[Sensei Test] Ańbu Juniør


Jan 24, 2013
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Sensei Test

Greetings Ańbu Juniør, I will be administrating your test. The Test itself, as stated in the Sensei Rules, will be divided into two parts; The Test of Wisdom and the Test of Skill. They respectively consist of a test of your general knowledge and analytical skills, and a more direct test of your capabilities, which are detailed below.

First comes the Test of Wisdom. After you post, I will provide you with between 1 - 3 examples (depending on their complexity and overall difficulty) of a Conflict Resolution dispute, and your Test is to, to the best of your ability, break down the dispute, and make a judgement on what should happen within the given example, as well as point out any errors in logic, Jutsu usage, timeframe, etc.

Next is the Test of Skill. You will choose one of your bios to participate with. Once you have, I will select one of equivalent or higher Tier to it, and we will engage in a brief battle using the chosen biographies. Naturally we will follow the procedure of an Official Fight in the Battle Arena, with LoK's Rules and Regulations, with a chosen terrain, range from one another, etc. However, unlike Sensei Tests of the past, there are no limitations on what can be used, including Customs. This is to more accurately reflect the current battle system, meaning your intention isn't to win, but to show your overall skill and knowledge within the current system. This fight will last between 3-5 moves, depending on how well you perform. Once this Test is concluded, the Sensei Test is complete, and will be closed for evaluation.