JStar King JStar King Halloween Story Contest 2nd place award selection.
Sagebee Sagebee Halloween Story Contest 3rd place award selection.
Azarath Metrion Zinthos Azarath Metrion Zinthos Halloween Story Contest 1st place award selection.
Tenshi Hikari Tenshi Hikari Halloween event
Rohan Rohan Halloween event
Naruto. Naruto. Because I participated and posted in the Halloween thread.
Fictional_Understanding Fictional_Understanding Having posted in thread, tricky?
J JENchuuriki I posted in the thread :)
iNotorious iNotorious cookie nation
Jinrou Jinrou Halloween
Kishi Uzumaki Kishi Uzumaki Posted in Halloween thread
Mudo Mudo Fan of Nightmare Before Christmas/Big Halloween fan. z.z
BLAZE BLAZE looks awesome
Wabbit Wabbit halloween event
KCN KCN Halloween event
Lelouch Vii Britannia Lelouch Vii Britannia Halloween
Fountain Fountain I voted for the skeleton thingy so um... idk, i like the Jack Skellington award? I still don
Shroud Shroud Ayeeee gotta love dem spoopy scary skeles huh z.z
Torche Torche Here for the Skeletor award. Here
Trúth Trúth Participated. Also Skeletor my thing man
Dantе Dantе I have posted in the thread.
Akasha Akasha Halloween event
Adam Driver Adam Driver I posted and participated I the Halloween event.
loj loj Madness
Akаsh Akаsh I participated, proof:
Gintõki1 Gintõki1 participated in the contest
Monxstaa Monxstaa Yes thanks man
suki suki :>
Jin Jin Profile/Sig/Avatar in the Halloween thread.
Anna Anna Pretty please? :3