Event Zone 6 - Loki vs Azriel


Mar 10, 2014
Trait Points
Arriving from Zone 2

Loki would arrive in the new zone and immediately begin his attack on the man standing ten meters away from him. He drew his wand and pointed it forward as he launched his attack, Lightning bursting forth that spread out and covered 120° in front of him. But that wasn't all, as he applied the effects of the Flagrante Hex to the Lightning, causing it to not only shock the man, but burn him with an intense heat that would result in second degree burns if successful.

Type: Offensive
Rank: S
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80 + 20 = 100
Descripton: The user will channel lightning chakra into his hand, covering it with a massive chidori. The user will then point his palm forwards, unleashing that chakra, creating a massive 120º blast of lightning that spreads from his hand, outwards and forward towards the enemy.

Type: Supplementary / Offensive
Rank: A - S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30 - 40
Damage: 60 - 80
Description: The Dark Arts, also known as Dark Magic, refers to any type of magic that is mainly used to cause harm, control, or even death to the victim. The Dark Arts are not necessarily "evil", just because it's labelled "dark". While the Dark Arts have a bad reputation, overall, dark magic is not, by definition, "evil" magic. A Dark spell is primarily defined as any spell that consistently affects the object in a negative manner, usually associated with varying levels of discomfort.

Dark spells can be classified into three groups: Jinxes, Hexes, & Curses. These groups form a hierarchy, with jinxes at the base, hexes in-between, and curses at the top. The further one ascends up this hierarchy, the more wicked, the stronger, the longer-lasting and the less reversible the Dark spell's effects appear to be.

Flagrante Hex: - Supplementary/Offensive

The Flagrante Hex ( Flagrante ) is a Hex that causes objects to emit searing heat when touched. An object bewitched in this way will burn not only flesh, but material as well, causing second degree burns on contact and melting through bones within minutes. Protecting against this curse is difficult, as there are no outward signs of its use though once it's effects only apply to things it touches. This can be applied through direct contact with an object, hexing it and then removing contact with the object with it's effects being triggered or through release of a orange jet of energy. Year 6 and up Kisei are able to add the effects of Flagrante to other spells or jutsu remotely at the cost of a jutsu per turn and can only be done three times per fight, increasing the damage by 20 damage. It can only be applied to techniques which physically travel and only to techniques which can travel at speeds that can be reacted to (cannot be applied to hindering sound or anything instant). Can only be used overall 5 times, each with a turn break in between.

Note: Nearly all Dark Arts take the form of projectiles of mahou, and can be defended against like any other jutsu. For those that do not need to physically travel, their methods of defense varies based on the spell used.
Note: S rank applications are usable only by Year 5 Kisei and higher, A rank by Year 4, etc.
Note: Dark Wizards can use Hexes and Curses while Light Wizards can only use Jinxes.
Note: Specific restrictions for each spell are listed in each’s description.
Note: Only usable by members of the Kisei Clan.
#10 - Crystal Catacombs of Old Ba Sing Se

➤ Description

The location of TLA second season's final episode. This battlefield is located hundreds of meters below the surface inside a large cave that's covered with crystals that give off a green hue. The floor of the cave has been tiled and a river, originating from an underground waterfall, has been channeled around the left side of the cave. That same side also contains five pillars that support the entire structure. The players start at the other side of the cave.

➤ Effects
• All crystal and gem-based elements gain +10 damage and gain one rank
• All earth-based elements gain +10 damage and gain one rank
• Each of the pillars can max tank damage up to one S-rank jutsu, after that it collapses. When all the pillars are destroyed, the entire cave collapses likewise. Damage to the pillars stacks.​

Loki's attack would go through and strike the man directly, shocking and burning him in the process. The Kisei would not waste a second, channeling his Lightning Chakra through his blade as he dashed towards his opponent, closing the distance swiftly before performing a diagonal slash across the man's body.

Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A
Damage points: 60 + 40 =100
Description: The user utilizes a large extent of their physical capabilities to swing their sword in a single large arc, which occurs with such ferocious velocity that the technique can be employed in situations where only a very limited time to react is available. The swing can be used to counter attacks from multiple opponents simultaneously. The technique receives its name due to the entire movement being reminiscent of a crescent moon.

Type: Supplementary
Rank: B
Range: Short
Chakra: 20
Damage: N/A (+40 to Kenjutsu/sword-related attacks)
Description: The user channels their lightning chakra into a blade, increasing its vibrating frequency and giving it more cutting power than standard wind techniques.
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Loki's blade would slice clean through the Muggle, killing him instantly.​
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