Wachuu clan and ghoul bloodline questions and theory


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Aug 13, 2016
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Okay I'll preface this by saying I sporadically keep up with the manga so I just need to first confirm I get what's going on with plot and I'll end it on a theory that I have on ghouls relating to the latest chapter.

Okay first thing I need confirmed so the wachuu clan are a ghoul clan tasked with keeping the peace. They have special dba from many years of cannibalism. And they have two branches of family one where they keep their ghoul blood pure by performing incest. Rize was known as The binge eater and she had a irregularly high appetite is this in result of her lineage? The other branch marry human females which give birth to half humans they have enhanced physiology but drastically reduced lifespans.

And the big players of the series and I'm assuming the primary antagonist of this series is furuta whose a half human whose under went the ghoulification process I'm not sure if it's confirmed yet if this makes him superior or inferior to a regular artificial ghoul. So from what I can get from his motivation he loves rize and wants to have kids with her I'm assuming his ghoul is to create a new and better wachuu clan.

My other question about is aging of artificial ghouls, kaneki complains about it from what I can understand if he doesn't cannibalize he'll keep aging rapidly? Is this why arimas and kaneki is hair turn white as a sign of their aging?

Also how much do we know the results of ghoul gene mixing for example. We know a male ghoul and human female likely create a half human or less likely one eyed ghoul. Opposuteky if it's a male human and female ghoul there's no chance a child can be born. We see in the series that one eyed ghouls are suppose to be greater than regular ghouls so what's your thoughts on kaneki' s kid potential and potential kid of furuta and rize.

Also do you think multiple kagune transplants are possible so kaneki could have multiple kagune types.

Lastly to my theory on ghouls

In the latest chapters kaneki had a new kakuja metamorphosis nicknamed dragon which a giant serpent like creature. There's 4 category of us hunt kaneki is the type with the greatest regeneration and interestingly in his complete form turns into a serpent like being and snakes being associated with regeneration and health. We see the other 3 kagune types give one gives wings, one gives defensive armor and one noted for its tail like kagune and speed. My theory is we will see 4 one eyed ghouls with complete kakuja of the 4 categories one being the one we know the dragon and other tree is the bird the tiger and the turtle. Based on the Asian 4 holy beasts.
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