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Dec 27, 2018
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Bodega Bay Lodge is an off-campus longue facility for not only housing the students of Horizon University, but a tourist attraction for all law-abiding citizens. Located in a relatively small town, the facility is an immense three story apartment complex which can contain hundreds of students. It sits within the center of the entire Bodega Bay area, which is submerged in a beautiful – scenery environment that nurtures wild life of varying different ecosystems. The apartments here are full furnished, completed with an experience of 24hr room service. It has onsite training areas, sports facilities, and much more.​

Location Layout
[ Main Camp Grounds ]: The primary area dedicated to housing residents and providing space for community bonding. Across the lake from the dorms, the grounds are surrounded by formation of large buildings that form an oval shape. The general atmosphere is pleasant and allows for the relocated Horizon University’s students to still enjoy a social life outside hero work. Originally built by an Horizon University alumni, the architecture to the entire area resembles the sectors that are present in the college campus.

[ ]: Dorian Mercer’s School of Liberal Arts is a tall structure of a building funded by the late Dorian Mercer the Second. Regarded as one of the greatest heroes to graduate Horizon University, he became an advocate for the field of work. Generating enough crowdfunding, he managed to support the construction of Bodega Bay which once used to be domain to the wild life. Inside the building are numerous classrooms dedicated to teaching the youth with various curriculum designed to hone the mind.

→ Classrooms 1A | 1B | 1C | So On...​

[ Camp Training Grounds ]: The Training Grounds is this massive grassland groomed in the center of the thick forest that creates a veil around Bodega Bay. The pathway is secret to Horizon University students and it is equipped with high-tech dummies capable of combatting against all sorts of Quirks. Whenever Professor Fallon has scheduled class time for students to attend, she is often holding her frequent physical exams. These exams vary between all sorts of test but she prefers that the students combat against each other. With practice comes great skill and power.

[ Camp Workshop ]: The Camp Workshop tremendously pales in comparison to the Department of Support Building, and even more for the Science Lab which lies inside, however due to event known as “The Sun Shall Fall” this has become one of the base of operations for Horizon University. Sectioned near the flowing rivers, due to the high-tech advances the building has underwent, it provides an amazing scenery while inventors work hard day and night. Despite its shortcomings, it can still aid in crafting fine material. Still spearheaded by the jovial Doctor Corki and his second in command Ekko.

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