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Mar 16, 2011
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-Terrorize A Large Community-
(A-Rank | 4) Mission |
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DEMON!! (A woman screams)

By passers would appear to be unfazed by the womans outburst, as they continued walking and going about their day. A few kids would be standing across the street at a local Ramen shop, glancing at the distressed woman as they would walk in together.

Don’t worry thats just “Crazy Betty”
(Samuel would say as he laughed nervously)

“Theres a Demon!! I seen him with me own eyes” (Crazy Betty can be heard still chanting distantly in the background, seemingly fading out in volume)

It’s okay, its interesting how lively it is here.
(Rina responding to Samuel)

In front of them were Sophia and Eddy. Who were already waiting on line, looking up at the menu presented above the man at the register.

You already know what you’re getting i dont know why you even look still
(Sophia laughing as she spoke)

Listen bro, i like to know i have options. Right Samuel?!
(Eddy turning back toward Samuel as he jokingly punched his arm)

I see my boi already found someone new
(Eddy continued, referring to Rina)

Shut up loser.. Don’t mind him, he got dropped on his soft spot as a baby
(Sophia would roll her eyes at Eddy before turning towards Rina to apologize)

Rina chuckled as she looked toward Samuel

Guys, this is Rina she’s just moved here.

Sophia would go on to introduce herself along with who she referred to as “the idiot”, Eddy. The four continue to speak before making their orders a few moments after. They found their way to an open table, with a view of the outside street they came from. Time had passed and the group would talk as they ate. Rina would momentarily get lost gazing out the window toward “Crazy Betty” who was moving around frantically as she still tried to get people to listen. Rina feeling like shes lost in gaze quickly got snapped out of it by a question.

So why decide to move here? There isnt much to love besides the Ramen
(Sophia would ask curiously, before trying to break the ice with a light hearted joke)

..Mmm.. Just needed new scenery I guess.
(Rina responds as she turns her attention back to everyone at the table)

Where did you even live before here?
(Eddy asked abruptly)

The group would look curiously at Rina, interested in her response.

Just from a small town not too far from here.

Rina would pause for a moment with a blank expression. Before looking down at her bowl of ramen, twirling the chopsticks in the broth, as she answered.

The group noticing the sudden mood of Rina , before looking around at each other and deciding theyre done with their meals and should start walking off to class together.

The gang went about their school day, Rina becoming acquainted with her new teachers and learning her way around the halls. Before they knew it, the final bell would ring and all day classes would finish. Sophia and the others would see Rina and wave her over to them at the main entrance where a bunch of classmates would stand and chat within their different social groups, joking and laughing before they would walk home.
Shortly after the four would make their way off school grounds complaining and venting about their day. Rina seemed noticeably quiet but the group chose not to put her on the spot. As They were walking passed a small park, Sophia suddenly took off running.

(Sophia yelled at the top of her lungs before jumping onto one, rocking back and forth immediately)

Eddy looked back at Samuel and Rina with a shocked expression, before laughing as he soon followed Sophia. Both Samuel and Rina would also follow the other two but at a much slower pace.

S-So.. How was your first day?
(Samuel asked nervously)

Rina would look at Samuel for a moment before slowly rotating her eyes toward the two on the swings.

You ever feel like you’re here.. but not really here?
(Rina asked)

Samuel confused as the questioned seemed.. a bit.. strange.. but as he went to answer, Rina would interrupt.

Nevermind, its getting late. The sun is almost down and i should really get back now.
(Rina quickly turned around and began walking at a faster pace away from the group)

Wai- .. WAIT !! I can walk you home!
(Samuel would shout)

Grabbing Sophia and Eddy’s attention, they slowly stopped swinging.

Yeah wait up Rina!!
(Sophia yelled)

She wants to be alone, let her.
(Eddy shrugging his shoulders as he spoke)

Rina would nod her head back and forth as she thanked them for the offer, without turning around toward them. The three found it strange but decided to let Rina walk off. The path on the way home for Rina, would be the very road “Crazy Betty” was always on. There were also some kids and adults outside having a bbq at a corner house. Though Rina feeling her vision getting blurry and the surrounding area becoming hazy as she fell into a cold sweat. She tried to walk faster, suddenly hearing screams and different voices yelling at the same time. The Night would pass.

Next morning, Rina would get ready for school again and hear siren noises outside of her window. Though not paying much mind to it, she carried on until she was ready and left. Walking back down the road of the Ramen shop, the scene was much different from the day before, a crowd of people were gathered where “Crazy Betty” would normal stand. Rina wondering whats going on.. Hears her name , looking over seeing it was Sophia, Eddy and Samuel.

What happened?
(Rina asked lightly as she walked over to the group)

Crazy Betty… Something got to her.. And the house down the street, apparently some type of animal slaughtered through them. Pieces of them everywh….
(Eddy would say with no emotion)

Jeez Eddy! Have some respect, dont need to be that cold

Sophia would intervene. Samuel seemed to be in shock not saying a word and Rina just looked slowly through the people in the crowd. Being able to see just a glimpse of what was in front of them.. So brutal..

Its not only here. What ever did this, left bodies on my block too…. and my sister who lives on the other side of town said this has been happening a lot over there, but people are too afraid to say anything because the next day they end up like Crazy Bet..Bet.. Betty..
(Samuel with a shaky tone)

The group would remain silent for awhile before walking to class. The walk to class today was quiet. Everyone seemed to be in their own heads about the recent and uncovered events, even the town seemed shaken up with numerous business being closed. Patrols would command people stay in groups and not to be out after dark until further notice. The group would make it to school, all eventually separating to go to their own assigned studies. In each of their classes there would be teachers missing, students missing and a silent that spoke volumes through the halls. As the day passed more and more worry hit the community, more and more people.. or parts of them being found throughout the city. In light of unfolding events, classes were cut short, so that students may make it home before sun down. The group of four met up at the usual spot in front of the school, greeting each other with less enthusiasm. Today they spent no waiting and immediately began to head out together.

We should stick together. Walk each other home, ya know
(Samuel would propose)

The group in tandem would nod their heads. Each knowing who lived where besides Rina. They would say their locations aloud and then ask Rina, at first adamant on answering. Rina would decide to reveal she lived the furthest from the bunch. The other three would inhale deeply almost in sync with one another, but as friends decided they should all drop Rina off first n make their way back. As they got closer to their destination, the sun also would be making its way down.

I dont know guys, i dont think we should be walking passed dark.. No offense Rina, but shit is crazy out here right now..
(Sophia said with a look of mixed emotions)

We’re almost there guys lets just get her home and we’ll go back. We only live a few blocks apart from each other, we’ll be fine.
(Samuel insisted)

But as the group approached the area not too far from Rina’s house the sky would start to present stars. The group hasnt seen anyone outside for some time now and everything felt calm, so they took their minds off worrying when Eddy requested the play a game.

We’ll shit its basically night time, why dont we play i-spy… I’ll start i-spy , hmm, something hanging..
(Eddy said while trying to lighten the mood)

The group would participate and begin to feel at ease as they would laugh, although still cautiously. Now approaching Rina’s block.

Yo, where even is your house? Theres nothing but beat down farms here.
(Eddy would ask suspiciously)

Rina would suddenly stop in her tracks. The others would stop just after she did, as they stood in front of her they would ask whats wrong and why she stopped walking. Rina would remain still with a blank expression for a few moments before slowly raising her right hand and extending her index finger, pointing off in the distance. The others, at fist confused, turned their head to see what exactly she were pointing at.. At first the others couldnt see anything but gnats and fireflies.

Those… Those .. Do you see those ?! Those dont look like fireflies!
(Sophia would also point)

HOLY SHIT!!?!! Sam do you see them?? Those are eyes!!
(Eddy would realize what they would looking at)

In the distance they would notice yellow glowing eyes, staring back at them. Watching them the whole time, as an shadowed outline began to show this being was crouching, slowly standing up as it never took its eyes off of them..

(Eddy would cut to silence abruptly before blood would burst from his mouth with a cough)

Wha.. what are you doing.. ?
(Eddy would mutter as he stumbled to his knees)

Sophia would slowly glance over trembling in fear as she did so, seeing Samuel with his monstrous hand pierced into Eddy’s stomach and protruding out of his back. Her eyes would open wider as Samuels appearance would seem to drip away like make-up with water. Revealing a demon like figure.. with brightly glowing yellow eyes and a menacing smile. Sophia thought to herself he… him.. its been Samuel…

You killed all of these people? Your.. You’re the Demon?!
(Sophia struggled to speak)

Turning her head toward Rina, in an awkward motion due to her neck being stiff. Samuel pulls his hand out of Eddy’s chest, letting him to fall to the ground choking on his own blood. Samuel would walk over to Rina while staring at and speaking to Sophia.

Im Akaza (smiling from ear to ear)

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Akaza grabbing the top Rina’s head with his left hand. Slowly gripping it tighter as the bones of her skull began to crack and pop.

She’s been a good puppy..
(Laughing as he spoke)

You’re friend Samuel is just like Eddy here.. Its been so much fun playing in this town. I brought Rina here from her old town and wiped her memories so we could play again. Seems as if i fcked too much up in her head, so ima try again with you.

Akaza squeezes Rina’s skull tighter, popping it open as blood would fountain on both Akaza and Sophia. Licking the blood off of his fingers, while walking over toward Sophia.

I have a different game in a new village for you though.
(Akaza would say joyfully as he placed his right hand over her face, from moonlight to darkness)

(Henge no Jutsu) - Transformation Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: E
Range: Short
Chakra: 5
Damage: N/A
Description: A Ninjutsu technique, which every ninja learns at the Ninja Academy. Henge allows the ninja to transform themselves into any person or object. This allows the ninja to move with stealth or to trick their opponents.

(Bunshin No Jutsu) - Clone Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: E
Range: Short
Chakra: 5
Damage: N/A
Description: A clone made of the user that can move but(cannot use any jutsu)This clone is merely an illusionary projection of the user.

Note:The clone jutsu can be made with different elements and is a D-Rank jutsu under its own element(Mizu/Water Tsuchi/Earth Sumi/Ink)

(Kenboushou Jutsu) - Loss of Memory Technique
Chakra Cost:40
Damage Points:N/A
Description:A technique that is used upon the user or another in order to block their memories, any sort of memories can be blocked as long as ample opportunity is upon the user. Such as the jutsu or their objectives. The user must press his palm against the opponents head while inserting his chakra onto his brain, forcefully altering his memories by creating a "block" to a given set of memories or memory.
Note:This justu can only be used twice per battle.The user must say what memories will be lost(only one category).

( Senninka ) - Sage Transformation
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: C - A
Range: Short
Chakra: 15 - 30
Damage: 30 - 60
Description: Sage Transformation is an ability wielded by Jūgo's clan, which increases their physical abilities and allows their bodies to perform various shape-shifting feats due to their innate ability to passively absorb natural energy. When Mitsuki activates it, he gains a cyan chakra shroud that forms into ethereal snakes around his body to aid in his attack range, and he grows out a single horn from his forehead. This ability allows him to manipulate the chakra snakes as if they were additional appendages of his body. It is a multifaceted ability that permits them to achieve feats ranging from creating various weapon-like appendages to altering their body structure, as well as a general increase in their physical capabilities. The transformation can be used countless times in battle and sustained while the user has enough chakra to do so. The damage the technique can produce is proportionate to the body part altered and the way it was altered. This technique enables the user to produce melee attacks or defenses through the alteration of his body. Unique to Mitsuki and his ability to use Sage Mode, this is capable of empowering his Sage Mode state at the cost of direct damage to himself, making the two unideal to combine yet still effective. This shows itself in a higher damage output and durability increase, both raising by 10. However, the user takes a direct 15 damage per turn and his passive healing abilities are unable to work until Sage Mode is ended.
Note: Only useable by Sage Transformation bios

-End of Mission-
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