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Apr 7, 2009
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Victor (ヴィクタ, Vikuta) was an Inner from the secret organisation Kara. Formerly a shinobi, he became the president of a huge medical care manufacturing company in the Land of Valleys. Victor took part in the Fourth Shinobi World War, costing him his right leg and right eye. After the Allied Shinobi Forces's victory in the war, Victor secretly harvested some fragments of the dead God Tree. Afterwards, Victor returned to the Land of Valleys, where he spent years establishing a new medical care and research company. He eventually became an Inner of Kara though it is implied to be because of a large donation his company made to the organisation.
  • Victor has deceptive speed, able to blitz his opponents in an instant alongside considerable taijutsu prowess, able to skilfully fend off assaults with his cane that he uses as a makeshift sword. Because of this, Victor is considered an Advanced Combat Specialist and gains a +20 damage boost
  • A master of the 5 elemental natures, Victor is an Advanced Handseal Specialist, able to use all 5 elements with 1 seal, choosing any two of these before battle or event to use with one seal and the other 3 with half the seals.
  • Victor is able to perform a Regeneration technique that can rapidly undo all physical damage to his being, even triggering if he has been bit in half. He is also capable of healing a flat rate of 15 damage per turn passively.
  • Should his limbs be severed, he could still manipulate their movements and even reconnect them by using his blood as tendrils to retrieve them. Victor could also manifest giant arms to aid him in battle, which are capable of using hand seals to perform jutsu.

  • Requires Official Sensei status
  • Requires, at minimum, Chunin Rank
  • Requires 15,000 Kumi

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