[Prologue] Finn

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Jan 25, 2016
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Damp, cold, hard.. these were the only adjectives Finn Everhart could come up with that could accurately describe the shoddy platform he had been calling home for the past few weeks.

It was no mansion, but it would do. Finn had never been picky about these sort of things, in fact he wasn't neccesarily picky about anything in his life. He was flexible, and so while some might call this dump just outside Hollywood Boulevard unsuitable conditions for human life. He really couldn't care less.

After wandering about aimlessly looking for any where his abilities might be of use. He now found himself lying flat on his back, staring at the night sky. Although he had faith he would figure it out eventually. He had no idea when eventually was...

"Well it could be worse. It has been worse..." Finn would whisper to himself as flashes of his shitty life came to surface. Once they peaked, the flood gates were opened and he found himself standing on that kitchen floor all over again. Where it began...

The metallic odor invaded every corner of the room until it became suffocating. Finn had been sleeping upstairs until he heard sounds of a struggle and screaming downstairs. He ran down to find both of his parents lying motionless on the floor. A blank and empty expression plastered on their faces. Eyes wide open, and staring into the distance.

The thick murky red blood escaping their wounds slid across the surface of the kitchen floor, hardening. Shattered glass was littered everywhere. Finn stood there motionless, just like his parents. As if they were playing a game to see who would move first.

Finn was only four when he had lost his parents. Police reports say they had been murdered by a petty thug, who was looking for weak innocents to prey on. He was never found, and probably never will be.

The world began to collapse onto itself, and time sped up as the police and ambulanace arrived onto the scene.

His first group home was filled with the mentally disturbed. His new older brother, Marcus, was a sociopath who would occassionally burn the flesh on Finn's back while he was asleep. His new father was an alcoholic who would mercilessly beat him every other night. His conniving sister, Lydia, made it her mission to humilate him whenever she had the opportunity.

In fact, she told the first girl Finn had ever liked he had a rare condition that made it so he smelled like spoiled mayionasse and baked beans. Needless to say, Finn's crush avoided him like the plague and that was the last of his crushes. This didn't stop her from finding creative ways to torment him.

Finn suffered in silence for years, slowly adapting without even realizing it. The wounds on his back would heal over time and eventually he didn't even feel pain when his brother would resort to his pyromaniac ways and inflict him with his fiery rage. His father's beatings had become a routine occassion, a task Finn took on gracefully. He had mastered the art of taking the least amount of damage while draining the greatest amount of energy from his father.

He also mentally adapted to his sisters abuse. Using humor to frustrate her and his wit to outsmart her. He would often convince her to go out of her way to do something that actually worked out in his favor. And for the things he couldn't control he simply came to accept that they weren't that important to begin with.

He had lived in this group home the longest, seven years of his so far less than mediocre life. At the age of eleven he began moving from foster home to foster home. He quickly became accustom to the constant change and adapted appropriately to every new enviorment he found himself in.

At least he was still alive, it's not like his parents could say the same. Finn would tell himself as the breeze gently caressed his back. Now thirteen years of age and completely apathetic to all things. Finn sat at the edge of the CN Tower in Toronto. One of the few places in the city where he could think clearly. He had yet to become aware of his quirk and had been living the loner's life, devoid of any sense of excitment or adventure.

What was the point of it all he thought to himself as he found himself sifting through memories of his upsetting past. It wasn't just what he had been through that troubled him, in fact those were the least of his worries. Finn was afraid of the future, he was afraid of more of the same. All the endless misfortunes he would endure and as these dark thoughts took a hold of Finn his eyes fixated on what was beneath the tower. All the people going about their day, living normal lives. What'd he would give to be someone else.

As Finn lost himself in concentration, a bird would fly by knocking poor Finn off balance and causing him to slip off the edge, and begin to free fall at high speeds towards the pavement. It wouldn't take more than a moment for Finn to realize his predicament and the all too obvious implications. He was falling to his death.. of course unless he was:

A. Saved by a hero before he hit the ground.
B. Manage to awaken some latent ability that would protect him from the pavement.

As he continued to fall the chances of him being saved became less and less believable. As did the chances of him awakening his ability... however. Just before our young protaganist became a sidewalk pancake. He could feel the flesh and bones in his back begin to shift, as he manifested white feathered wings that would catapult him into the skies and away from the ground.

Completely in shock, Finn would lose control and find himself heading straight towards a stone wall. Once again, Finn skin began to sizzle changing in both composition and texture he would transform. This time his skin becoming something akin to a titantium-steel alloy. He would blast through the building sliding across the ground and landing smack dab in the middle of the office building to be met by the probing eyes of all the employees in said building.

"Sick!" Finn would exclaim, because it was at this moment our young hero would realize that he did indeed have chance. He had a chance at a brighter future, a chance at excitment and adventure. He had hope.

It was this hope that led him all the way to California a whole three years later. It was this hope that pushed him to learn the secrets to his innate abilities and it was this hope that helped him stay steadfast in his pursuit to become a hero. If he had to sleep on dirty platforms, if he had to suffer time and time again, if he had to lose everything he had learned and start from scratch, whatever it was he'd endure it... he'd adapt.
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Aug 17, 2011
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Ah, the usual tragic background story. I'll admit you took it into a different direction than i was expecting. Ya know like the "I'm batman" route, but nope. You're bio is still in rough times, so we decided he deserved a chance! The story was convincing, and I hope you keep Finn on the right path!


Prompt Triggered!
Despite Finn's conditions at the time, a Pro Hero saw him lying on the platform and learned of his circumstances. With a kind heart, The Charmer offered Finn a chance. Will Finn take his offer?

"Let me take you under my wing, I can show you a brighter tomorrow".

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