AB's Diamond Members

SIR HERDERP PRESIDERP SDO SIR HERDERP PRESIDERP SDO As a thanks for extensive premium support.
Power Bottom Power Bottom For hosting 4 contests and been a huge help within the contest section.
Versuvio Versuvio To Big V himself!
Zise Zise For all your brilliant work on NB. Thank you.
Scorps Scorps Because you chew on lightsabers, which is hardcore.
Dave Dave As thanks for the long premium support.
Avani Avani For being amazing.
RokuNR RokuNR For surviving the nine circles of moderation Hell for 5 bloody years
Avani Avani For your crazy amount of work, your help and dedication.
Lawliet Lawliet For all the work and dedication! :)
Vision Vision Amazing idea, keep them coming! Thanks!
Wesobi Wesobi Amazing idea, keep them coming! Thanks!
Rei Rei Cause you are worth it ;)
Caliburn Caliburn For being the unsurpassed swordbitting bio checker of NB!
Scary Yamato Scary Yamato For being one of the oldest active members in the community, acting as a true role model
Nexus Nexus The base wouldn't be the same without you ^^
Zenryoku Zenryoku For your great work on the Jutsulist.