[Real Battle] + [RIM] League of Villains vs Pucci


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Sep 10, 2008
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The sound of tires scraping against gravel screeched behind Pucci. Several cars doors rapidly opened then closed, and the patter of leather shoes sauntered closer. A voice called for everyone to hold still.

1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19...

The prime numbers rattled off inside Pucci's head as the officers barked their orders. Immediately, Pucci released an omnidirectional burst of lightning from his person. Above ground, the lightning expanded like a half-dome at top speed. The burst, unchecked, was aimed to strike all those around in a 20 meter radius. The vehicles would explode on impact, the league and the officers would be electrocuted under the pain, if everything went to Pucci's plan.

Inferiorly, Pucci manipulated the shape of the lightning to serve a secondary need. The blast extended downwards in a diameter of a foot and a half around Pucci, granting the lightning burst a shape rather resembling an open umbrella. The lightning demolished through the road beneath Pucci as it descended, opening a hole that allowed the priest to drop down into the sewers below. As the cops and the league dealt with the lightning, Pucci took off through the sewers, taking as many turns as he possibly could as he ran to cover his tracks.

Name: Race
Quirk Name: Thunderbolt
Type: Offense | Defense
Rank: E-B
Scale: Depends.
Description: The character will release projectiles of lightning from their body as a means of attacking and defending. These projectiles can take different shapes and forms: from regular streaks of lighting, shuriken or bird-shaped projectiles, or as an omnidirectional surge of lightning. These streaks of lightning can traverse through targets that conduct electricity, allowing the character to have lightning discharge from that target to attack at unconventional angles. During the conduction, the electricity glows blue which reveals its travel plan.

Note: The amount of lightning the user can release depends on Dexterity Attribute's Target Tracking Clause. The range the user can control the lightning, even when its traveling through targets that conduct it, depends on the distance of accuracy also explained in the Dexterity Attribute, instead of the Style Technique's Rank Scaling.

Note: The amount of damage each lightning projectile can deal depends on the Power Attribute, however multiple projectiles will cause the damage magnitude to split evenly as possible. The user must be careful because maintaining and tracking their own targets constitutes that they are tracking targets.

One attack card spent. Support Card used to activate D4C still maintained.
Iight im quoting.