The World of Azaga [Private RP]


Apr 15, 2011
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Please DON'T post without permission being granted, this a Restricted Access ONLY RP. This THREAD is an introduction into the World of Azaga. Furthermore, this shall also be the UPDATE thread for RP changes/notices posted by @Placelse (or those appointed users by me).
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On all accounts of human history, it’s agreed on all vanity points of historical documentation, the last primordial beast’s death gave rise to the dominance of Humans & Wildly race civilization to rule the world. From those ages onwards, continuous wars of the two races spread across the lands only after a point in human history, with the mastery of Aether Gathering did the war climax reach a stalemate…

Race/ Factions

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Mighty and courageous Female Warriors, the Amazon fear no man. A society ruled predominantly by the female counterparts, men’s role in this corner of the world is reversed. Courage, Honor, Compassion, and the bond of the Sisterhood are at the center of Amazon warrior society. Their imposing height and strength comes from an inherit Aether garthering body tempering granted by the Ancient Ones.

[Ruling Lands]

[Faction Politics]
Amazons - Despite their general terrain culture splits, these sisterhoods are strong enough to support each other in dire needs.

Primus of Grand Duchy of Peland, all sisterhoods tend to simply dislike their demeanor and attitude of being superior, resulting in ignoring them.

Solerians and Amazons are cousins in culture, yet very prideful. Each interaction is taken on a razor’s edge and with a grain of salt, overall these two factions are stable relations with each other. Except the ones living in Principality of Kirmingia, as they’re brain-washed by the Primus.

Zolmecs of are held with admiration, the two are in such relations of marriage on regular basis. These two cultures clash respectfully and with eager understanding of peace from both as their common needs lead them to became allies.

Wildly are the enemy of the humanity, thus no relations of them are allowed with the Amazons. However, due to the influence of the Zolmecs, there’s been situations of pardons.

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Famously the world’s brilliant and cerebral, the Primus are masters of all Azaga’s science discoveries, and complex Aether techniques. Claiming to be direct descendants of the Ancient Ones’, which they hold grandly to their prideful blood, the Primus strictly control their lineage. They are peaceful and analytical, yet with an unspoken singleness of purpose. The Primus are believed to have connection of the Ancient Ones' Aether more than the other races.

[Ruling Lands]

[Faction Politics]
Amazons - No indication of change or attempts to allow their efforts to flow towards the sisterhood.

Primus who have deserted or fled away from the motherland, have been hunted and placed on world bounties. Grand Innovations or higher ranking influential social pardons are needed to change the crime.

Solerians of the United Provinces of Carling have a general bad history with the Primus on both accounts, which has calmed and yet resurfaced multiple times as wars emerge regularly; and neither side has yet to gain ground on each. Despite the conflict, Primus are on great terms with Principality of Kirmingia, as they aid them in advancements of Science. Meanwhile, Paignorian Theocracy chooses to stay silent, and neutral to both sides of issues as it awaits the war’s result.

Zolmecs are known to them as ‘aid of the wicked souls’, the Primus have been noted to support factions that seek to harm the Zolmecs, causing a support chain of war resources from the Zolmecs to the losing United Provinces of Carling, thus keeping them overlong in the fight endlessly against the Primus’s superiority in war tactics.

Wildly are enemies of the world, however no efforts have been made to aid any other race in such conflict as the Primus have never experienced their wrath, and merely have observed.

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Never does one betray a Solerian, for they are cunning, organized, unmerciful, and must win at any cost. The Solerians are quite intelligent and crafty, driven by the desire for individual power. They are the greatest builders of Azaga, for all Aether Technology innovations runs through their blood, blessed by the Ancient Ones’. Solerians use these cunning battle tactics and invent ingenious war Aether machines.


[Faction Politics]
Amazons are fearsome beauties that have left the only space of interaction being peaceful. Respected and fear, they are a beauty of power that Solerians seemed to be addicted to, most Solerain males tend to wish to be taken by the Amazonians. This causes an internal conflict that results in spiteful small conflicts with the Amazons due to the Solerian females having a general dislike of them.

Primus, are known as living machines in the flesh of a human. Using them to advance the Solerians is key to overtaking the world.

Solerians of United Provinces of Carling is the lesser kingdom of the Solerians. While the Principality of Kirmingia is the second in charge among the Solerians, and overseeing both the lands is the Theocracy. Both combined, cannot manage to reach half the power of the Paignorain Theocracy. Those Solerians have Many connections and resources to survive without either land’s alliance.

Zolmecs have been noted to have granted all their trading ports owned and given most tamed Aether beasts service to Paignorain Theocracy. For each Beast mount tech that gave the Zolmecs an edge over the Amazons in combat, many riches ever given to the Paignorain Theocracy. Furthermore, through the connection to Primus, the Scientific taming methods created by the Primus were sold to the Zolmecs under the name of the Paignorain Theocracy. The Zolmecs unknowingly pledge their trust in the Paignorain Theocracy for all matters of advancements.

Wildly are enemies of the world. The Solerians seek to find ways of taming or manipulating the savages for their gains. Means of using the Zolmecs to do their bidding is quite prominent with them. Solerians have been noted to having slaved many Wildly that now work away in corners of their slumps, which has caused hate and fear in all Wildly.

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The fierce Zolmec are attuned to all living thing’s Aether. Especially the Wildly, they can communicate with the world’s savages and all lesser creatures. Proud and powerful people, the Zolmec draw strength from their harmonious relationship with Nature. They are passionate believers in ritual and discipline, with a special affinity for their taming/bonding Aether Beasts.


[Faction Politics]
Amazons are the allies and the ones with the true heart of understanding. Warriors with respect to the world’s place in nature. Only if they let their minds open up to the changes of the world’s past and see good in the Wildly too.

Primus are too stuck in the past, with their non-aging ruler who dictates the future of their kin. The disagreements of the two merely come down to the Wildly which the Zolmec wish to help become part of the world and not be full of hate. Such a philosophy the Primus won’t adhere due to their singleness upbringing!

Solerians are greed’s children. Each out there in one’s back with a danger, forgetting they all walk on the same ground of aether that connects all. Sadly the truth is too far gone from their eyes but through Solerians service to them, theirs hope to recover it.

Zolmecs to each other are known as a single grand family that extends all corners and into all lands. Protecting the original selfs as borders merely to not lose the world’s only connect nature.

Wildly are ones’ a part of the prophecy that proclaims “outer worldly beings shall reprimand such into defenders against chaos”. Which all Zolmecs believe and await such actions that are to be foretold as the past.

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Fierce as the Zolmec, yet unknown to how their birth came about, generally agreed upon by the common-folk to have been born out of the last primordial beast death, as an evil breed of both Aether-beast yet part Humaniod, whether wondrous or wicked, their known to all as monsters that have a calling that reaches beyond the ordinary existence. Traveling alongside other intrepid aether-beasts, these devious creatures carve their places in legendary feats with no aether arts in sword, spell, tooth, and claw!


[Faction Politics]
Amazons are Enemies.
Primus are Enemies.
Solerians are Enemies
Zolmecs are crazy strong peacemakers, yet who are dross treehuggers at times.
Wildly brothers and sisters shall rise above when the time comes, as the prophecy of the wild proclaims!

NOTE: Main Characters shall be created customary by @Placelse
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