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Warship Island
Warship Island (軍艦島, Gunkan-jima) is a super restricted island located in the East Blue. Not much is known about the island, but passing voyagers all claim to see enormous winged creatures flying above the land. The island is on the smaller side, but it has this enormous rock formation in the shape of a Warship, hence the name. This mountain is dubbed as the tallest peak in the four blues. [ Being Present On the Island Can Risk Random Attacks by Dragons Each Weekly Participation ]

Key locations
Lizard Landing: refers to the base of the large rock formation. It is named this because this is where the baby dragons reside due to their inability to fly. Their parents will leave their offspring there as a cultural rite of passage for them to survive the harsh environment.

Dragon Valley: is the second level of the massive rock formation. The baby dragons that are left in Lizard landing must journey through this region, but its only possible through flight or undergoing a hellish climb. There rarely any resting spots along this sector of the rock formation.

Dragon’s Nest: Is the second height positioning in the rock formation, losing out to the formation’s {B]the King’s Summit[/B], and serves as the original home of the baby dragons. Before they hatch, the eggs are nestled here for comfort and protection against the island’s other insane animals.

Tanazir's Domain: is currently vacant of in terms of rulership, this piece of land is now overseen by Raizen whom is venturing the world to locate the king Nico Bolas. This region is extremely beautiful and serene due to its everlasting vegetation and domesticated animal life. Here in this region, a fruit known as the Everberry is cultivated and seems to be a tremendous life force for the island itself.​
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