Member of the Month (Male)

Michael92 Michael92 Final post in the thread Count to 10,000!! Congratulations!
Flakez Flakez
Horus Horus For all your great work. :)
Negative Knight Negative Knight For all your fantastic work as RP Mod!
Jin Jin For your work with NB Magazine!
Gobi Gobletsson Gobi Gobletsson For your work in the Battle Test arena! Thank you!
-Yard- -Yard- Thank you for your help in art section and spotting stolen art. ^^
Pekoms Pekoms For your awesome job and being helpful :D
Caliburn Caliburn For being a role model as staff member for all these long years! Thank You!
Scorps Scorps For all your work :p.
Wesobi Wesobi Voor bewezen diensten
Silico Silico The winner of the ava making marathon. Thank you. :)
King Cobra King Cobra You are the FF member of the month! :D
Vision Vision Awesome
Scorps Scorps For being awesome!
Nagato.. Nagato.. For your hard work with the battle test archive
Adachi Adachi For your positive presence on the RP
Gitanshu Gitanshu Forum game winner.
-Yard- -Yard- For being the devil's advocate xd
gamahiro gamahiro For being so helpful
Lord of Kaos. Lord of Kaos. Congrats ~ Final Random Insanity Winner (Page 2850 winner!)
Musashibo Musashibo Random Insanity: 2650th page winner!
Chiryoku Chiryoku Random Insanity: 2450th page winner!
rahul rahul Random Insanity: 2350th page winner!
SharinganKakashi SharinganKakashi Random Insanity: 2150th page winner!
Passion Passion Random Insanity: 1950th page winner!
Icemyster Icemyster Random Insanity: 1850th page winner!
Sora. Sora. Random Insanity: 1750th page winner!
Konoha's Yellow Flash Konoha's Yellow Flash Random Insanity: 1650th page winner!
Universal Enlightenment Universal Enlightenment Random Insanity: 1450th page winner!
Revolution777 Revolution777 Random Insanity: 1350th page winner!
squiremarcus squiremarcus Random Insanity: 1150th page winner!
Xitachix Xitachix Random Insanity: 1050th page winner!
Uzamaki Naruto-Kun Uzamaki Naruto-Kun Thank u :D
~Kensei-kun~ ~Kensei-kun~ Random Insanity: 950th page winner!
God of lightning God of lightning Random Insanity: 750 page winner
Lord of Kaos Lord of Kaos 1st who noticed the new banner
HiddenShadowNinja HiddenShadowNinja Random Insanity 150th page winner!