them. All of these acts didn't take place under just a couple of days though, he was roaming the world, conspiring against society and everyone. It was on the road he came up with the plan of creating a guild, and organisation that would gather him followers or associates. He would not be alone any longer. He couldn't... One of the ordinary days he would find himself in a blood tavern, gambling missing nins with self-confidence up to their tits would drink and play games with eachother. It was there he found her. The multi-talented Typhoon bender, Zora Akiyama. She wielded a sword, was dressed in grey and her eyes was fire. It was with her he fell complete, because for the first time in his life, he wasn't looking after just himself anymore. A year after they met they had already done multiple adventures together, the most spectacular of which, made them governors of the Moon Isle after they had claimed it for themselves. The Hellsing flag stood tall that day. It was on the shores of that very island that they started to spar with their advanced elements only.

Third Verse__________________________________ _ _ _
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Not only was Zora's element that of wind but it was an enhanced version of it, so much so that darkness and her black winds where equal. They developed an amazing list of jutsus by inspiring each other and pressing eachother to the limits. They claimed ownership of the fabled Vampire squids and created the first contract in history to the beasts. As a wave of technology washed over them from the mainlands, Alucard and Zora developed five incredibly powerful advanced tools. Zora and Alucard was not just sitting idle on their thrones on the Moon Isle. They discovered the potentials of making their own element from scratch, a liquid metal called Bismuth. This element would prove to be the perfected combination of Alucards dark release as it repelled earth and water with ease. Two elements the dark release was having a hard time against. As a metal however, it was still weak against rust and lightning, but fortunately the dark release allows for the absorption of both wind and lightning. The two elements where match-made in heaven. It didn't take long for Zora and Alucard to create a lethal weapon, a sword made out of bismuth that could turn into a gun. This was perfect, Alucard now had one sword and two hand-cannons. Just like some of his dreams. He hadn't forgotten about his main ability though, siphoning other shinobi's hidden elements and bloodlines. His quest for power had only begun after all. With his personal summon with him at all times, the female vampire squid Akemi, Alucard would leave the Moon Isle and take up challenges in the world. He was hungry. Well paid off, because Alucard had within just a couple of months chimera’d his first kekkei genkai - dead bone pulse which granted him manipulation of his bones and was able to turn them harder than steel. He also gained some regenerative prowess because of this. Not only that, two additional custom elements had been discovered for his and Zoras sake and effort. At this point, Alucars had also chimera’d the only know KT, dust release.
Fourth Verse__________________________________ _ _ _ _
As a brand new wielder of the fabled Yggdrasil, Alucard and Zora shared their powers with the sword. The sword would grant both of them powers that they could wield in battle, fitting both of them at the same time instead of the ol' earrings Zora kept moaning about. Just like the Golden Nightmare, Yggdrasil was a sword at its base and due to extensive training, Alucard became able to wield both of the powerful swords in battle. This allowed for some really nasty powers. Yggdrasil's unique feature of allowing whatever the user wants for element to gain monstrous powers where really useful. This was known as the Harmony Element which also depicted the swords unique sealing technique. Rocking dual swords also allowed for some really badass moves, especially when combined with the Shikotsumyaku style. During his travels throughout the Tobusekai, Alucard met up with his new teacher that would show him the ways of Yin. Alucards clan was taken from him and granted to the Tsumikage, Sado the Shogunslayer. While at first this defeat was about to kill Alucard of the pain it costed him, his village, he was ultimately - through alot of bloodshed, on his way back. Or was he? He was a turned man now and would sometimes go under the name Dracula instead. Other than that, he was able to pick up the unholy relic of the Reverse Crucifix. He also learned about his old unused pokéball containing the extremely potent Mega Blaziken which he would make as his personal summoning as he had heard it had been done before by other Ninjas out there in the world. This meant a new episode of partnership as he would make Akemi a regular summoning again and replace her with his pokémon. Through many hardships together, Alucard and his two summons were able to fight through bunch of missions without help from anybody. If there was anything that personified Alucard, it was independence. Through a great battle with a Mangekyo Sharingan user along with a user with an even more powerful Dojutsu, he was able to snatch the DNA from the person he murdered in the the rage during the arc of the red fever, in hopes of finding a cure for a pandemic that was shattering the world. Upon doing this, he gained the powerful Dojutsu himself. His last Kekkei Genkai slot had been consume and his eyes where forever shifted in a blue/whitish and slightly golden fade.

_ _ _ _ _ __________________________________Fifth Verse
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He had gained one of the two most powerful Dojutsus in existance, and the most powerful one he could acquire due to the Chimeras limits of not able to absorb the legendary Rinnegan. His eyes had awoken and shaped into the ultimate Dojutsu that let him manipulate the entropy of time - Gravity. With this in his arsenal, he very well could be nigh invincible. In later days, Alucard and Zora had managed to turn wind, lightning and water into one and form the devastatingly cold element known as Krypton. Through much effort, Alucard had decided to leave the Tsumigakure clan as he grew too much hate inside of him due to his misfortunate past in handling his own clan. He walked a lonely path and joined up with the Rising Cloud. In the midst of this sudden move, Alucard had also finally developed his first class fighting style named Ghoulspine. A combination of his Shikotsumyaku Kekkei Genkai and the aspects of Yin. As time passed, the virus was almost about to consume him. It had been a civil war within his own person after having contained with him, the Red Fever virus for a long time. His battles had been sacrificial for the greater good of humanity. Atleast the part of humanity that he respected. He had sailed towards the Moon Isle again in hope of a revolution and reclaimed his island that had been his for many human genations but lost to him in warfare. At this point, he was as weak as when he was a small kid when it came to battle. But it was with a big heart that he treaded back and was able to restore peace and order to the Isle and in the process flag the Hellsing Organnisation again as his clan would dawn again. The task had not been easy though, and acting with all the knowledge he had gathered in his life he was able to stop an invasion against the Moon Isle on his own and acting as a one-man army. The fight was victorious which spurred him to continue his dramatic adventure back to Tobusekai where he fought for the people with a spark re-ignited. Lands would be conquered by him as him and locals would deem their current seats of power inaffective against the many enemies that roamed the worlds.
_ _ _ _ _ _ __________________________________Sixth Verse
Doing so would gather influence and would help him on his feet again. On his travels throughout Tobusekai, Alucard would acquire the legendary Yin Sword - Darkiscie which would consume his current sword Yggdrasil. Darkiscie radiates with astronomically large proportions of Yin and would have Alucard create a Black Element that could render any of his elemental Kekkei Genkai or Element into an abyssal aspect. This would elevate jutsus into a deadlier one by being heightened in chakra and damage by the sword. Alucard's most powerful Kekkei Tota would be the obvious choice for him and would turn it into an abyssal aspect which the sword would then radiate with. The sword would also let Alucard cast an astonishing Genjutsu. Then the big news arrived, a starchild from heaven had descended upon the earth and possessed the power of healing anyone from the Red Fever. As fast as the news reached Alucard he would travel to the other side of the continent and seek the child out in hopes of being restored to his full potential. It was in its presence that he finally could achieve this and with a cure for the Red Fever being bestowed upon him, Alucard would feel an abnormal spike in his chakra and physique. He was ready to learn about Yang, the aspect of life.With an evil lurking in the neighboring islands, Alucard and his team had to fight a multitude of demons of the Amino Geis cult to protect their homeland. At this point he had already mastered the ways of Yang and even created a plethora of living creations he had used in his battles. He didn't just utilize his Yang release to create an expanding army but also to heal wounded on the battlefields - a trait of mercy that he had just newly developed. Would his kind-hearted spirit last forever though? No one would know that. His split personality was not something that he would ever fully erase and even so, which of them would win in the end. After several battles, Alucard would merge his Hellsing Clan with an allegiance with the Rising Cloud - or more specifically, Hei Otsotsuki. This man would turn out to be the most powerful ally Alucard had ever had and he would treasure their mutual agreement until his death.

.Seventh Verse__________________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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They would go on joint missions together and even spar eachother on the forsaken sea of Hokubu. He had never had a friendship this strong before to another person, or well both of them were pretty much gods at this point but still. It wasn't the only marvelous thing that would happen in these last few months. Due to the many missions and teachings of his own custom elements he had created, Alucard would finally be able to sponsor himself into the highest tier of knowledge. He was to be learned how to put Yin and Yang together and achieve the ultimate power in existence. Once mastered, he would be able to use the truth-seeking balls and open a higher tier of the Tenseigan chakra mode as well as make a creation from pure chakra that he would replace Akemi with as his personal body guard. The creation would be named [redacted]. With his pinnacle knowledge gained, Alucard would focus on establishing himself entirely in the world and make a name for himself and the Hellsing Organisation. However, this would be proven to be a most difficult task as the world had not just started to put up bounties on his head due to his reckless slaying but he also started to get assassins on his ass. One of these encounters would make Alucard lose Blaziken. [redacted] quickly filled in as his closest companion and would remain by his side at all times. She was able to converse like a normal human but their bond was just not as strong yet as that of Blaziken and Alucard. There had just been something special about their adventures. Alas, the ones with [redacted] was on the horizon, along with more greatness. While he would have lost his most useful companion, the Pokémon Mega Blaziken - [redacted] would be the replacement for the heavy loss. He still hadn't made up much time with [redacted] but they quickly became friends and she looked to him not as a father of creation but a partner from the very beginning. Her temper reminded Alucard of Zora and she would always let her heart decide the direction of her actions even though it wasn't always what would be the best plan.
Eight Verse__________________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Both of the two would be on large missions throughout the world to ensure the celebration of the Hellsing Organisation gaining enough reputation to be known as a village. The achievements in the Tobusekai was flourishing and he had gained a second ally tied directly to the Hellsing Organization - Strix had joined his cause. Through more time and effort teaching the gathered shinobi techniques and elements as well as doing more independent missions, Alucard was able to sponsor a purchase and learn more about the Forbidden arts. With his master of these arts, he would learn to summon the dead - create an army of shadow clones and much more. Alucard was almost complete now and there was very little left for him to be taught. He had only to work harder now to turn his Organization into something that would be worthy of being called a Village. To do that, he needed to perform a tonne of missions and other deeds in order to gain reputation. His personal compass was just as split as ever and while he ushered himself to take shortcuts, those did not really exist. Plus, he had other things on his plate as well. The world as they knew it was about to collapse under the influence of the Voidlords. The state of Tobusekai was not improving, rather the opposite. His lingering presence in this continent had now stood uncontested for months, almost a year. But it was some of the best time in his life. He would have to put all of his powers together to save himself along with humanity, if it would be necessary. While humanity was never his priority, he didn't have anything against it either. His descent into chaos and power was constantly fluctuating through his veins, corrupting his choices of routes and decisions. While seemingly calm on the surface, he was always playing a gamble within himself to stick to his facade. Atleast now he had someone by his side to keep him sane. [redacted] offered more than just one word, in comparison to Blaziken who had now been gone for some time. His creation was maybe originally to save him in battle and act on his command, but maybe in his case, he had created it to save himself in a spiritual way. Alas, time would tell how Alucard would finally wound up. For now, he was as stable as he could ever hope to be.


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