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Feb 13, 2012
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Torino Kingdom
The Torino Kingdom (トリノ王国, Torino Ōkoku) Publically documented as the smallest of the islands in the Four Blues, Torino Kingdom is also historically the oldest kingdom to exist. In the middle of the island is an insanely tall tree that continues to grow to this day. The island is not technologically advanced but the inhabitants have vast medicinal knowledge due to the plant life that is cultivated there. This island was taken under seize by the Revolutionary Army.

Key Locations
Deku Tree: is the giant tree that continues to grow and live in the center of the island. Outstanding huge, there are multiple nests scattered throughout because of the large avian creatures that live here. Many of them circle the tree throughout the day to protect their homes and youth.

Beaver Boulevard: a living sector constructed by the Revolutionary Army, that now inhabitant the land if not previously slaves liberated by the army’s crusades against the World Government, lies a lot of tree wood and leaves from the Deku Tree. Apparently, the wood is great for burning and even so much as has a decent price point.

Kusuri Trove: is another living sector constructed by the Revolutionary Army, this part of the island features the medical facilities and multiple libraries used to document the study of the land’s medical wonders.​
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