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    Why is foot feetish so popular???

    Oh man. Now I'm reminded of the troll alts and porn spam.
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    Unsolicited Advice Thread

    I noticed that it's mainly three users who have been posting a bit in this section.
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    Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs?

    Asked the same question a few years ago. Thought I completely left. Well, guess I didn't.
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    Why is foot feetish so popular???

    I remember the user. The guy spammed that stuff everywhere. I think he also had alt accounts in some places.
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    Best anime op & ed of summer 2020

    And slowly you come to realize it's all as it should be...
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    Itachi did nothing wrong

    The only one that actually did nothing wrong is Griffith. Unless you have evidence, Itachi is nowhere in that plane.
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    Shinden Sasuke vs Toneri

    They made the smart decisions to leave. Or at least not get too much into NB.
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    [Discussion] I'm back (Adeshina365)

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    [NEWS] Money and Girls...

    It would be very funny. Just imagine those being the only topics.
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    What's the your favorite anime premise?

    Noir or neo-noir settings. Prominent examples would be: Golgo 13 Cowboy Bebop GitS Monster Baccano Darker than Black Psycho Pass
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    [Discussion] I'm back (Adeshina365)

    I am not that alias. I am the rough puppy doggy.
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    [Discussion] I'm back (Adeshina365)

    No. I did know someone who keeps saying something about Madara. Or was it Obito?
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    [Discussion] I'm back (Adeshina365)

    I remember you. Nice to find another one of us.