[Real Battle] Ovan vs Blink

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Mar 10, 2015
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at the sound of two bodies hitting the floor Ovan thought their business was over with yet no sooner had the blood leaking from their bodies hit the floor that a woman of unknown origin appeared around the corner.

Ovan:" Members of a gang far outside your spear of influence, the Hunger gang, and unfortunately for you we have a policy about leaving witnesses alive, dont worry ill make this quick"

in an instant Ovans quirk activated, stretching his will outside of his body with such force it affected those in the immediate vicinity including innocent bystanders. Clutching his gun, Twinstar, in his right hand Ovan would swing his blade in a downward arc directly in the middle of her chest. In the background retsu would quickly grab one of the downed civilians closes to her while maintaining a close distance to ovan no more than a meter away, figuring if all goes to pot a hostage would be very useful.

Ovan Stats
Power: 2 Intelligent: 6 Defense: 2 Agility: 4 Dexterity: 4 Technique: 2

3 1 Attack | 2 Block | 3 Dodge | 6 Support

Archetype: Tactician
Persona: Reckless , Lunatic
Health: 5 HP
Stamina: 60-5-5-=50

Pre emptive Move/Parent Tech
Quirk Name: Conqueror's Will
Quirk Type: Emitter
Quirk SubClass: Range
Quirk Bonus: Grants the "Free Use" Keyword to Conqueror's Will, which allows Battle Cards to be Spent without Style Techniques Attached. Posting this Parent Technique counts as the Quirk being active, this Quirk does not require Style Techniques. Grants the "Absolute" Keyword to All Conqueror's Will Related Abilities in Regards to the Effects Induced. Grants the "Immunity" Keyword to All Conqueror's Will Related Abilities in Regards to Non-Mental Targets | Sources.
Description: This Quirk has manifested and gifted the character with the ability to exert their will in abnormal aura. Exerting the will refers to the phenomenon where the character can subtly project forth this energy that ignores all traditional rules of reality. This energy projection is an exertion akin to an oppressive nature, a similar interaction of animalistic instincts. The fight or flight response, the character merely projecting forth such aura can influence most targets and forcing them to decide to move forward with confrontation.

Quirk Breakdown & Drawbacks:

~ The mere presence of the character is enough for the character to project forward this immensely powerful impression. An invisible wave of energy, the only indicator that the character has exerted this pressure is the faint oversize imagery of the character, hovering behind them as a towering figure. Whenever the character releases this aura, the amount range of influence at basic control is equivalent to Ten [10] Meters of Diameters. Exerting the aura is the only function of Conquerors Will, reason why the character granted the ”Free-Use” keyword and does not mandate Style Technique.

~ All sentient beings are not identical, therefore targets react differently to the exposure of the character’s will. Determined by the personas a target retains, there are varying degrees of which the targets are susceptible to the oppressive aura. When interacting with other sentient beings, this Quirk causes an Attribute Check between the character and opponent(s) but only on a theoretical scale. This means that certain personas will experience corresponding raises or reductions in their Intelligent Attribute, but only theoretical ( this means their actual Intelligent Attribute will not change ).

Complete Immunity: Brave | Adamant | Reckless
+1 Point to Intelligent Attribute: Sadistic | Lunatic | Cunning | Arrogant
+0 Point to Intelligent Attribute: Jovial | Serious | Nonchalant | Analytical
-1 Point to Intelligent Attribute: Timid | Intuitive | Naive | Charming | Hopeful

~ Because the oppressive aura is indiscriminate, there are circumstances that can cause it to intensify or diminish. In the circumstances that the owner possesses the Sadistic | Lunatic | Cunning | Arrogant Personas, then they will experience a passive yet theoretical increase ( +1 Point ) in their Intelligent Attribute. In the circumstances the owner possess the Timid, Intuitive, Naive, Charming, and Hopeful Persona then they will experience a passive yet theoretical decrease ( -1 Point ) in their Intelligent Attribute.

~ In the circumstance that susceptible targets possess two personas that are advantageous ( experienced a theoretical increase ) against the oppressive aura, then they experience a +2 theoretical increase instead. In the circumstance that susceptible targets possess two personas that are disadvantageous ( experienced a theoretical decrease ) against the oppressive nature, then they experience a -2 theoretical increase.

~ In the circumstances that the target possesses a persona that would grant them immunity from the oppressive nature and another persona that is disadvantageous, then the immunity is stripped away. The target will not experience a theoretical increase or decrease in their Intelligent Attribute. Targets that are lower in the Intelligent Attribute, whether its theoretical or natural, will be susceptible to the oppressive aura.

~ The domain of influence surrounds the character because it is their presence, therefore the zone shifts anywhere on the battlefield. Once the opponent(s) have been submerged in the domain of influence, the aggressive aura cannot be evaded or defended against under any normal circumstance. This guaranteed impact is the reason that the Conqueror’s Will is granted the ”Absolute” keyword which means the effects cannot be nullified, reduced, or bypassed unless the means of protection is related to Mental Sources. Whenever targets are negatively impacted by this Quirk, the following effects occur.

Every Two Point INT Difference: One [1] Point Reduction in the Power | Agility | Defense | Dexterity Attributes.
Every Three Point INT Difference: The Battle Card Deck Refresh Rate Becomes Four Turns | One Move Slot Per Turn is Locked.

~ The character at this level of mastery can exert their will to influence sentient targets only. If influenced by their aggressive aura, then the targets will experience a pressure upon their physique. This pressure can travel deep into the body, effecting the performance levels regarding their mental and physical status. The aura cannot be interacted with physically, thus been granted the ”Immunity” keyword against all targets that are physical in composition. Activating this Quirk requires that a Support [1] Card(s) be spent and then occupied.

Retsu stats
Archetype: Tank
Persona: Sadistic , Lunatic
Traits: The Hunger Gang,
Power: 1 Intelligent: 4 Defense: 2 Agility: 1 Dexterity: 2 Technique: 2
Health: 9Hp

3 2 Attack Cards | 6 Block Cards | 2 Dodge Cards | 3 Support Cards

Items In use

Costume Name: Twilight Attire
Costume Grade: C
Costume Perk(s):
  • Grants 20% Morale Point Multiplier
  • Chain Mail: Grants the Wearer the "Immunity" Keyword Against the Status Effects ( of Epsilon to Delta Rank and Free-Form Quality ) Associated with Slashing, Cutting, and Piercing Types of Damage.
Costume Description: A white heavy overcoat that covers the users mouth and drapes all the way down to the users ankles, inside the coat has been fitted with a chain mail to prevent bladed weaponry from connecting.
Gadget Name: Twinstar Rift
Gadget Grade: B
Gadget Perk(s):
  • Possesses Four [4] Health Points.
  • Each Air Bullet Travels at Four [4] SPM.
  • Each Air Bullet Travels Deals Four [4] DMG.
  • Gadget Grants the Wielder the Option to Spend One [1] Attack or Block Card to Assault or Defend.
  • Air Compression System: Due to the Ammo Requiring Air Only, the Gun Can Virtually Fire an Infinite Amount of Ammo.
Gadget Description: An old-stylized rifle with a full-length blade running across its bottom half, this firearm has been designed to fire pellet sized air. The gun comes equipped with a small air compression system in place of traditional bullet cartridge, allowing the gun to fire compressed air.

Name: Crucial Swing
Item Required: Twinstar Rift
Type: Offensive | Defensive
Rank: E~Z
Scale: Self
Description: The user swings his gun in an attempt to cleave oncoming damage or the opponent(s). Multiple strikes can be performed but the damage must be split as evenly as possible.

Traits In use
Persona Narrative EffectRestrictions
Possessing the Reckless Persona means your character is more likely to throw caution to the wind. Planning is far from the mind of the character, they only act before thought.Free
Once Each Story Arc: Can Successfully Deal Damage to a NPC(s) without risk of suffering adverse effects to your Attributes and/or Health Points. Can Only be Used One Time Per Thread.Bio Cannot have Reckless with the Timid, Analytical, Cunning, and Brave Personas

Preemptive MotivesPricing
Trait EffectsRestrictions
Preemptive Motives refers to the tactical advantage the character can create for themselves for upcoming battles. Not only does the character properly scope their upcoming problems, they develop a solution.8 Trait Points
Once Each Real Battle: The character may enter the battle with any Item - Style Technique - Free-Form Action already activated, without spending or occupying Battle Card(s) in attempt to establish an advantageous state. The preemptive motive cannot deal or block damage.Bios Cannot have the Plot Armor, Assassin, All I Got!, and Second Wind Traits. Bio Must have Tactician as Archetype

Aimless AggressionPricing
Trait EffectsRestrictions
Aimless Aggression refers to the character’s extreme lack of discrimination. Regardless of their objective, their execution does not shy away from collateral damage regarding people or the environment.8 Trait Points
During Real or Plot Battles: Offensive ( Projectile or AOE ) Style Techniques and Free-Form Actions are Granted an Additional Ten [10] Meters in Diameter ( AOE ) or Radius ( Projectile ) Regarding the Scaling.Bios Cannot have the All I Got!, Assassin, Seizing Orders, and Cult Following Traits. Bio Must have Reckless Persona

Trait EffectsRestrictions
The character has chosen to prioritize their body fitness and grace of movements when engaging in physical training. Callisthenic training has allowed the character to develop high physical fortitude.10 Trait Points
The Character theoretically Reduces Opposing Target(s) SPM Advantage by One [1] SPM Point when calculating the distance travelled against those target(s).

Using pre emptive motive to activate my quirk before the battle starts, Using Reckless persona to attack the opponent first,Turning on permanent damage
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Jan 27, 2020
Trait Points
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Tatsumaki could feel this aura crash over her body. It felt oppressive and draining, so much that the heroine felt her body becoming more sluggish and softer. Hardened from her years of experience, the provisional hero assumed it was the man’s quirk. In the initial moments of this wave rushing Tatsumaki, it distracted her enough for the villain to swing their blade down upon her torso. The steel of the blade cut deep, blood spewed with rapid pace. The heroine’s eyes widen in disbelief. To be caught off guard like this? It was embarrassing. Not only for her but for the heroes.

An extremely disciplined warrior, Tatsumaki knew the villain had the upper hand and seized the moment to capitalize. This round was declared in his favor but the heroine was tremendously vengeful, especially against villains. Standing there barely conscious, the heroine quickly blitzed the two assailants. Grabbing both their arms with her hands. With one arm from Ovan and Retsu in her grip, she imprinted the entire limb with this sticker like composition. It unmovable by traditional means, the imprint infused with their skin permanently. After this point, the woman dropped to her knees and used an imprint stationed in the campus clinic to teleport there. Her last act before losing consciousness.


Mar 10, 2015
Trait Points
In the time it took for the woman to understand what was going on Ovan had already struck, the bladed part of his gun slicing into the womans chest like some sort of food item.

"How pathetic"

Said ovan as he completed the swing of his blade only to calmly walk back 3 feet away from the womans position, thoroughly disappointed at the heroes effort Ovan had half a mind to leave her there to suffer yet before he could come to a decision the woman, in an incredible burst of speed, grabbed both Retsu and his arms before imprinting what could only be described as some sort of sticker, disappearing immediately after.

Ovan:"...hmm i cant seem to get it off"

He said as he scratched the now permanent mark on his arm to no avail.

Retsu:" What the hell did she do?"

OVan:"... well consalt the higher ups about it, right now isnt the time to be asking questions, Lets go"

with a sense of urgency both retsu and Ovan quickly made their way out of the lounge and into the wider world, careful not to cross any Heroes path.

Defeat the Hero | Villain ( Repeatable | Once Per Week ): As a patron for crime, your responsibility is to dismantle the institutions that are design to oppress your freedom. Sometimes that involves you having to confront heroes of various degrees or villains just to assert dominance. Whether you are approached or do the approaching, as a villain you are to engage the hero(s) or villain(s) and defeat them. ( Successful Completion Rewards -400 Morale Points and 3 Trait Points. )


Dec 27, 2018
Trait Points

Ashamed if this is the only victory you can claim against Heroes. Always remember, I fed you this win sir.

Passive Event: Ares Unchained Triggers!
  • Chance Earned Two [2] Trait and Battle Point For Competing.
Completed Prompt Rewards: State of California - Defeat the Hero | Villain
  • Chance Earned 480 Negative Morale Points and Three [3] Trait Points.
  • Bonus: Defeating One of the Big Three of Horizon comes with massive infamy. Once Ovan has declared himself responsible, the Hero Association will acknowledge such and place priority to capture the villain. This will Grant 2,000 Negative Morale.
Defeat the Hero | Villain ( Repeatable | Once Per Week ): As a patron for crime, your responsibility is to dismantle the institutions that are design to oppress your freedom. Sometimes that involves you having to confront heroes of various degrees or villains just to assert dominance. Whether you are approached or do the approaching, as a villain you are to engage the hero(s) or villain(s) and defeat them. Escaping or Defeating Heroes or Villains will double the rewards given to the Role-Player.

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