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    What series do you currently follow?

    1.The Hero Who Seeks Revenge Shall Exterminate with Darkness (try reading now only 13 chapters ongoing recommended) 2.Otherworldly Sword King's Survival Records 3.One Piece
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    NarutoBase, memories.

    hey wasup :D
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    Welcome! have fun here ;)
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    [NEWS] Wuhan Coronavirus

    voted for option C. Apocalypse might be happening O.O.
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    Welcome Back To me/ visiting.

    Anyone In my time still active here?? Hello guys ! I miss you !.
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    It’s been a long time!

    Welcome back , im your big bro cuz march 2012 xD
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    DevTuber - Introduction

    Welcome :D
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    What does love feel like for you?

    feels like eating pizza
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    Manny Pacquiao vs. Algieri

    Pacquiao Wins 12 rounds, 6 knock outs Manny > Your fav Lol
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    Masashi Kishimoto tweet Naruhina Confirm

    Fake or not?
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    Hinata Scarf Theory + bonus xD

    Kishimoto Sketch From Naruto SD epsiode 35 enjoy ;) Tell me what you guys think!
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    Hiashi's Master Plan

    Check This out guys :0 Not Mine but tell me What you think xD And enjoy reading ;)
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    Naruto the Last Theme Song / Kishimoto assistant tweets

    Theme Song Tweets from Kishimoto’s assistant Not sure if Legit but enjoy ;)
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    Post your Desktop

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    This is ****** up. There goes childhood! Bye-bye!

    same XD lucky kids lol