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    Hi and welcome here
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    Yup i do
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    Lol well im honored then and hi 1557188383 Thanks and hi
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    I will try to be active user here👻
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    Hi and waves
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    [Discussion] what languages do you speak?

    Aww don't feel bad about it
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    Lol i glady will accept it thanks and hi as well
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    [Discussion] Who is your favourite anime character, and why?

    Sailormoon-might be weak but a loving person Hikaru Shidou-boyish yet caring
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    [Discussion] what languages do you speak?

    Tagalog,English and abit of japanese
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    Let's talk in other languages too <3

    Musta sa lahat?
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    why did you choose your name

    Golden time fav char for mine though i did it on purpose to error her last name
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    The Chatroom Corner V.4

    Hi all👻
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    Kagakoko a new comer to the site please to meet you and i hope to gain new friends and i also call myself as a ghostly potato