[Theory] What happened to the second fairy king?


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Aug 24, 2019
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So I have been wondering this for a long time but one day I was thinking about Helbram and made this theory. In the game which is where that picture is from, Dahlia (The second fairy king) sent King out on a mission and when he returned, Dahlia was gone. We have never seen him in the anime or manga so the information is limited.

So my theory is that Helbram either killed Dahlia or had something to do with it. Here's why.....

So to start this off we know that the one person Helbram respects the most is the second fairy king. (According to the databook's) Helbram is also a boss in the game but I couldn't find out what his role was other than being a boss. Also, Helbram clearly has something to do with Dahlia since, in the picture, we can clearly see Helbram in his human form.

The main reason that I thought of this theory was because of Helbram's sword. It was stated that it was made off the fairy tree and Helbram was also able to make it float which I am pretty sure only users of a spirit spear has been shown to do. Now, why isn't it a spear, and how did he get it? Well, it could be possible that his sword is the head of Dahlia's spirit spear and that is the reason why Helbram needs an outside source for him to change its forms because it's broken. Since I haven't played the game and I couldn't find any sources then I can only speculate. It could be that Dahlia tried to stop Helbram and he killed Dahlia in the process. Or when Helbram went and killed a lot of fairies, he killed Dahlia and took his wings.

What your thoughts?
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