[Prologue] First Love

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Mar 2, 2012
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Tokyo, 7:49pm, 2005

Blood splattered on the wall, her mother at the bottom of the stairs, her father with a belt in his hand and Himiko watching from her bedroom door. This was the first memory that Himiko had of her parents, and probably where her childhood started that turned her into what she was now. Himiko never understood really what happened, but she knew her parents loved each other, because thats what they do when they have a child. You grow up, find someone, fall in love and then get married and have children. So they had to be in love right?

Why did you make me do this? You know I had a hard day. You always do this to me!

Her father was shouting at her unconscious mother at the base of the stairs, after having beat her with a belt and pushing her down the stairs. Himiko's parents were nothing special, just two ordinary people with their own problems. Her mother, a problem gambler and her father an abusive alcoholic. The argument started when her mother wouldnt give her father money to buy some alcohol. Himiko sniffled as she felt fear set in, unknown to her the body's reaction to such a traumatic sight. Her father turned around, belt in hand looking at Himiko with a wild face seeing his daughter.

You.... waste of money you are...

Her father often beat her mother, but didnt really touch Himiko. Occasionally he would lash out, but Himiko's mother took most of the punishment, saying she would rather take it than see her daughter beat. Her father slammed the door in her face as with a 'click' he locked the door from the outside. Himiko Toga, 5 years old, crawled back into bed wondering what her parents who were in love doing. Why would people in love argue, why would they hurt each other? If they werent in love then surely they wouldn't stay together right?

Himiko was locked in her room for a few hours, she wasn't sure how long, but it would have been some time later that she heard a knocking on the front door downstairs, yelling and then a knocking on her door.

Hello, is anyone in there?

Wh-Who is it?

Himiko answered, scared about who was on the other side.

Im a police officer, can I please come in? I want to see who I am talking to!

He said it with such warmth and a kind tone, that it made her feel at ease. She got up and opened the door to reveal sure enough a police officer standing there in the hallway. He explained that she had to come with him, because there were no other adults in the house. Himiko wasn't sure, but the police officers smile seemed nice enough. As he extended his hand and she took it, they walked out in the hall and down the stairs. The blood splatter on the wall still there, and a dark red brownish stain on the flight landing could be seen. Himiko wanted to ask where her mummy and daddy were, but held it in, curious where they were going. She got into the officers car and they went for a drive, eventually ending up at the police station.

Neighbors had heard the fight that was going on, and called the police, as soon as her father refused to open the door, they could tell something was off. Spotting some blood that was on the window, the barged in seeing her mother unconscious on the floor and calling for paramedics. Taking her father in custody and her mother to the hospital left Himiko alone and they needed to find something to do with her. Later on, her mother had died in the hospital, while her father was then charged and awaited trial. With no relatives and no friends that could take her in, Himiko was sent off to live in an orphanage, somewhere where she would be safe.

Tokyo, 10:01 am, 2007

It was time for another line up, time to meet prospective parents and rich families that couldnt have children but wanted them anyway. Himiko had grown to hate this tedious procedure, wishing that they would all just stop and leave her alone. She didnt care about anything like that, she just wanted to live her life, colouring in, playing around and have fun. A family was coming from overseas she overheard the matron saying, from Amirika or something. Again, she didnt care, trying to hide outside as the others lined up. The matron caught her outside, and began to drag her in, asking her just to give them a chance while they were here. Himiko rolled her eyes shuffling her feet while she entered the hall and then saw the family, a man and woman, with a young daughter, roughly looking the same age as Himiko. Her heart skipped a beat, her dark hair, perfect features and cute dress standing out from everything else that Himiko saw. The young daughter, skin darker than her parents, didn't quite match up, as well as no discernible features that looked the same. As they waved, Himiko turned her head away not wanting to make eye contact. Frustrated she then ran off and went to the hall while the nurse chased after. It must have left an impression, because of the 4 other children, it seemed that they wanted Himiko to come live with them, and to move back to America. Himiko learnt that this was another country almost on the other side of the world. Curious about it, she slowly agree'd giving them a chance, as well as being curious about the dark skinned girl who was with them.

Himiko was escorted to the hotel that the parents were staying at, naturally one of the best ones in Tokyo, almost near the top floor. As they reached the floor, a man greeted them, talking in English with the matron, while then bending over trying to talk with Himiko in broken Japanese.



Himiko replied, she wasn't rude at all, but she was just uncomfortable. They then entered the fancy hotel room, and it was huge compared to what she had been used to. Just one room was as big as the hall where they all ate. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the young girl once again, who then ran away, into another room. A few moments later she returned beaming with her mother. her mother was a little more fluent in Japanese than her father, and introduced herself.

I am Elizabeth, that is my husband Arthur, and this is our daughter Qiyana. We are pleased to meet you Himiko-chan. I hope you will enjoy living with us.

Elizabeth went on to say that they were business owners from America who wanted children but couldn't conceive and so decided to adopt instead. Himiko felt a little more at ease, thinking that they were putting on a show because the matron was here, and they probably didn't want to dirty the hotel room with blood.
Shortly after the matron made the new parents sign all the forms and then left Himiko in their care.

California, 9:59pm, 2020

It had been 13 years since Himiko had moved to America with her new family, slowly settling in with her new mother, father and sister. She grew up ordinary with the rest of her classmates, getting above average grades, happy, laughing and active socially. Her sister Qiyana grew up with music, wanting to become a singer/songwriter and producer. She had been writing and producing music online and last year she had been recognized by a semi popular dj, Yasuo, who was looking to collaborate on a project. Himiko wanted nothing more than to support her sister, still having a crush on her since she was little. Qiyana always played it off laughing but always blushed when Himiko was a little flirty with her. They were sitting in Qiyana's room, having a couple drinks while they listened to DJ Yasuo's stuff.

He's not bad, the beat is pretty funky, I like it.

Yeah, I think I could really jam to it. I wonder how successful we will be..

Himiko giggled, tipsy from the drinks, and in a good mood with her sister.

You guys are gonna be amazing, and youre gonna break records and youre gonna be the best....

She collapsed into her sister, laying her head in her lap.

I hope so. I just wish I could take you with me on tours, you'd love it, seeing all the different cities and lights...

Qiyana ran a hand through Himiko's hair and smiled warmly as she put the glass down on the bedside table.

Its going to be tough being so far away from home, I'm always going to be worried about you as well.

Awwhhh you know I can take care of myself. You know I take those self defense classes too. HIyaaa...

Himiko giggled again as she did a karate chop into the air, accidentally knocking the glass that was put down intothe wall that then shattered. Bother girls sat up quickly, looked at each other then laughed.

Ahaha well if they break like that you've got no problem! Cmon help me pick it up and clean.

Qiyana went and picked up some of the glasses before being cut by a jagged piece, the alcohol affecting her a little more than she thought. Himiko, almost if on instinct, picked her hand up and stuck her bleeding finger in her mouth. The blood tricking down her mouth, down her throat as her quick took effect.
Qiyana tilted her head, and smirked at Himiko.

I never knew you had a quirk. I guess we never really talked about that kind of stuff though. Looks good on you though hah.

Yeah, I guess we focused mainly on school and other things....

They both drew closer, the blood acting as an aphrodisiac for Himiko as it sent her over the edge, while Qiyana, a small bit of narcicissm coming through as well her love for her non related sister, the alcohol making everything seem so soft.

I love you Qiqi...

I love you Himi...

Both girl, leaning in as tongue met lip, soft skin, hands moving from head to cheek to shoulder to hip. Qiyana pushing towards Himiko as they rolled onto the bed and Qiyana landed on top of Himiko. As she did, the Transformation of Himiko wore off.

Oh, its finished?

Its activated by blood I think. Give me more....

Himiko had a hunger in her voice, that was shown through her eyes, wanting to take more of Qiyana into her, to become the one she loved. Thats how it all started, Himiko wanted to be the one she loved so badly, she needed the blood. If she was going to love someone she needed their blood. Qiyana moved her finger down to Himiko as she began to suck on it, the pressure of her mouth taking the blood from the cut as it once again caused the transformation of Himiko into her sister Qiyana. She the transformation finished, Qiyana bent down as she began making out with Himiko once more.

This was all Himiko wanted, to be loved, and now she knew how to do it. She needed to be the person that everyone loved most, which was themselves. To do this, she needed blood, to become them and so they could love her too. Himiko didnt realize it, but it began to send her down a dark path that would eventually lead her to becoming a villain.

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Alright; I will say I personally liked the story. A bit on the cliché side at the start with the abusive parents but other than that it was really good. A bit of a change of pace with the nsfw portions but I also like the touch of a social taboo being implemented. Not that I support it but never the less it spiced the story up. Good shit Zee ^^

Prize Earned
Normally it is required for the Himiko character to earn blood samples via Real Battles but in this unique case; she has earned the blood of the character Qiyana, whom you have the possibility of requiring into a potential Personal Follower, with such opportunity possible in the near future
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