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Dec 27, 2018
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♦ Item Style Techniques ♦

Remember that Style Techniques are unique add-ons that are only applicable to Battle Cards. These add-ons determine the dynamics of the card spent, otherwise the card itself is mundane and incomplete. A critical piece of information is that there are different kinds of Style Techniques. Every weekend, these customs will be checked if any were submitted. There are circumstances when the customs may be checked prior to the weekend.

This submission thread is dedicated to Item Style Techniques, which are techniques that can only be performed utilizing a Costume or Gadget. Below the Spoiler will be an example and breakdown analysis of an Quirk Style Techniques. Below that will be the Item Style Technique Template. When you are ready to submit your custom ideas, for grading, place them in the first post of your personal [ Repertoire ] Thread.

Item Technique
Name: Brillant Stun [1]
Item Required: Stun Gun [2]
Type: Offensive [3]
Rank: Epsilon [4]
Scale: 2 Meters in Diameter [5]
Description: the user pushes the trigger on their stun gun to release a bolt of electricity. Anything effected by this bolt of electricity is paralyzed. [6]

Note: The inflicted being recovers from paralysis based on their Defense Attribute. [7]

1. Name - This is the name of the Style Technique. Whatever name you chose for your technique goes here.

2. Item Required - Name, with an link extension, the appropriate item required to perform the Style Technique

3. Type - What is the purpose of the Style Technique? It can be offensive, defensive, or supplementary. It is okay for a Style Technique to be multi-purposed.

4. Rank - The letter value for the Style Technique. There are different levels that represent different power levels. Those levels will be revealed later. A Style Technique can have multiple Ranks which converts them to Tree Techniques. Tree Techniques allows the concept of a Technique to have a dynamic design due to its varying power levels. This is a smart alternative to making separate techniques because its still 1 Technique despite being a Tree Technique.

5. Scale - All Style Techniques can travel a certain amount of distance which depends on the Style Technique's Rank. Even "Self" is a range, which is referring to the Style Technique just affecting you the user. The ranges will be revealed later.

6. Description - This is the most important section of the Style Technique. We need to know this technique works, how does the user perform the technique, what happens if the technique is successful, what the technique does to the environment or opponent, etc. You get the point?

7. Note - This section refers to the small rulings or regulations regarding the Style Technique. Some techniques feature multiple strikes and the damage must split. So, this section is responsible for informing everyone on how that occurs. Maybe the technique has a cool down before being used again. Maybe the technique lasts for X amount of turns as the example above. Perhaps the technique effects a certain area on the battlefield. Perhaps the technique makes a projectile so you have to list dimensions. There are little, key details that may not fit in the description area but can be placed here.​

[B]Name:[/B] ~
[B]Item Required:[/B] ~
[B]Type:[/B] ~
[B]Rank:[/B] ~
[B]Scale:[/B] ~
[B]Description:[/B] ~

[B]Note:[/B] ~
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