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    Remembering Old Times

    What do you need further clarification on?
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    Remembering Old Times

    Post a screenshot or tell a story about your favorite times on NB/AB. Here's mine: I miss the times that Simmy and I would post on spam threads and try to complete to see who could spam the most.
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    New things!

    I guess I'll come back for a while and see if there will be any more traffic coming to the site. I miss the pre-hacked era of NB.
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    The Chatroom Corner V.4

    Who ?
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    Change that word!

    Lunch .
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    Anime Base Banner

    Thank you!
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    °♡♢Royal GFX Shop♢♡°

    I love them!
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    New Awards

    I absolutely love this.
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    Could not believe the level of incompetence that just ensued. After realizing I am a complete idiot I...
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    Anime Base Banner

    I love it.
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    And found myself in a peculiar conversation with a local railroad tweaker. After finishing the conversation with the tweaker I...
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    Let's start a new forum game celebrating the new year! So here's how it will go, say a phrase like "I went to the store today to pick up..." and someone else will respond with a follow up sentence finishing the thought! It can be anything! EXAMPLE: I went to the bank today... I found out I...
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    Happy Holidays from Chihhaayyya <3 <3 <3

    Merry Christmas, love!
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    Introducing a new forum currency: Kin

    Cheating like usual. lel