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±± Elements & Weaknesses±±

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Strengths and weaknesses are measured into one rank difference between both releases. Double strength or double weakness means two rank difference instead of one (basically meaning "very strong" or "very weak").
Element X is Strong against Element Z and Weak against Element W while being neutral to Element Y

This means that an A-Rank Element X technique can only be stopped by a S-Rank Element Z technique. On the other hand, a B-Rank Element W Technique will stop an A-Rank Element X technique. An A-Rank Element X technique will be stopped by an A-Rank Element Y technique. If an A-Rank Element X technical clashes with an A-rank Element Z technique, then a B-rank Element X jutsu will be the outcome.

Raw Chakra
Weak to: Elemental techniques, regardless of nature. The only exceptions are when the raw chakra is molded and worked out with advanced shape manipulation (like with the Rasengan) or when it has another source mixed into it (for example, Bijuu chakra) in which case it becomes neutral to elemental techniques. Twice as weak to Dark Release.

Note: Jyuuken or Gentle Fist, is a form of Taijutsu used by the Hyuga Clan where, in some cases, raw chakra is used/produced. The same principle applies, meaning that every technique is weaker to elemental ninjutsu except the Kaiten or Rotations and the techniques similar to Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists, where advanced shape manipulation makes the techniques neutral to elemental techniques.

Bijuu Chakra
Weak to: Wood Release techniques that seem to possess the ability to suppress or negate the raw bijuu chakra (only valid for Chakra Shrouds and Menacing Ball - like techniques and not Bijuu unique skills like Ink or other special Bijuu-related techniques).
Neutral to: So far, Bijuu chakra has been described as the strongest chakra in Narutoverse. Although its impossible to compare directly with every single elemental chakra/release in the Narutoverse, its reasoned that Bijuu Chakra plays in equal terms with any other elemental release, be it one of the basic five or a KG or even a KT.
Black Lightning
Weak to: Black Lightning has no Weaknesses.

Strong to: Earth and Water.

Weak to: Wind as it blows the corrosive mist away. Lightning and Fire are neutral.
Weak to: Lightning and Water. Lightning can defuse the detonation process while Water itself can be used to either contain it or counter it. In the case of the specific Clay Variation of Blast Release, Fire can be used, also, to either Melt the Clay (in the weaker applications) or "cook" it, in the same way as one does with RL Clay, turning it to rock.

Strong to: Earth and Wind. Earth can't contain the explosions and is weak against them while Wind is ineffective to control or contain them.

Weak to: Wind as it blows the corrosive mist away. Lightning and Fire are neutral.

Strong to: Earth as the corrosive mist melts it away. Water while not "meltable" will be susceptible of becoming acidic, becoming a double edged sword when used against Boil Release.

Bubblegum Ninjutsu
Weak to:Wind is able to slice through the thick gum with ease, causing it to detonate.
Strong to:Water is absorbable into bubblegum ninjutsu, making it more sticky and expanding in size. Neutral to Earth, Fire and Lightning.

Weak to:Anything that could kill them; all the basic elements can be used. Squash them with Earth techniques, drown them with Water techniques, burn them with Fire, fry them with Lightning, or blow them away/slice them with Wind. To fight a bug user is mostly about getting your timing right and not letting yourself get surround (they'll suck your chakra dry).

Strong to: Raw chakra basically and sentient beings. Wood may also fall prey to Bug techniques if used incorrectly.

Weak to: The Crystals produced are weak to Lighting and Sound. Sound shatters Crystal, Lightning cuts through it. However, Crystal itself can't be used to crystalize energy based elements (Fire, Wind, Lightning, etc) or raw chakra.

Strong to: Earth and Water. Crystal is harder and denser than Earth, overcoming it, while Water, without the addition of another element, doesn't have enough power to counter Crystal directly. Both are susceptible to being crystallized.

Dark Release
Absorption ability:

Weak to: Earth and Water. Dark Release is used to absorb and redirect chakra and energy in general. This makes it so that while it can absorb the chakra in Earth and Water techniques, it will have a difficult time absorbing the Earth itself or the Water produced by techniques since it doesn't work exactly like a Fuuinjutsu technique.

Strong to: Raw chakra, Fire, Lightning, Wind and other forms of raw energy like Storm, Dust, Scorch or even raw Sage Jutsu.

Release ability:

Weak to: Earth and Water. Both elements have substance and density to defend from raw forms of energy like those produced by dark release after the absorption of a technique. Other solid elemental forms may serve the same purpose, such as Solid Ice, Steel, Wood or Lava

Strong to: Wind and Fire. Both elements lack the substance and strength needed to actually overcome or even deal with the raw form of energy produced from dark release after absorbing a technique. Other intangible or less tangible elements such Snow (basically, snow based ice techniques), Sand, Rain, Steam, Boil, etc may also be susceptible of being overcome by the raw energy of Dark Release.

Dust Release
Neutral to: Bijuu Chakra/Techniques, Lightning. This element can´t be disintegrated but the sheer brute force and power of Dust makes it able to play on equal terms to it and Bijuu chakra is neutral to all elemental releases.

Strong to: Fire, Wind, Earth and Water. While it has a strength against Earth, both it and Water are dense and have substance which makes them weak to Dust and susceptible to being disintegrated. Fire and Wind are weak because they lack the substance to endure the sheer brute force and energy of Dust Release.

Heaven's Earth
Weak to: Fire

Strong to: Water, Lightning, and Earth
Weak to: Earth and Lightning and combinations of both. Earth shatters it and Lightning cuts through it. Sound can also be effective against dense crystalline Ice formations. Fire is neutral to Ice, meaning that it plays against it with equal ranks. Fire melts Ice, producing water which douses the fire in the process, working as a double edged sword that composes its neutrality.

Strong to: Water and Wind. Water is weak towards Ice while Wind only decreases its temperature.

Ink Ninjutsu
Ink Ninjutsu carries no Strengths or Weaknesses against any other elements or abilities, it remains neutral to every interaction it clashes with unless augmented with specific Techniques.

Konan's Paper Ninjutsu
Weak to: Oil, Water, Wind. Oil and Water will make the paper weaker and fragile while making it heavier and unable to be controlled properly. Wind will blow the paper away and might, in some more specific applications, cut through it.

Neutral to: Earth and Fire. It was seen that Konan's techniques were able to play in equal terms with great fire techniques, meaning that, although paper is in reality weak to fire, in Narutoverse and when chakra enhanced, it becomes able to play in equal terms against it. Konan's techniques were also see having the ability to become so sharp that they could cut through earthen materials, making it so that it becomes neutral to Earth Release techniques.

Strong to: Lightning. Paper is very strong to lightning because it serves as a good insulator. Electricity and related energies can't be channeled effectively through paper and as such it stands as a strength towards Lightning release. Magnetism (the direct use of it in Paper and not the Iron/Gold Sand variations).

Weak to: Lightning and variations like Storm. Neutral to Water.

Strong to: Earth and Fire. Earth can be melted way with a sufficiently high Lava technique while Fire will simply increase the heat of it.
Liquid Fire
Weak to: Sand, and Earth

Strong to: Water, Lightning, Wood and Fire
Weak to: Magnetic release generally won't affect you directly. The user of this KG in most cases needs to attack you with Gold/Iron or ninja tools, so use any tangible defense you can. Earth walls, strong Water defenses, solid defenses, etc. You could also use the fact that Lightning can be channeled in Iron/Gold to hit your opponent if he's in direct contact with Gold/Iron. While neutral, Lightning will also disrupt the magnetic fields, neutralizing the control of said substances and negating the techniques progression. In the few techniques that affect you directly, channeling lightning chakra disrupts the effects of them in equal ranks.

Strong to: In liquid form, Poison is strong to Fire, requiring one rank higher to turn it into it's gaseous form and causes it's effects to speed up if inhaled. In gas form, it is strong to Lightning.

Weak to: In liquid form, Water and Earth are good counters to contain and dilute the poison. While in gaseous form, Wind is highly effective.

Weak to: Earth. Rain can be considered the same as normal water. Wind, can blow the clouds away with the appropriate jutsu.

Strong to: Fire. Rain can be used to douse fire as normal water would. Another weakness, although not direct, is that while Rain is falling on the battle field, in certain cases, the use of Lightning techniques may be risky.

Sage Jutsu
Weak to: This is basically chakra, molded and channeled by the user and enhanced with the addition of Natural Energy. Therefore, it is possible to defend with techniques that counter the effect of the jutsu used against you with any appropriate element. Raw Sage Chakra can be countered with equal rank elemental techniques.

Weak to: Water; as shown in the filler arc, Gaara's sand becomes near impossible for him to manipulate when soaked up with water. Lightning also seems to be very effective against it since Sasuke's chidori managed to pierce Gaara's ultimate defense.

Strong to: Earth and Fire. It has been shown that Sand has a high tolerance to Fire and can also be used to grind Earth or to become dense enough to compete with even the hardest rocks.

Weak to: Earth and Lightning which can't both be burned or dehydrated away by the high temperatures of Scorch release.

Strong to: It has a strength against Water, Wind, Wood, Storm, Steam and Boil.

Weak to: Lightning, Fire and high temperatures. Neutral to Wind.

Strong to: Water and Earth. Earth can be pierced easily with the bones and Water does little to nothing to slow the growth and force behind the bones.

Weak to: Wind jutsus can blow smoke away, making it very ineffective and earth can spread it, thinning it out as well as containing it.

Strong to: The thickness of smoke can "choke" out a fire, effectively putting it out.

Weak to: Wind is extremely effective against it. If you're quick enough to pull it out, shoot massive wind blast to repel most sound techniques (since the air is the medium for sound). Neutral to Lightning.

Strong to: Water and Crystalline elements. Using Water in the wrong situations is highly dangerous; Sound travels fastest through solids, causing Crystalline elements to shatter most times and travels quickly through water and some Sound jutsu are even enhanced through this.

Weak to: Large Wind techniques to blow the steam away. Earth defenses or attacks are too dense for the steam to have any real impact (unless stated in the description). Steam jutsu are generally kept at normal pressure, meaning they can't be heated that much (not close to strong fire techniques), so it's very unlikely they'll turn solid rock to lava (unless stated in the jutsu description).

Strong to: Fire, which can be doused with enough Steam.

Weak to: Lightning which can be conducted through the steel quite easily and cut through it.

Strong to: Earth and Water. The strong density of Steel makes it quite strong against Earth and Water.

Weak to: Wind and, in some cases, Water. Considering it's Lightning infused in Water to direct it at the opponent, a strong Wind technique could be very effective. A large Water source can also be used to diffuse the Lightning, leaving nothing but a Water technique.

Strong to: Earth and Fire. While Water is weak to Earth, the addition of lightning makes it able to overcome Earth Techniques. In the same reasoning, the Water section of Storm can overcome Fire.

Correct use: Swift itself has no elemental weakness but it does have limitations on its use. While Swift Release enables the ninja to move quite fast, he can only move in a straight line and in simple movements. As the ninja comes into close, immediate range of the enemy, to use Taijutsu itself the user becomes quite trackable and can clearly be seen. Because of this, strong and skillful Taijutsu users as well as Byakugan and Sharingan users (2T and above) will be able to produce even rudimentary counters. Swift can't also be used to increase ones hand seal speed nor can its speed be added to weight decreasing techniques (removing leg weights or using the Earth Weight manipulation techniques) as the boost in speed it produces is the same regardless of mass, volume, etc of the ninja. When facing a Swift user, altering the ground is always a good defense. Mud, Water, Ice, etc are all surfaces in which using swift becomes harder and less efficient. The only known cannon technique of swift release can be used mid-air but to a lesser extent than when its used on the ground. Although it has been hinted that Swift Release enables you to infuse objects to make them travel faster, the truth is that this use was never seen. Because of it, we infer than it can be used like that but that it will never produce such an effect that normal Taijutsu users can't read. When comparing Swift Release with the Eight Inner Gates, the differences are clear. While the first one enables the user to coat himself in a special chakra that makes him able to move, for a brief moment, at high speeds in a linear, simple fashion, the other increases the overall body speed of the user. This means that while an EIG user will be able to do everything fast, a Swift user can only "run fast" (in a matter of speaking).

Typhoon Release
Weak to:Unique and rare, Typhoon boasts no basic elemental weaknesses, making it neutral if not strong to most.

Strong to: Much like its weaker form is strong against Lightning, Typhoon shares that strength. Due to its sheer force, Earth and most solids are easily destroyed but it's pure force.


Weak to: Lightning which will cut through it, turning it into shreds. Neutral to Fire.

Strong to: Bijuu Chakra, Earth and Water. Wood can infiltrate and break Earth apart while on the other hand its highly resistant to Water. It has also been seen to actually have chakra suppressing abilities against Bijuu and raw Bijuu Chakra techniques like the Menacing Ball or even the chakra shrouds used by Bijuu.

~This list will be updated as new information is released~

Note: Based on an update to Izuna's original guidelines.

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