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Lord of Kaos

Apr 7, 2009
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NRP's Clan Calamity

This event is a solo PvP event, meaning that only one person can win this round. However, this is also potentially a team based event, meaning working together can ensure better odds for success. This event officially starts in roughly 3 hours and 15 mins at 12:00 GMT +0.

General Rules​

This is an open PvP event, pitting all 9 remaining members against one another in Open Combat. This means that members are allowed to utilize the skills they signed up with without major restrictions such as the last two Stages. Members are able to use 3 Jutsu per turn, whether this is in a solo fight or a Group fight, with passive jutsu and activations counting towards the Jutsu Limit per turn. Members always start 10 meters away from one another with a 24 hour reply limit per fight. Due to the unique composition of these rooms, when a new fight is started in a zone that has no existing fight taking place, a roll will be made AFTER the first attack has been launched AND countered by it’s opponent, meaning the terrain’s do not change until an attack and counterattack are launched. Because of this, no one can start a fight with a room’s conditions already in place.

Should a member’s health reach zero or be unable to continue battling, they are considered eliminated. For every elimination gained in a 1v1 match, One Point is amassed. Should more members join the fight, the points may increase or decrease that one can gain; In handicap matches in favor of the larger group, a total of 1 point is gained for every opposing enemy. However, this point is divided between the winners. For example, in a 2v1, the side who has 2 members gains 1 point divided between the two of them for 0.5 points each. However, should the single member win, he gains 2 points - 1 for each opponent. This scale holds true for other handicap fights such as a 3v2 ( side with 3 people gain 1.3 Points while the side with 2 people would gain 1.5 points for their victory ). For evenly paired matches, the points are distributed evenly.

Because this is an open PvP event, only one winner can be chosen. This is determined by deciding who has the most points in the end. This event will last until all members are defeated, quit, or are unable to proceed. Should this last longer than 2 weeks, the event will be ended prematurely and points tallied. Any that have the same amount of points will be forced into Sudden Death - a graded battle with a reply limit of 12 hours and a max of 100 health will be given.

Because each zone meets in the center, members are capable of entering any zone from any other one. Travel between these zones takes one hour.

Member Placement, from Zones 1 to 9:

  1. Detective L
  2. Corazon
  3. Kirikoe
  4. Lili-Chwan
  5. Vayne
  6. Sinthorus
  7. Gobi Gobbletsson
  8. Rexii
  9. Goetia
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The Various Room conditions are as listed below:
#1 - Mustafar
➤ Description​

The place where Obi Wan Kenobo and Anakin Skywalker had their final showdown. This battlefield is a desolate wasteland that consists out of cooled-down and hardened lava which is divided by flowing lava streams into a grid-like pattern. The volcano keeps spewing out large ash clouds that cover the entire sky and blot out most of the sunlight. As a result the area is quite dark that's mainly illuminated by the the flowing lava. The players always start on an elevation with several streams flowing between them.

➤ Effects

• All fire and heat-based elements gain +10 damage and gain one rank

• All water-based elements and elements weak to heat lose -10 damage and lose one rank

• The ash particles in the air cause damage to the player's lungs by inhalation resulting in -10 health each turn unless the player somehow has protection against it. In the case the player performs excessive physical actions, this is turned into -20 health. Excessive actions are defined as techs or abilities that increase the player's breathing rhythm tremendously like for example 8IG.

#2 - The Sahara desert
➤ Description​

This battlefield is an endless desert with an ever-changing landscape due to the strong winds that continuously blow the sand away from one spot to pile it up on another. The sky is clear and heavenly blue and the temperature is permanently around 50° due to the blazing sun. Each player always starts at the top of two opposing dunes, both dunes stand on a north-south axis while the winds always blows from the east to the west.

➤ Effects

• All sand and wind-based elements gain +10 damage and gain one rank

• All water-based elements lose -10 damage and lose one rank

• Whenever an attack hits the ground, sand is swept up and blown away via the east-west axis. This causes every player who stands in the trajectory of the blowing sand to be blinded for two turns due to sand in the eyes unless he has protection against it.

#3 - The Calm Belt
➤ Description​

This battlefield is in the middle of the Calm Belt, a windless ocean with no land for hundreds of kilometers in all directions. The sky is clear and the ocean's surface is completely calm. Each player always starts standing on top of the water by focusing chakra in his feet.

➤ Effects

• All water-based elements gain +10 damage and gain one rank

• All earth-based elements lose -10 damage and lose one rank

• The players automatically lose -5 chakra each turn to maintain their ability to stand on the ocean's surface. This can be avoided by going up into the air or to dive in the water, however standing even once during a turn on the surface will make the subtraction happen.

#4 - Hoth
➤ Description​

This battlefield is a frozen wasteland consisting of earth with layers of thick ice and snow covering it. There are many deep crevices hidden below the snow. The temperature is -50° and there is permanently a lingering icy fog that limits the visibility of the players and an icy wind. The players start unaware on a frozen lake that's completely hidden below two meters of snow.

➤ Effects

• All ice, snow and cold-based elements gain +10 damage and gain one rank

• All fire and heat-based elements lose -10 damage and lose one rank

• All direct CQC attacks lose -10 damage due to the heavy physical and environmental conditions

• The cold temperature, fog and wind cause severe frostbite resulting into -10 health each turn unless the player can find somehow protection

#5 - Wulong Forest
➤ Description​

The place where Aang and Firelord Ozai had their final showdown. This battlefield is literally a forest of large stone pillars hundreds of meters tall and several meters wide. The battle occurs at dusk with Sozin's Comet lighting up the night's sky. Each player starts at the top of a pillar with another pillar between the ones they're standing on.

➤ Effects

• All earth-based elements gain +10 damage and gain one rank

• All wind-based elements lose -10 damage and lose one rank

• All katon specialists can perform all katon jutsu without hand seals due to the influence of Sozin's Comet and instead can use a simple physical motion

#6 - Raijin Island
➤ Description​

One of the first islands in the New World. The clouds that cover the entire battlefield pour down rain and lightning endlessly, making it appear like it's raining lightning. The players start fighting on a grassy plateau.

➤ Effects

• All lightning-based elements gain +10 damage and gain one rank

• The rain and storm elements gain +10 damage and gain one rank

• There's a counter on this battlefield. Each third turn a lightning bolt will strike the player where he stands. The counter can be reset by moving out of short range before the third turn, however each time the counter starts again. In the case that a player still stands on the same spot on the third turn a lightning bolt will hit him from above. This lightning will be as strong as an S-rank lightning jutsu, but can blocked like any other jutsu likewise.

#7 - Hueco Mundo
➤ Description​

The homeworld of the Hollows and Arrancar. An endless desert of pale white sand and dead trees below a permanent night sky with a crescent moon.

➤ Effects

• All elements that have an inherent "dark" nature (like Void, Dark and Abyss) gain +10 damage and gain one rank

• All organic elements lose -10 damage and lose one rank

#8 - Kami's Lookout
➤ Description​

The place where Kami resides. Kami's Lookout is an ancient platform that is in geostationary orbit in the skies of Earth kilometers above the ground. The bowl-shaped platform is supported by a single pillar that stretches all the way back to the Earth's surface. Both players start at the center of the platform.

➤ Effects

• Taijutsu and other CQC gain 10 damage.

• The platform itself has 400 health and each time it's hit by an attack, the amount of damage the attack has at the point of impact is subtracted from the platform's health. When the health reaches zero, the platform collapses.

#9 - Hyperbolic Time Chamber
➤ Description​

The place where Goku and his friends spent countless hours training. The HTC is an endless white void that exists outside time and space with only the entrance/exit being visible. The players start inside the chamber opposing each other with the entrance a dozen meters away.

➤ Effects

• All forms and techs of space/time ninjutsu can't be used, this includes among others summoning creatures and seals

#10 - Crystal Catacombs of Old Ba Sing Se
➤ Description​

The location of TLA second season's final episode. This battlefield is located hundreds of meters below the surface inside a large cave that's covered with crystals that give off a green hue. The floor of the cave has been tiled and a river, originating from an underground waterfall, has been channeled around the left side of the cave. That same side also contains five pillars that support the entire structure. The players start at the other side of the cave.

➤ Effects

• All crystal and gem-based elements gain +10 damage and gain one rank

• All earth-based elements gain +10 damage and gain one rank

• Each of the pillars can max tank damage up to one S-rank jutsu, after that it collapses. When all the pillars are destroyed, the entire cave collapses likewise. Damage to the pillars stacks.

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