[Prolouge] A Meeting of Artists


Jul 30, 2019
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Time line: Many Years Back
Location: A village in Japan

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A loud assortment of clanking noises, people, animals could be heard in the village. This village was surrounded by numerous mountain ranges that almost hid it completely. The rocky mountain ranges that surrounded the village provided a natural stronghold that one would be very proud of. The village's infrastructure is built from much of the surrounding rock and stone due to the culture of the village. The stone was shaped into tower-like structures that are inter-connected by a network of bridges.

The village was also boundaried by a lush green river rainforest area along with a sandy area. Due to this the village had plenty of things to use as resources there. The rocky mountainous area surrounding the village had many places that contained numerous minerals and materials for one to claim. Due to this, the village was also able to trade when they could, and there was tech/etc. in the village. Luxurious places were usually reserved for the elite or market/mid-upper middle class areas. But other than that most places were stone crafted more or less due to the culture, however structures seemed well crafted and carved. The raising of the yellow sun would shine rays into the window of one such structure and lightly hit the eyes of a young blonde haired boy, prompting him to wake up. This young man was named Deidara, a young boy who lived in the towards the outskirts (poorer) areas of this village. The village had no name, however since it was surrounded by rocks the young man Deidara would playfully name the place “Iwagakure" (Literally meaning: Village Hidden by Rocks) in his head. But there was no official name. The only thing he knew about his village in regards to names is that it was apparently located in a place named “Japan”, and this was only coming the random talk Deidara would hear from the random village goers. Due to the natural resources and culture in the village, there was much interest in the field of craftsmanship, sculpting, smelting, item creation, and etc among other things. Deidara’s parents were sculptors and made many sculptures as a form of business. Deidara gained somewhat of an appreciation of art viewing the sculptures, but never a true satisfaction. This often made him try and explore many things in his environment, as he did not know what art would give him that excitement.

“Son could go acquire some material for us? And please…don’t anger the nobles will you?”

“Pfft… **** em. Who gives a **** about those silver spoon bastards anyways?”

“Trust me son…they are a bunch you don’t want to anger. And don’t go to any forbidden areas either. We do not need any problems. Now run along.”

“Khet. Hmpf.”

Deidara would receive the money he needed and leave the rock structure known as his home.

Walking through the market area, Deidara would hear many different talks throughout the village. The market area was a place of commerce, which contained many people of all different backgrounds and affairs. Due to the sheer collection of people that gathered there because of the resources and goods that could be obtained, consequentially the market area was also a great place to obtain news from. Many different talks could be picked up on as Deidara walked through the area concerning something involving nearby threats to the village from barbarians and bandits in the surrounding areas along with possible talks of serious conflict or even war with possible organized groups intent on threatening the village. Some of this stuff interested Deidara but ultimately (like the sculpting business of his parents) the news failed to really drive Deidara to be happy. Finding the resources market Deidara would approach a man.

“I am in need of the goods on this piece of paper.”

“Hmm yes I do have these goods. The price will be 20000 yen”

“20000????!!!! That’s utter bullshit, hm? What made this price that much?”

“Hey like it or leave it kid. Not like your going to do anything anyways.”

said the man as his face transformed to something akin of a demon.

Quirks was not an untold or rare thing in the village, and a good amount of people had some type. Deidara’s mom for example had the power to touch things and morph them into any fashion she saw fit while his dad had the power to touch and emit an energy that caused material to change composition albeit the using the power could cause damage to the body. This was a main reason way Deidara tried to get the best material for his father because he didn’t want his father to use his power and damage himself because they couldn’t always afford a good doctor to tend to his internal injuries. Deidara was still very young and his quirk hadn’t manifested yet. Sometimes he wasn’t even sure if he had one to be honest.

Deidara gritted his teeth in anger.

“Hold on, Sir. I’ll pay for his goods.”, said a calm voice that came from behind Deidara.

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Deidara would turn to face a young boy who looked roughly around his age with red hair.

“Thanks but no thanks I don’t need help.”

“Man shut up and take the help. I ain’t asking for nothing in return.”


The young man would fashion money for the market dealer and give it to him while the dealer would give Deidara a number of goods to carry. Deidara forgot to bring his bag so he’d have to use his hands. His face would turn normal again.

“Now see that wasn’t so hard. Little kid.”

“Shaaaaaaddup, yeah?”

Deidara would start to walk away as the red haired boy followed him. Deidara would keep on walking as he didn’t want to say anything but just quickly get back to his family. From the side of his right eye Deidara would see a random object, a bag with straps like a backpack but a weird design being extended out towards to him from the red haired boy.

“Here bro. It must be hard carrying all that stuff in your hands.”

Dedara would suck his own teeth in disgust. But the stuff he was carrying was a big load so he went ahead and put his stuff in the bag and carried it on his back. Deidara was grateful for the help but he was also angered by this dude’s attitude. Why was this kid who looked roughly the same age as Deidara be willing to help? How did he have all this stuff so quickly? Deidara didn’t remember him carrying a bag when he first saw him. What was his background?

“Alright! What’s your angle man? Who are you?” Deidara would say angrily.

The red haired kid smirked,

“The name’s Sasori. And really there’s no angle but I figured you and I are much alike. And not going to lie I’ve been meaning to say hello to you for a minute. I think we share similar interests.”

“What do you mean you weirdo? Have you been stalking me?”

“Hardly. Haha! Who the hell would want to stalk a baby bitch like you? But shoot you can hardly be missed by anyone, the way you ramble on and look about when it comes to your desire to get excitement. All you scream when you walk around is “I’m bored, hm! Can’t find anything to do! Where’s the fun? Where’s the art?” (Sasori imitated deidara’s voice)”

Sasori would laugh as Deidara scowled. Deidara was pissed off because it was true, although annoying. He would often walk around being pissed off or rant whenever so much that he almost did not realize it.

“Trust me man. I know the feeling all too well. But if you’re willing to hangout with me tomorrow. I think we might be able to find us both some satisfaction to our rambling thoughts. I saw something yesterday but I want to check it out with another person. It might answer a lot of our problems all together. You in?”

Deidara would pout in annoyance.

“Hmpf. Sure. Not like I got anything better to do anyways.”

“Alright! Meet me at the market area tomorrow!"
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Jul 30, 2019
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Following the meeting with the young boy known as Sasori. Deidara would head home with his materials to his parents. Walking back in he would be met with the calm faces of his parents, a reassuring gesture.

“Welcome back son. How was your trip? Your mother has some dinner ready for you.”

“Great,hm! I’m freaking starving. But I did get the resources for y’all.”

“Great! Let’s see them son!”

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah dad calm your horses”
Deidara would say as he gestured his hands in a way to tell his dad to chill.

Deidara would go to take off his makeshift backpack and put it on the desk as he pulled out the goods.

“The bitch ass market dealer really tried to charge me an arm and a leg, hm! I didn’t even have enough money for the stuff until this weird ass kid showed u-“


A shriek coming from Deidara’s mother would startle the family as her eyes had set gaze on the weird looking backpack item. This prompted Deidara’s father to further focus his eyes on the backpack and slam his hands on the table.

“SON!!!! Why the hell do you have something like that on you???!!!”

“Nani??!!! WHAT do I have, hm?!!”

His father would quickly grab the bag that held the goods, dump the goods out, and quickly destroy the bag.

“What the ****, eh???!!!!”

“Don’t you cuss at me boy! Why did you have a bag like that on you? Didn’t I tell you NOT to go into the forbidden areas?”

“Well of course but-“

“But what? I gave you a CLEAR order and yet you went against it.”

“No that wasn’t it! That bag was-”

Deidara quickly paused. He suddenly realized, This was exciting! A new wave of excitement was given to him by a mysterious young man he had just met. Why in the world would he want to give that man up and risk not hanging out with him or his chance of adventure? Was this the art he was looking for? The entertainment that could quench his thirst for excitement? Maybe so.

“I found a that bag in a nearby garbage disposal area. Thought it looked cool and took it, yeah.”

The fury in Deidara father’s eyes quickly subsided into curiosity and worry. He contemplated to himself.

“Never in my life would’ve I thought...but in theory I guess that is feasible given the current circumstances. Look son...that bag....had the insignia of one of the forbidden areas. If you ever come across something like that promise me you’ll never take it again.”

Deidara’s eyes lit up momentarily but he kept a calm composure.

“Understood. For now Imma take my food upstairs to my room.”

“Carry on then.”

Deidara would grab his plate and quickly run up the stairs. Shutting his door quickly he would quickly place his food on his desk as he broke out into a large grin. Excitement came to him as a form of an electrical feeling that jolted through his body. For the first time in his life, he might find true art and excitement through this dude he just met. The reason Deidara was so convinced that this might be Art was because of the feelings he would see expressed in the heart of village goers who viewed his parent’s sculptures. The mere emotion and body language that would be expressed is all Deidara needed to see, and he always wished for that. Surely people expressed differently, but after seeing so many people do it Deidara had a good idea of what it probably felt like, and after observing how his own body reacted in a similar fashion told him all he needed to know. It was as if he was being guided to Art. Mere exhaustion would be all that was able to calm Deidara as he closed his eyes for the bed that night, but woke up early in the morning.

Getting up, taking a shower, and wearing a new set of clothes he would set out to the market area running. He would find Sasori sitting on a random bench beside a wooden post w flyers on it. He appeared to be tinkering with some type of device. Upon getting closer to it there was a faint foul smell coming from it. Deidara couldn’t quite figure out what it smelled like so he decided to get a closer look but when he came closer Sasori would quickly look at him and put it inside his robe.

“Ora, what’s that, hmm? And I have another ques-”

“Nothing for you to worry about, I just have a knack with working with technology. Now then, have you heard the recent news about our village and the recent possible danger that might occur right? Many things have been occurring but it seems to be by design almost. The recent kidnappings, theft, murder, and etc. all seems to be happening at or around certain areas. Access to these areas can only granted to nobles and elite members of our military force.”

“Wait… by areas you couldn’t mean-”

“I’m sure someone told you about that bag I gave you already. I…found it in one of these areas, though I barely escaped with my life along with some of my special…devices. Yes…I’m talking about the forbidden areas. A lot of activity going on there. But to get to the bottom of what’s going on there we must join our military force.”

Sasori would slap the military recruitment paper on the wooden post beside the bench while looking at Deidara with excitment.

“Just like you…I have endlessly craved for Art from which I can gain excitement! Something to give me purpose. Growing up in my household all my family had me to do is tinker and mess with technology that slightly interested me but never fulfilled me. But there’s this certain feeling that I feel is guiding me to something…an experience…excitement…Art! I could tell by the look on your eyes when I first saw you, you also feel the same guiding feeling. It’s time to trust our gut. Let’s do it. Lets join the military! It may take us some years to rise through the ranks and gain their trust…but we’ll do that and keep a close eye on events that happen over the years. This will be an adventure!”

Deidara’s eyes would light up.


Deidara and Sasori would walk to the Military Recruitment and Evaluation center. They would first be met with a man with a scar across his face.

“What are a bunch of young brats doing here?”

“We are here to join the military force and raise our power for the village”, said Sasori with a cunning smile and relaxed eyes.

“No way..you’re still wet behind the ears. Now run along-“

A hand would be placed gently on the shoulder of the scar faced individual prompting him to turn back to see a man of average build, exotic clothing, and purple eyes.

“Now, now…we wouldn’t want to crush on the hopes of our young people.”

“But sir! I-“

“Nonsense…let me handle this.”

“…As you wish, sir.”

The scar faced individual would walk away. The purple eyed man would bend down to meet the eyes of the kids with a smile…his eyes seemed to stare in the depths of one's soul. Unbeknownst to the kids, the purple eyed man possessed a unique quirk called Foresight, which allowed him to see future events. However, his quirk was developed to the point where it had increased capabilities. Touching both of the boys on their shoulder he would talk

“My name is Lelouch. It’s nice to meet you Deidara and Sasori.”

Turning his head to Sasori.

“Or should I call you…Vice-“

A blade would quickly spring from Sasori’s clothing pointed right at the man’s face.

“I don’t know who you are or what you may know…but you will not address me any other name as the one I have stated.”

Lelouch laughed profusely. It had been such a long time that someone had the idea that they could beat him. His quirk made it damn near impossible for him to be beaten…however the kid’s spirit gave him a good laugh.

“Fine. Well follow me. Starting from today onwards you will both be training with me specifically. Everyday we will meet and I will oversee your growth till you both become of age. Then we’ll see what the future has in store. Until then…Let’s start.”

Deidara and Sasori would go forth training themselves until ready. The winds of change were stirring...
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Training was intense at first. The military had a person with a quirk that could throw people in simulated environments with whatever type of animals, phenomena, and things in it. Through this Deidara and Sasori gained much experience surviving in different biomes and facing many different creatures and enemies along the way. The creatures had varying levels of powers and intelligence to give the young kids consistent challenges. But before they faced creatures with powers the kids would train against wild animals with no powers since it seemed the boys hadn’t manifested their quirks yet. This still gave them much time to train their technical fighting and ability. The worst type of fighting was against the purple eyed man. They could never seem to get a hit on him.

“Try harder. Haha! I thought you young boys said y’all wanted to get stronger and protect this village did you not?”

Both boys would be sweating profusely and exhaling hard from exhaustion. Sasori would lean in and whisper in Deidara’s ear.

“I’m going to throw a smoke bomb in his face. We all won’t be able to see anything. At the time you try to flank his right and I’ll flank his left and attack. But let’s start with a feint first.”

Sasori and Deidara would stand about 3 feet apart from each other side by side and both run towards Lelouch. The purple eyed commander looked with an intrigued but sarcastic face.

“A frontal attack, eh? Quite unlike you two.”

Sasori would quickly grab in his clothes and pull out a bomb like device and throw it speedily in Lelouch’s direction, landing about 10 inches in front of him and exploding in thick black smoke.

“Huh?!!!” could be heard as he was quickly enveloped in said smoke.

Following the plan both of the kids would run in an Arc like motion towards Lelouch’s last known position and proceed to launch a series of attacks in the smokey area…only to find out they had hit each other. The smoke cleared and Lelouch was 3 meters behind his last known position.

“Pftt. Eh, Lelouch-sama! No fucking way you knew our plan, hm!”

“Yeah how the hell did that happen?” Sasori would say rubbing his hurt head as he winced in pain.

“Hahaha! Seems like I was just able to guess right! But any regular military person probably could’ve guessed what you were doing by the way y’all were running. Y’all should try to confuse your opponents more. But come, let’s take a break for now. I got something to show you both.”

Because of the foresight quirk, The purple eyed man knew that Deidara’s quirk was going to manifest soon. The Sasori kid had already manifested his quirk and was sparingly using it, but for some reason was hiding that fact from Deidara (and trying to hide it from Lelouch.)

“Nothing escapes these eyes”, Lelouch thought to himself.

But it was interesting to speculate why Sasori was doing this. Maybe Lelouch would look into the boy’s future some more soon. But for now he wanted to show them their future posts unbeknownst to them. He knew with their quirks these areas would be best for them, but instead he would act like he was just randomly showing them different areas of the military. Lelouch’s quirk earned him high respect and position within the military force of the village because he could try to point every member in the right direction for the best possible future. Unbeknownst to most except him and some other higher ups, he was essentially manipulating everyone’s future to guide them in the way he thought would be the best for the village. They boys were just another useful tool for the military.

Leaving the training area the three would hop on an elevator and rise up. The boys and never went higher than level three in the base. But this time it rose even further.

“Where are we going?”

“You two have been doing so good…I think it’s time to show you some of the specialized parts of our military that you’ll soon be joining. There's many different groups of people and activities here. You should find what you like…”

“Now that’s excellent,hmm.”

Deidara and Sasori would look at each other in earnest. Finally they were beginning to be able to accomplish the mission they personally set out to do! They were coming closer to finding their excitement, their art. The base was organized into multiple intricate levels so detailed that not even Deidara could remember them exactly even though traveling through them multiple times.

“Here we are. The special forces.” said Lelouch as the elevator landed on Level Four.

The doors they would open to a huge floor that contained multiple sectors, each containing different pocket dimensions which seemed to defy the laws of space, allowing much more room for the people inside them. They all had different backgrounds and environments. On the top of each sector held a wall with an engraving of different names. The first place Deidara would see on his right was a place called the “Beast Brigade” which contained what appeared to be a rainforest/mountainous area. Everyone inside were military people who seem to have beast transformation/mutant quirks, doing things from practicing combat to practicing stealth operations or just enjoying everyday life.

“What the hell is this, hm?”

“This is exciting indeed! Look at everything.”

“Hmpf, bet y’all couldn’t anticipate this. Using the same man who had the quirk that could make those practice areas for us we created numerous simulated environments to group our people with specialized abilities together to form bridgades/corps in their own divisions. We then place them in situations and environments to best train and hone their skills alongside people with similar quirks. For example, this is the beast brigade which contains people that share beast-like abilities.”

“This is soooooo AWESOME!!!!”
exclaimed both Sasori and Deidara with so much excitement you would’ve thought they had gold stars in their eyes. In both of them that feeling came back…but this time much stronger. When they first experienced it years ago, it was like an ember but now growing into a roaring flame. They looked at each other and could tell that they knew they were getting closer to finding their excitement…their…Art.

“Come. Let us walk down these areas and let’s see if something catches your attention."

Walking down the area they passed numerous areas: the Flame Brigade, the Mind Corps, and the Weapons Brigade just to name a few. They continued walking until they ran by one area that seemed to contain mechanical beings made in various ways/with various material and sort of lab titled the "Puppet Brigade". Sasori stopped in his tracks and stared in awe.

Unaware to both the boys Lelouch’s purple eyes gleamed as he smiled cunningly

, he thought to himself.

“Hey Sasori, what’s going on?”

“Deidara…I think I have found my meaning of Art…this feeling…this is where I need to be. Of course…eternal beauty. That is what it is.”

“Hmpf. Them raggedy things? Lame as **** haha!"

“Weeeeellllll run along young Sasori and play in there. I will continue to walk with your friend.”

Sasori would leave and Deidara would keep on walking. As he walked he started to hear loud booms coming from a sector. The guiding feeling and curiosity he had this whole time seemed to increase more. Walking there he would stumble upon a rocky area with a bright blue sky. Deidara found the source of the booms:explosions. Everyone in the area had explosion-related abilities from close combat to projectiles. The explosions were of different shapes/sizes and different types. Some were flashes, others shrapnel/other matter, or flames. Deidara was suddenly in a state of awe so much that his body went slack. His eyes looked as if he was in a state of shock and there he had an epiphany. It was a weird and abrupt experience indeed. Finally he found what Art excited him…

“A fleeting moment that vanishes gloriously!”, he exclaimed in shock.

“Well”, said Lelouch which made Deidara regain his composure.

“Welcome to the Explosion Corps! Now then…it’s time to awaken your ability.”


Lelouch would swiftly kick Deidara into the sector and activate a blue barrier locking Deidara inside the biome with a gadget. He would signal two from the numerous men inside.

“Hey boys! Fresh meat! Welcome this one to the Explosion Corps!!!! Young Deidara! It’s time to awaken your ability...or DIE!”

Deidara started to run as the two led a heavy pursuit. One had a Landmine-type quirk and the other Explosive melee. It was time for the games to begin.


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Part 3 complete.


Avery gains: -250 Morale
Avery gains: 5 TP

Avery gains: 1 AP!

You're eligible for:
1 AP in Intelligence because of you and Sasori's strategy to attack Lelouche with a smoke bomb.
1 AP in Agility because of your running to attack Lelouche and then evading the explosion corps.
1 AP in Dexterity because Deidara is tracking multiple targets in his upcoming fight.
1 AP in Technique because Deidara trained his fighting ability before he awakened his quirk.

You only get one (1) AP and it will not allow you to pass any human caps of your bio. Please message me and pick which one you would like.

EDIT: Avery has selected the AP in Intelligence. The bio has been updated.
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Sweat dripped down from Deidara’s face as his body went into full fight or flight mode. After a couple of years of training even if he was in his teen years...this was different. Deidara momentarily stopped and looked for tactical areas. He saw some caves, a forest, an oasis area, and an open mineral/ore deposit. Where to go?

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From above a shrieking noise could be heard as if firework was moving through the air which prompted Deidara to look up and see one of the two pursuers, a man with spiked hair, quickly descending from the air ready to strike Deidara. Deidara busted into a sprint, which managed to gain him a good 10 meters away from where the opponent would land…or so he thought. Just as the pursuer was about to land he put his right hand behind him and released an explosion from his palm to propel himself forwards about 5 meters. Deidara reacted by running away as fast as he could but the man would slam his fist on the ground releasing an explosive shockwave which would knockback Deidara and injure him.

“Running won’t be good enough young Deidara! You must awaken yourself!”

The voice was belonging to no other than Lelouch but he wasn’t there in person. A high tech drone hovering a safe distance away from the mayhem was looking down at the situation.

“Gari! You know what to do!”

The spiky haired individual now known as Gari would start to run towards Deidara. Deidara chose to run towards the oasis. With the water as a deterrent, Deidara would possibly be able to fight or evade him without worrying about explosions. However, something didn’t look right with the path to the oasis. Deidara picked up and random rock and threw it in the area and suddenly the area blew up into a huge explosion which would’ve killed Deidara, shocking him.

“Hahaha! Did you forget about your other pursuer? One who sets deadly mines, Bee! But good eye!”

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Was the path to the oasis rigged? Deidara had to look for another option. Behind the mineral deposit a building of some sort could be seen. Maybe that could serve as a tactical area. Running with injuries was bad however his adrenaline told him **** that. The ore deposit contained numerous hills of rocks and minerals. He would run through there.

Exhaustion proved to be a fatal downfall as Deidara lost his footing running down one of the hills tumbling himself down the hill and landing on a flat rock riddled with small jagged rocks, further injuring his body to where he could barely maneuver. The situation become more dire as he heard steps at the top of the hill. There he saw Gari and Bee.

“Our orders are to kill. And we will follow orders.”, said Gari as he generated an explosion from his feet to propel high in the air and fall down with his right fist ready. Deidara was too injured to run so he braced for impact.


“Open your eyes lil bitch. You comfortable with dying like this?”

Deidara would open his eyes and see…

“Sasori! What are you doing here?”

“I put a device on you long ago which tracked you and your body state. So once I saw it setting off alarms I knew I had to come and help.”

Sasori was standing beside him and it looked like he had some sort of strings attached to his hands. These strings were attached to a mechanical puppet which had spawned a shield from one of its compartments blocking the attack of Gari. Gari would land back down on the top of the hill.

"But how? Lelouch…?”

"That puny device? I’ve worked on tech for many years. Something like that can’t stop me. But I wasn’t about to try to fight him. You know how that goes.”

The drone would finally catch up.

“Sasori! We will also deal with you accordingly. Gari and Bee, finish this.”

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“Hmpf. We’re both either gonna escape this alive or at the very least die trying. But before we battle tell me Deidara...What is Art?!!!”

In the heat of moment, where Deidara resolved to die without any regrets…a surging feeling awakened. He knew the answer.

“Art is” as Deidara pressed his hands on the large piece of rock causing it to form into a large bird, similar to one of the sculptures of his parents. Deidara was still in fight or flight mode, so the bird instinctually flew up a good number of meters into the air well away from them.

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“Woah! You had a power like this? That’s so cool!”

“The ****? I didn’t know about this. It just happened...Weird....I even feel connected to it somehow. Shit this is crazy. I just touched the rock and felt this energy…hm?!!!”

Bee raised his hand and suddenly multiple guns erected from the ground surrounding the young duo in all directions.

“Shit those things are set to fire multiple rounds. I can tell from the tech. He probably also charged them with his quirk.”

Sasori smirked and he laid a hand on Deidara’s shoulder.

“Seems to me like you have found your answer but you didn’t finish. Now…what is Art again?”

"Art is…”
Deidara would grab the other rocks on the birds back and mold them into numerous locusts, sending it towards the opponents/guns in an artistic but complex fashion while utilizing his quick eyes/multitasking to address everything in the battle situation.

Gari would jump and send a fist out towards some of locusts while Bee would signal the guns to fire.

“AN EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!”

The surging shout was followed by all the locusts that were sent out exploding in a huge burst well away from the duo, intercepting the attacks/destroying the guns. Bee was injured and unconscious but since Gari sent out an explosive punch he was only knocked back 10 meters instead of hurt.

“Alll right! That’s what I’m taking bout! Get ready.” as Sasori anchored his puppet by his side.

“You are now about to face people on the path of Art. Well…at least one person. I don’t know why the hell Deidara think that’s art.”

“Aye you shut the **** up, hm!”

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Lelouch paused and the soldiers stood on standby as if they suddenly lost the intention to fight.

"Splendid! You passed the test!", said Lelouch with such happiness.

"NANI???!!!", said both of the young boys.


The one named Bee who was previously injured would stand up and reveal that he was fine.

"But how???!!!"

"Well the same reason Gari doesn't get injured by his explosions. The explosion corps has special gear, training, items, and materials specifically designed to assist explosive abilities. Both of you passed with flying colors. Y'all could've died. I needed you Deidara to awaken your ability and Sasori to utilize his technological smarts and quirk in tandem.”

“Hmm. Anyways what can u tell us about-“

"The forbidden areas...right?"


"Listen...access to those areas are not...easy. I need you both to get stronger...more ruthless...more brutal. So I will send you both away...so that you will become that. And when you are ready I will further test you. You both have alot more experience to gain. But before that let's discuss some matters."

The actual Lelouch would show up and take both of the young boy's hands and put them together.

"As of right now you both are sworn brothers. You must look out for each other and take care of each other. Both of you have already gained much experience with me. And whether you’ve noticed or not over the years both of your bodies have been trained to push past it’s limits, especially your eyesight Deidara. Because of our training you’re already seeing better than the normal human. I’d gander to say you have exceeded normal human sight and your potential will continue to get better. Or did Sasori have a hand in that perhaps? Knowing his family he could’ve unknowingly-

“Enough of that”

“Mmm...well Deidara will figure out sooner or later. Gari is known to be very fast in the explosion corps, yet you were able to track him. And that performance vs Bee....I can’t wait to see y’all further grow in experience and push past your limits. Secondly, Deidara you are now part of the explosion corps. You’ll need more special items and training to help develop your mind, body, and quirk."

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“Wait how do you already know about the specifics of-“

Lelouch’s purple eyes gleamed.

“Trust me I always know. That why I decided to train your body and especially eyesight to push past its limits, because I knew it would be useful. I will find a way to help develop yourself into a powerhouse. Even while you’re away the explosion corps will give you support. Special Items and training will be important. I’ll find a way to do that so don’t even worry. First stop...Emerald Park. Now go forth!”
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