Cake Award!

Quatt Quatt Happy Birthday love <3
Tsu Tsu happy bday cutie :))
Yamii Yamii HAPPY BDAY YAMII (because you got no bday cake irl feelsbad)
Belserion Belserion Happy birthday!
Inmate Inmate To be honest, I only want it cause it
DeathDreamer DeathDreamer fsdsdfsdf
Adam Driver Adam Driver It
Adam Driver Adam Driver Happy late birthday
Yatori Yatori Happy Birthday Buddy - From Saînt
Flawž Flawž Not sure what the requirements for this award is but what i am certain about is that i love cake. :lol A cake award would be very awesome to have. cheers!
Pizza Pizza The ability to have or receive an award, makes one very special and much appreciated.
Tenshi Hikari Tenshi Hikari Because cake is love and is life <3
Komet Komet Can I get a cake award because I like cakes and I don't have an award yet.
Chihaya Chihaya I'd love this cute award because cake is actually my favorite food and my birthday was on the 15th of May. Also, I'm active and I try to make as many friends as possible on NB because It's a place a I truly appreciate :D
Power Bottom Power Bottom Oh and Im a queen
Yuka Yuka I think Sometimes its nice to have something special :)
Ricardo Ricardo i like cake.
Pumpkin Ninja Pumpkin Ninja Because I like cake.
Darth AniCetuS Darth AniCetuS Cuz cake > donut and I love cake.
Rohan Rohan I lika da cake. :Sparks:
Chibiusa Chibiusa Chibi loves cake <3 I've been such a good girl lately :)
suki suki donut > cakedon
Reraru Reraru Cuz L likes cake.
Monxstaa Monxstaa Hi potato kun
Zaphkiel Zaphkiel HBD
Josh Josh A donut IS cake, therefore they are equal. A donut is just a smaller, more personal cake that makes you feel whole... But not fat! Hence the hole in the middle U-UIf you donut agree, then I shall retain my ring of awesomeness and forsake the cake. U-U I'm all about dem donuts
Fictional_Understanding Fictional_Understanding I love cake! They might say "you can’t have your cake and eat it" or as "you can't eat your cake, and have it too". Obviously, once you've eaten your cake, you won't have it anymore. Saying the impossibility of having something both ways, as those two ways conflict. That's a theory, for there is a paradox, so say, to kill two birds with one stone is to solve two problems at once. No? Anyways, I would say that you should eat the cake BECAUSE doughnuts are usually fried and that's REALLY
Wabbit Wabbit I want it plz , I never got birthday cakes iml.
Osmon Osmon Cuz I earned it z.z
Avani Avani
Ryu Kishi Ryu Kishi Cause cake is my mistress:flirty:
Sasori Sasori I like cake
Nathan Nathan cake > all
Torche Torche Cakes are lewd, cakes are life. >///<
Observer Observer I
Mari Makinami Mari Makinami I wanna be more fat :Sparks:
Filosoofis Filosoofis it looks really tasty and I'm not a Jew you can trust me. I love free stuff so it doesn't cot me any shekels
CrimsonReaper CrimsonReaper need more awards come on be nice
Akаsh Akаsh yum me love cakes
Waindo Waindo Cuz I somewhat frequently bake cakes. And Law is on some.award giving spree. xd
loj loj Choko cake <3
iNotorious iNotorious
Jin Jin
Airi Airi
Anna Anna Yummy! <3
Horus Horus
Lawliet Lawliet Cake > Donuts <3