[ Lawless ] + [ Villainy ] Famine

Dec 27, 2018
Trait Points

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Funded by the Hunger Gang as trading station for illegal contraband exchanges with America, Famine is a secret base built under the sand dunes. Extremely stable, it has been built to withstand the various weight pressures that occurs due to the sand that tends to accumulate and build over the facility. The desert provides natural discretion, often preventing common view to peer into the base. It also serves as environmental deterrence, but more importantly the base has been designed that allows many water routes and electrical engineering to properly serve as an operational base.​

Free-Roam Rubric
→ Only [ Michael Rays ] has Permission to Enter Famine. Anyone permitted will be added to list, which will be made directly below.

→ This Free-Roam is considered a Hideout Thread, which means you cannot be rewarded anything because the purpose is for you to build the base. You can use this thread as substitute to weekly lawless threads dedicated to rewarding Trait Points. Since the thread is also considered Lawless, when will open weekly and remain open for that entire week.

→ Proper Participation refers to Characters that at least purchase various Base Perks to upgrade the Hideout. Posting in this thread, when making a single perk purchase, requires a Post of 300 Words Minimum. When this thread is used as substitute to lawless threads, Role-Players cannot post more than five times per weekly attempt, however must post at least twice per weekly attempt.

→ Forced Entry can occur from other Characters and/or NPCs during Free-Writes Only after they have properly RPed gaining knowledge of this place's existence. During the opportunity to conduct Free-Writes, anywhere in the world, the enemy Character can break into or attack the hideout. To prevent any significant destruction or thievery, the owner has the opportunity to engage in a Plot Battle or Real Battle. The Opposing Role-Player makes the challenge, forcing the Role-Player in ownership to accept.

→ You are free to do whatever you please, however remember your actions have consequences whether they are deemed positive or negative.
→ Cannot Power-Play, Meta-Game, or God-Mod Any NPC. There are no NPCs present when opened unless perks allow for it.​

Current List of Perks
Protocol Nature A ( Worth 20 Trait Points | Non-Refundable): Environmental Benefit - Take advantage of the natural terrain that surrounds the base. Lacking in engineering prowess to provide state of the arm defenses, abnormally a sandstorm has begun to rampage on the outside of the base. This sandstorm prevents normal senses of discerning the base and requires Gamma Rank Style Techniques and the Rushing Wind Keyword or Wind Base Quirk to neutralize the sandstorm to locate the base.​

Time of Day + Weather Condition
→ The Owner Sets the Time with Each Post. Unless Invaded, then the Invading Character Set It.​
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Mar 10, 2015
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"So this is the new place? its not too bad"

I said as i made my way inside the manhole, descending down into a specially made base out in the desert. The base seemed to be carved out of the very stone above its frame, intricate tunnels and waterways lined the walls signaling the base had the proper amenities inside allowing for a somewhat comfortable living space.

"This place seems up to par, an inconspicuous base of operations right below unsuspecting trespassers feet and whats more, the base seems to have tunnels leading to different places on the surface that could be used for transporting goods or escaping. what do you think about it"

I turned my head slightly indicating that i was addressing the person, or in this case shadow, behind me. Quick as a flash Borris manifested half his body out of the shadows allowing him to take in the base and address me fully.

"Its not half bad, the sandstorm outside also provides a natural barrier to the bases exterior. The other Executives must have accounted for this natural diversion as they've made a secret entrance outside of the sandstorms parameters."

I nodded my head in agreement, turning behind me to once again address borris.

" Correct, anyone looking for us down here will be hard pressed to find their way in. Whats more pressing i s the order i have for higher ups, i need them to make me an item, specifically contacts that can see through smoke and other ocular abrasions ASAP."

Borris nodded once, flipping up a phone in his right hand and proceeded to order the item, telling me it should be here soon.



Ordering ITEM from Higher ups