Tournament Winner

Punk Hazard Punk Hazard Grand Roleplay Tournament Winner in 2018
-Broly- -Broly- First place winner of the New Year's RP Tournament. Congrats!
Edward Edward Winner of the 1st MS Tournament
Better Better For winning the Dawn of Recreation tournament! Congrats!
Loki Loki For winning the Taijutsu RP Tournament! Congrats!
Lili-Chwan Lili-Chwan For winning the X-Mas RP Tournament! Congrats!
ZK ZK For Winning the Grand RP Tournament! Congrats!
Gobi Gobletsson Gobi Gobletsson Winner of the 2nd Sound Tournament
Gobi Gobletsson Gobi Gobletsson 1st place Freshners Tournament
Kagutsuchi Kagutsuchi For winning the SM tournament.
Gatsndshanks Gatsndshanks Winning the Sound Tournament.