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Dec 27, 2018
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Horizon University is an institution that provides higher learning to all eligible students with the motivation to further pushed themselves to become greater. Prominently, the academic institution is known for producing stellar heroes and heroines – ranking second within the entire North American continent. Even more impressive, the school does not prioritize cultivating their students to enter the field of justice because they favor the growth of productive citizens that will continue to thrive and develop the civilization beyond just placing bad guys into prisons. Recently, the campus was exposed to heinous villainy that resulted in the its destruction.​

Location Layout
Middle Sector: The Study Hall is a massive library infused food court within the middle sector of the Horizon College campus. The area is designed for ultimate hospitality and comfort, allowing the students to deescalate from the stress inducing atmosphere of schooling. Several aisles of long, marble tables and cashmere couches are decorated around the room for optimal relaxation. There are even small restaurant and coffee shops stationed within the Study Hall, which creates a sense of convenience and less effort. This promotes the desire to not only come, but encourages them to stay.

North Sector: Despite the tremendous leaps and bounds in the technological advances and development of the educational institution that is Horizon University, the school still emphasizes the fundamentals of hand to hand combat. It is an extraordinary that heroes possess powers, however it is useless if they are not disciplined enough to properly use them. Even more important, heroes need to be able defend others and as well as themselves in the light that their Quirks are ineffective. Stepping foot into the Horizon Dojo is openly accepting there is room to grow but importantly accept that nothing but might & skill is tested here.

West Sector: Department of Support is on the west sector of the Horizon College campus. The department is dedicated to the nurturing of students interested in heroism, however do not desire to partake in the field duty. Often the nesting for students that were accepted into the college, but are Quirk-Less, the department features some if not all the brightest talent Horizon has to offer. Spearheaded by Dr. Coriki, the wise yet old man is full of light and gleam as each year arrives. For the students not accepted into the department, must speak with Dr. Coriki to have their Costume and Items crafted.

→ The Science Lab, an independent space although it is managed by none other than Doctor Coriki. In this room, he is not as involved as he is in other spectrums of the Department of Support. He prefers to train all aspiring heroes, even those behind the desk determined to build the warriors their gear. That is why at the Science Lab, the inventors are none other than the students. Through trial and error, this is the safe space for all sorts of inventions to take place and be tested. Be prepared because the only way to test your items is to be placed into combat!​

East Sector: The Training Facility is on the east sector of the Horizon College campus. The facility is dedicated to the nurturing of students interested in heroism, and plan on being on the frontlines of crisis. Field duty requires that the heroes are physical adept and discipline, so they can confront any ordeal regardless of the severity. Training to prepare one’s body is important because it helps them develop control over their Quirks, which is essential for truly combating and ending the tyranny that is known as Villains. Stepping foot into the Training Facility is accepting that you have room to grow, just do not make sure to overdo it.
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