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    animebase app exists?
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    why Boruto sucks

    Because story ends actually
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    Free will is proof imagination is the same as reality

    Imagination is a mental process while reality exists outside of mind
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    Does evil have anything to do with facts?

    Evil does not exists
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    Sakura never surpassed her master in anyway compared to Naruto and Sasuke

    i think sakura did not surpass tsunade in terms of fighting capabilities
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    [Discussion] Who was Naruto's best teacher?

    all were best but i would pick kakashi
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    Sakura hits tons of times harder than 8th Gate Gai

    i do not think so:unsure:
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    [Discussion] what languages do you speak?

    Urdu is my national language and english is average
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    [Discussion] Do you believe in afterlife?

    how do you believe then 1570463617 yes reincarnation is true but not in a simple sense 1570463637 thanks
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    Whats your thoughts on dating between friends

    yes absolutely because every girl is a gift of God to a man, so a man must admire her as a wife first and then date her
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    Some backstories that Kishimoto need to illustrate

    yes it should have been explained about nagato 1568736498 All of these should be explained
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    Whats your thoughts on dating between friends

    Not a good idea, date should be only with spouse
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    The funniest Memes in World Cup so far

    i found this pretty interesting on a website,so want it to share with you. 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10-