Information of Boin Archipelago

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Dec 27, 2018
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Boin Archipelago
Boin Archipelago (ボーイン列島, Bōin Rettō), is a series of flower-shaped islands. Within them are various gigantic bugs and vicious man-eating plants. The island with the most signs that human life had visited is the swindling forest known as Greenstone. Not much information has been documented because of explorers become food for the island. All the islands are actually giant carnivorous plants scientifically known as "Stomach Baron", that will eat overweight animals that are in the Greenstone forest. Known to protect the borders of every animal are giant insects: [ Being Present On the Island Can Risk Random Attacks by Insects Per Weekly Participation ] + [ Being Present On the Island Can Entice the Character into Eating Which Can Spiral into Never Leaving the Island ]

Key locations
Forests of Gluttony: are the only known regions on these islands ( each one features a heavily dense forest ). These forests not only includes ordinary wild food such as plum trees and corn stalks, but also a river of already prepared ramen which releases an overwhelming aroma to entice any sentient creature to eat. Perhaps a hunting mechanism of the island, this is what causes creatures to eat into obesity to become plump enough for the islands to feast. The only other critical piece of information is the mystic wonder of tales about Pop Green. The origin of these tales always date back to Boin Archipelago.​

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