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    Adventure Checks & Gradings

    Adventure Title: Back on track Adventure: Participants: Just me Type of Check: Submitting adventure for grading
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    [Adventure] Back on track

    Continued from Prologue and this Adventure -- Danny zipped up his jacket as he stepped out of his dorm room, glancing at the window opposite his door. It was overcast today, matching his less than uplifting mood. Danny passed several of his classmates as he made his way through the halls; there...
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    [ Plot Battle ] Squad A vs Animo

    OBSERVER POSTDanny sat on the grass with his arms wrapped around his knees and his head resting on top, watching the first round of battles unfold. This one was sure to be interesting, the Professor was so mobile and agile on her friend the hawk that she would be a hard target indeed. It seemed...
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    [ Patrol ] Mock Field Zone

    Danny nodded to Killua and then turned his attention to the one in their group he had yet to meet, the boy introducing himself as Jericho. After Jin was finished explaining his quirk it was Jericho's turn, turns out they had an illusionist on their team too. The boy seemed rather timid though...
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    [ Patrol ] Mock Field Zone

    Having roused himself after the teacher showed up Danny listened closely as she had a preliminary explanation of what they would be doing here, the boy remaining quiet as the team captains began to make their choices. Danny shook his head slightly and grinned as Jin approached him, not so much...
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    Battle Checks & Gradings

    Filler Battle Title: Styl vs Danny Filler Battle: Participants: Styl Platinum & Danny Phantom Type of Check: Timeframe related In All Red's previous move they stated that Star platinum threw a rock up at Danny and...
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    [Filler Battle] Styl vs Danny

    Danny was surprised as the entity named Star Platinum ripped up a block from the earth and launched it towards him. In response Danny flew diagonally, upwards and in the direction of Styl. As he did this Danny extended his empty hand and released the first of 2 projectiles, the first one was...
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    [ Educational ] Camp Workshop v2

    Arriving at the Support Department it was rather quiet todsy, it was usually bustling with students. Danny waited for Ekko to be alone before he walked up to the older student. He spoke the first few words softly, not wanting to draw attention. Hey Ekko, do you know how Corki's doing? He seemed...
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    [Filler Battle] Styl vs Danny

    Danny's Quirk, Stats and Cards: Danny smirked as his opponent started stretching, he seemed eager to begin. Danny swung his hammer up, letting it rest on his shoulder. I'm ready to begin whenever you are. Danny was surprised as the boy projected forth some kind of being, it seemed he could...
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    Adventure Checks & Gradings

    Adventure Title: All Night Express Adventure: Participants: Just me Type of Check: Submitting for grading through Greenhouse Project club perk, 20% modifier on morale gained from costume Graded by @Vánagandr :hs:
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    [Adventure] All Night Express

    Danny stepped out of the club meeting and closed the door softly behind him. He let out a small exhale, letting his nerves melt away just a little. He always got nervous around Flora, the upperclassman was gorgeous and so caring for all life. Danny looked down at the notes clutched in his hand...
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    [ Patrol ] Mock Field Zone

    Danny was surprised after hearing about the lessons being held at the Mock Field Zone, they had never been called there before. But he guessed it made sense, they were advancing steadily in their classes and the teachers would want to hold mock exercises after the students were exposed to the...
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    [ Recreational ] The Weekend

    Danny made his way down to the boardwalk, he decided it was a good idea to take his mind off recent events. As he stepped into the pacific park Danny inhaled deeply, enjoying the mixing scents of the sea and of various amusement park foods. He smiled slightly and started walking down the main...
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    [ Educational ] Classroom 1A

    Danny listened as Killua started chatting, he seemed like cheerful guy. Just the kind of friend Danny needs after the recent crisis events. Danny smiled as he responded. Really? So were you home schooled until now? But before he could reply the boys were interrupted as Fiora abruptly started...
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    [ Educational ] Camp Workshop v2

    After Ekko responded regarding needing to go to the nurse, Danny shrugged and smirked. Well the idea was for some medicine to help me overcome the negative effects of my ability. You sure you can get me the right prescription? Dannys smile grew wider as he poked fun at Ekko, trying to get a...