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Dec 27, 2018
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The Science Lab, an independent space although it is managed by none other than Doctor Coriki. In this room, he is not as involved as he is in other spectrums of the Department of Support. He prefers to train all aspiring heroes, even those behind the desk determined to build the warriors their gear. That is why at the Science Lab, the inventors are none other than the students. Through trial and error, this is the safe space for all sorts of inventions to take place and be tested. Be prepared because the only way to test your items is to be placed into combat!​

Free-Roam Rubric
→ Only Characters that are recognized as Heroes, particularly Students or Provisional Heroes, may participate in this thread.

→ This Free-Roam is considered an Educational Thread, meaning you are promised the rewards discussed below for proper participation. This thread is also considered Special because of the nature of the thread. You gain permission to post if you have properly participated in the [ Department of Support ] thread.

→ Proper Participation for this thread refers to Characters that conducted a mock battle with an android of artificial intelligence, pre-uploaded to expose and take advantage of your weaknesses. This must be done within 1 Post and be at least 700 Words. Role-Players cannot post more than once per weekly participation.

→ You are free to do whatever you please, however remember your actions have consequences whether they are deemed positive or negative.
→ Cannot Power-Play, Meta-Game, or God-Mod Ekko the NPC. This is the Only NPC present until expressed otherwise.​

→ Gains Permission to Resubmit 1 Costume or 1 Item at C-Grade, however with an Extra Perk Regarding their Quirk.
→ This reward is repeatable, but requires multiple weekly participation.​

Time of Day + Weather Condition
→ Evening, Full Moon [Clear Skies]​
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Jul 30, 2019
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Emiya heard about the Great Corki and his experiments but this time he was taken to a new place, the Science Lab! The Science Lab from what Emiya could see was an excellent place which had the minds of talented individuals who could help Emiya to achieve greater heights with his quirk. The students there were also learning about him as he learned about himself which would be excellent in gathering all sorts of data. The students would provide a series of tests that Emiya could engage in.

“Let me talk to yawl real quick. I should explain the inner workings of my quirk so these tests can challenge me and gather good data for yawl.”

Emiya went to the students in charge of the simulation program and informed them more details about his quirk along with weaknesses to see if they could fashion something more suited for him. They suggested Emiya may need an easy to play portable instrument that could make huge sounds, but which one to make would be decided after a series of tests. The students would first test out how much air he could pump with lungs through a special made machine.
After sterilizing the machine Emiya would blow into to it with all his breath. His lungs were able to pump out a huge air pressure which astonished the students.

“Well yea. I used to play many brass and woodwinds instruments when I was little. My father wanted me to learn every instrument as a kid.”

His second test was to see how much intensity and speed his fingers had. So he would type on a special made keyboard which tracked his fingers for data. The students were even more impressed.

“Yea! Well I had to have fast hand coordination to be able to play those instruments at a high level. I’m glad I had piano teachers to help train me with that. They always freaking made me play Mozart piano concertos haha.”

The third and final test was an android who was capable of battling, evading, and blocking sounds with louder sounds. The android also contained special sound frequency receptors which would receive such sound and analyze how much sound was received in the receptors along with a screen on its back to show a reading how much sound was received through the receptors. Since Emiya could not put the android in an illusion the students thought it necessary to see how much Emiya could maneuver with an instrument that played sounds. Emiya would get a flute that he used to play with as a kid to fight the android. His main goal was to evade and blow sounds loud enough to for the sound frequency receptors to pick up. It couldn’t get in an illusion since it was an android, but this would be the best that they could do at the moment. The sounds would be let out in different musical dynamics in an attempt to overpower Emiya’s sound but Emiya did not yet know that part.

“Alright sounds good! To create something like this is a great testament to the students and staff of Horizon indeed.”

Emiya stood 10 meters apart from the android then begin battle. The android would let out a small sound in the piano dynamic. The sound sounded similar to a treble bass at around 40 hz and then the android would go to attack Emiya’s face.

"It makes sounds too? Danggg."

Emiya would dodge to left 5 meters by running and play a F on his flute in the mezzo piano dynamic which registered at about 100 hz. Since the flute was at a higher frequency and dynamic the android’s sound and reading would register on its back.


The android would then go backwards until out of range of the sound, getting out of Emiya's sound range and cancelling the reading.

“Ah, so I need to get close. Bet.”

As Emiya ran forwards the android then selected a boom sound at about 500 hz in the mezzo forte dynamic. Emiya responded by playing an A note at the forte dynamic in a higher register which would be about 1000 hz however then android would raise his sound to forte so as to block Emiya’s sound. As Emiya ran out of breath playing the flute he would in mid-run run backwards 10 meters. This prompted the android to charge forward with a kick this time with a sound in the fortissimo dynamic.

Emiya would tank the hit, he winced as the pain hurt in his abdomen where the kick landed, his ears hurting with this loud sound in his face, but grab the leg with left hand to lock the android in place.

“Alright let’s do this. Maximum overdrive!”

Emiya would breathe into the flute as hard a possible holding it with his right hand as his left hand kept the android in front of him. The sound was loud enough to overpower the android's sound and trigger a slight reading on the android as it backed away and stop.

“Alright that enough! We see you need something that’s loud, reaches a long distance, and overpower other possible sounds. Good performance”, one of the science students would say.

Emiya huffed as he panted on the floor but try to keep his charming personality.

“Indeed. Many thanks.”
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