Event Zone 3 - Isabella vs Kirikoe


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Stepping into the waters of the Calm Belt, Isabella would spot her opponent attempting to flee from her. After performing 3 handseals, 10 beads of water would condense from the air around and above the man, 10 meters away from him, cutting off his escape. The beads would then zoom in on Isabella's target, leaving him to either face her, following the path without beads, or clash directly with them, which would collectively sift 40 chakra out of him.

( Suiton: Chame no Peropero) Water Style: The Tongue of the Licking Urchin
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short-Long
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage Points: N/A
Description: After performing 3 handseals, the user is able to create a great bead of water, up to 1 meter diameter, anywhere within range (Up to 50 meters from the user), by condensing water from the air around. This bead will have the cohesion and adhesion levels pumped to the max, creating a very tight bubble which pins though and attaches itself to any material it comes in contact with. The user is always able to sense the position of the sphere, spatially in relation with herself, and, when it attaches with something, the user is able to determine if the substance has chakra or not (Similar to Rain Tiger at Will), and is able to pull chakra from it, a take on the water's vital and cleansing techniques. It absorbs 100% of the chakra used to create the technique ( 40 chakra ) per turn it is attached. If the user touches the bead, he can re-absorb the chakra back to him/her. Likewise, the user is able to create multiple tiny beads (up to 10), across an area of 5 meters radius. Each will only absorb up to 10% chakra per turn ( 4 chakra ).

*The user is able to move the bead(s) around through hand gestures . When the user does, except in the initial turn, it counts as a jutsu towards the jutsu limit
*When the jutsu is dropped or broken, only 50% of the chakra stored within the bead(s) returns to the user, and the bead(s) vanish in a puddle of water.
*Can only be used thrice per battle*
*Lasts a maximum of 5 turns*
*Can't use Water above S rank in the same and next 2 turns of usage*
*Requires 2 turns cool down between usages, counting after the end of the previous usage*
*Follows elemental strength and weaknesses*

"There is always someone that's impatient.."

With the full capabilities of Kirikoe's Katsuryoku prowess available his natural sensory abilities were in full motion, he was able to sense the spirits around him including the souls of others, Kirikoe of course knew that this person was no push over, he had seen her performance during the last events,

"Kirikoe, beware the drops of water gathering around you.."

Byakko was sure to inform Kirikoe of what was happening around him..

"It would seem so Byakko.., there is no getting away from this, we will face her directly, Vinea! Back me up"

"Yes Young Master Kirikoe!"

Kirikoe dashed towards the woman, followed closely by vinea, both dodging the beads of water by moving in the direction towards the woman, he would swiftly move his hand in the front of his face, the palm of his hand pointing towards his opponent, whiles seemingly a simple movement in preparation for combat, it was in fact a motion to initiate a nearby spirit located behind his opponent to take motion, the spirit would take form behind her manipulating itself into a spear which aimed to stab through her back.

Rank: C-S (A)
Range: Short-Long
Chakra Cost: 15-40 (30)
Damage Points:
30-80 (60)
Shojun no Hel is perhaps the most essential technique throughout the House's epitome of techniques. The jutsu is based on the use of the generic Genki which whom traverse between the Pure and Impure Realms, a.k.a into our 'dimension' per say. Through the convinction of the user, and a sacrifical portion of chakra, depending on the strength of the Genki, and the Rank within the House of the user, they will forcefully be able to persuade the Genki to do their bidding. Now this can be used in a various amount of ways, essentially by bending the savage spirit in it's else deformed mass of ethereal spiritual energy, the user is capable of forming 'constructs' of ethereal energy throughout the field through hand motions or else body movements. These constructs carries a certain colour of Kūki no Yōna depending on the user, upon materilizing in the desired area of the user's choice. Ontop of that, the contructs are either flame-like or solid in the appearence, thus adding for verstality. Once the sacrfice have been made the user can freely without further payment manipulate the Genki, with the only cost being spending a move. Being hit by a Genki will either do nothing (if the spirit decides to not take a tangible form), or produce kinetic, physical damage (if he takes physical form). In this case, the Genki still has the ability to select which matter he will interact with, though that is not true for energies, as per the clan description.
Note: This technique can only manipulate one genki at a time.
Note: S-Rank can only be used three times per battle and not in consecutive turns.
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Meanwhile, Vinea would form a single hand-seal, her chakra conjuring spikes of water from the source beneath her, stabbing upwards in 3 directions covering a multitude of directions to catch her off guard.

Type: Offensive
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: After forming three handseals, the user produces large spikes capable of impaling clean through a target. This technique can be performed from afar through any existing water source, even mist, to rain down on its foe or erupt from the ground. The user can also produce a spike to act as a makeshift sword for the wielder to strike with at hand.

Finally Kirikoe would passively activates his chakra sensing capabilities as an extra case of insurance.

Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short - Long
Chakra cost: 15 (- 5 per turn)
Damage points: N/A
Description: This is a very advanced of advancing the ability to feel and sense chakra. The technique allows the user to concentrate and detect someone's chakra. Users can use this to determine the nature of a jutsu used as well as sense masses of chakra. The use of this can be compared to Sharingan's brutish level of sensory, able to sense collection of chakra but not the level of clarity and precision Byakugan has.
Note: Can only be used by bios with Sensory ability.
Note: After having on a bio for 1 month, users gain the ability to activate Sensory passively.
Rolling for terrain: #1 - Mustafar

The place where Obi Wan Kenobo and Anakin Skywalker had their final showdown. This battlefield is a desolate wasteland that consists out of cooled-down and hardened lava which is divided by flowing lava streams into a grid-like pattern. The volcano keeps spewing out large ash clouds that cover the entire sky and blot out most of the sunlight. As a result the area is quite dark that's mainly illuminated by the the flowing lava. The players always start on an elevation with several streams flowing between them.

• All fire and heat-based elements gain +10 damage and gain one rank

• All water-based elements and elements weak to heat lose -10 damage and lose one rank
• The ash particles in the air cause damage to the player's lungs by inhalation resulting in -10 health each turn unless the player somehow has protection against it. In the case the player performs excessive physical actions, this is turned into -20 health. Excessive actions are defined as techs or abilities that increase the player's breathing rhythm tremendously like for example 8IG.

Isabella's Shinkaigan would witness the shift in the room, as the floor bellow them turns into hardened lava, with multiple active volcanos popping up all around her. Her breathing became congested, ash particles slowly creeping away at her health ( -10 HP ) but her Fire nature would feel empowered somehow. Though it appeared Byakko didn't inform his master that his speed was actually lower than the attack aimed at him, causing the drops of water to hit the man like a shower of bullets, draining him by 40 CP and 80HP. Feeling bolstered by the hot temperatures, Isabella runs towards her enemy, as Kirikoe raises his hand to what appeared to be an attempt towards a close quarter combat. Accosting her no handseals, Isabella spins herself into a circular kick with her right leg, a massive drill of fire and then lightning enhancing her motion, to then deal a powerful plasma-covered strike towards her opponent's mid-torso.

(Katon/Raiton: Mure Sai no Shuuren) Fire/Lightning Style: The Drill of the Rhinoceros Crash
Rank: S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra Cost: 40 ( 50 ; +10 Mustafar )
Damage Point: 80 ( 115 ; +30 Mustafar, +5 MIND )
Description: The user will preform 3 handseals, and quickly spit a continuous stream of fire, which will start to spin with a great speed forming a huge drill. This rotation can be either around the user or near the user, the tip of the drill being pointed towards anywhere the user wishes it to point. As the user starts spitting the fire, the user will preform a different handseal, which will then start enveloping the fire drill with lightning chakra. As both elements start to friction on each other, the drill starts spinning substantially faster and will increase the temperature largely, all adding to the piercing power of the technique. At the user's wish, the bright drill can be shot at great speed towards the desired location, going on a straight line until the user decides to make it explode, blasting outwards multiple similar drills, significantly smaller in side.

*The large drill can shoot to Long Range, the small drills will be shot in a short range radius*
*Both phases can be done at the same time by two shinobis*
*Can only be used once every 4 turns, for a maximum of 2 times, given the chakra strain*
*Can't use Lightning or Fire Techniques above S rank in the next 2 turns*

CP: 1950 - 10 - 40 = 1900
HP: 200 - 10 = 190
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