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I hate everything, I kill everything, I ruin everything. I inflict pain on everything!"

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Basic Information | 基本情報
Name: Shiro Taniko
Nickname: Wretched Egg
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Clan: N/A

Looks | 見える

Shiro is an albino. She has snow-white hair, pale skin and red eyes; even her eyebrows and eyelashes are white. Her hair is very long and reaches down to her feet. She dresses in a white, skintight bodysuit , decorated with red circles and stripes. Her toes stick out of her bodysuit, just as her heels. She also wears a wide neckwarmer and sometimes large, white mittens.

Personality | 個人性

Shiro is a bubbly girl and a bit clumsy. She has lots of energy (most likely from the fact she eats nothing but sweets), although she has a simplistic view on life. She didn't even understand the concept of a girlfriend and has a simplified outlook on love. Despite this, she knows she loves her village, clan and fighting and only wants the people close to her to be happy, even if means resorting to drastic measures. Shiro also has a second personality that call her self "Wretched Egg". The Wretched Egg is the opposite of Shiro. She is sadistic, appears to value solitude over companionship and doesn't enjoy sweets (whereas Shiro adores them). The most obvious difference is that Shiro is naïve and sweet while the Wretched Egg is vicious, merciless and cruel. The only thing that the two share is their affection for the people close to her and fighting (though the Wretched Egg's feelings for them are much more warped when compared to the innocent love Shiro harbors for them).

Village Information | 村の情報

Village of Birth:

WSE Clan: N/A

Rank and Chakra Information | ランクチャクラ
Health: 35
Chakra: 375

Ninja Rank:
Academy Student

Specialty: Kenjutsu Specialist [Primary] | Increased Tracking [Secondary] | Apex Speed Specialist [Apex] | Lifeline [25% Chakra Increase]

➠ Wind - training

➠ Fire - training

➠ Taijutsu - training

➠ Kenjutsu - training

Custom fighting Styles:

➠ one day

➠ one day

Background Information | 背景情報

Before Shiro was born, her parents were Ninja’s from land of water. They were both kind hearted but determined to do anything for their village at any costs. When Shiro’s mother found out she was pregnant, she was so excited and happy that she was going to have her first child. Shiro’s father was also excited and was hoping for child to grow up to be just like him, whether or not it was a boy or girl. During the mother’s pregnancy, she started to feel very sick and had to be in bed rest for over half her pregnancy. The medical ninjas said it was because the mother wasn’t getting enough nutrition, but the truth was that Shiro, as a fetus was killing her mother the inside.
Finally after 9 months, Shiro was born in her lands healthy and well but her and her parents soon moved to Amegakure. Her mother, was so happy to see her baby girl and so was her father. Unfortunately, her mother had grown very ill due to the pregnancy and was too weak to leave her bed. Shiro was raised mostly by her father, who had given up being a ninja to stay home with his wife and newborn daughter.
Shiro was now 5 years old and was able to walk and talk all on her own. She barely was allowed to go outside because it rained too much and there were not a lot of kids to play with anyways. She sat inside most of the time and played games with her father and her mother, who was still ill. One day, she woke up to screaming, yelling, and crying from her mother’s room. As a 5 years old, she didn’t know what was going on so she went to check it out. What she saw was horrible. Her mother was dead in her bed and her father was also dead. Shiro wanted to cry but before she could cry her eyes out, she had forgotten how they had died in the first place and in the back of her mind she really didn't care.
Shiro was now an orphan and nobody would take her in and she didn’t know why. She had nobody to talk to and wanted to have someone who could be there for her. Everyone who knew her said she ‘had a split personality’ and ‘was a freak’. At the age of 7, her split personality started to take over most of the time when someone would pick on her or treat her like dirt. Her alter personality was that of a female version of Orochimaru. Wanting to experiment on people and do other messed up things the people she killed just for the sake of 'gaining knowledge'. This side of her called itself "Wretched Egg".

Other | 能力

Scientific Tools | 能力

Theme Song and Background Music
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Battles | 戦い


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