[ Filler Battle ] Rumi vs Keel


Sep 2, 2014
Trait Points
Battle Rubric
Bambino vs Jagged
Location: Yosemite National Park
Terrain: Open Campsite [ ]
Range: 15 meters
Time Limit: Standard

Rumi hummed as she sashayed blissfully through the open encampment, a reclusive stronghold erected at the foot of a mountain. Hollow recesses of run down timber structures littered its acreage and had in days past boasted a respectable tourist presence. Their former glory could be seen in the decadent frames that had wilted down into ill maintained singular wooden cottage. Yet, as the Mirko listened the glorious grunts, screams and bellows that resonated about her, the pristine potrait wafted and vanished into nothingness. Now the locale had repurposed its beauty into something more. An abode in which villains, vigilante and civilians abandoned their allegiances and flocked for one singular purpose.

The palpable taste of death coursed through this expanse and Rumi eyes dilated the closer she drew towards her destination. The excitement was such that in the time she stepped onto one of the many unoccupied fighting spaces, her heart fluttered. She gleamed and the young daredevil sensibilities were overrun with glee as he let off a rambunctious laughter. Itself sparked by the wild thoughts of the enemies waiting to challenge her. The Hero Association would never sanction such recklessness but in so much as their obviousness to the matter was guaranteed, she was confident in managing the rest. "Anyone want to fight this poor damsel" her eyes battered as she placed her hand on her forehead and exaggerated her helplessness.

Quirk Name: Rabbit
Quirk Type: Mutant
Quirk Level: Basic
Quirk Bonus: Martial Related Leg Based Style Techniques and Free-Form Actions are Granted the Rushing Winds Keyword. The Power and Dexterity Attributes is Granted One [1] Bonus Point. Raises the Human Cap by Two [2] Benchmarks Regarding the Power and Dexterity Attributes. Grants the Sixth Sense Bonus Trait.
Description: The manifestation of this quirk causes a mutation that alters the body to become akin to rabbit physiology. The character maintains their bipedal anatomy but develops characteristics such as long bunny ears, large and strong legs, and a fluffy small tail. More biological benefits include the enhanced development of the hearing and smelling senses, but more importantly the character’s survival instincts are heightened enough to allow them to anticipate danger.

Quirk Breakdown:
The mutated anatomy, as mentioned above, includes rabbit like features such as enhanced senses. Since the character has developed enhanced senses of hearing or sound, the Human Cap for the Dexterity Attribute has raised by Two [2] Benchmarks and One [1] Bonus Point has been granted to the Dexterity Attribute. Because both senses are enhanced, the Dexterity Attribute cannot be inflicted unless both are targeted.

Because of the mutated anatomy, the character has surpassed the ordinary threshold for sensing oncoming danger. This has allowed the character to develop an uncanny awareness, which grants them the
Sixth Sense Bonus Trait. This trait only triggers during moments where opposing targets have entered within five [5] meters from the character. This sixth sense is further supplemented due to being granted the Absolute Keyword, which means this trait cannot be nullified, reduced, or bypassed by ordinary conventional methods.

Regarding the character’s legs, the anatomy provides immense leg strength. Due to this enhancement, the Human Cap for the Power Attribute has raised by Two [2] Benchmarks and One [1]
Bonus Point has been granted to the Power Attribute. Because of this inherent strength, the kicking power is heightened enough for the character to generate wind pressures which is why the Rushing Winds Keyword is granted. Wind pressures occur when Style Techniques or Free-Form Actions are performed and the character chooses to cause them.

Rushing Winds Scaling
Whenever Style Techniques are Activated, the Scaling of the Rushing Winds is Half the Scaling.
Whenever Free-Form Actions are Activated, the Scaling of the Rushing Winds is Six [6] Meters in Volume.

Since the mutated anatomy provides immense leg strength, the character can move at amazing speed through bouncing. This movement allows the character to transition from running speed, which is dictated by the Agility Attribute, to explosive leaps. These leaps are small in design always cause the character to travel One [1] Meter Forward and Above the Ground ( the speed magnitude dictated by the Power Attribute ) without compromising their mobility because the character is not launched into the air. The character can choose to jump higher, especially since they naturally possess more jumping power than ordinary humans. This higher jumping ability is represented by doubling the amount of meters the character can reached via jumping – this determined by the Power Attribute.

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Brawler - Adamant - Reckless
• Power: 6 • Defense: 2 • Agility: 2 • Dexterity: 8 • Intelligence: 2 • Technique: 2
2 Clash | 5 Attack | 2 Block | 3 Dodge | 2 Support
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Mar 10, 2015
Trait Points
Keel landed on the hard concrete ground, the enormous leap he took to travel this great distance only served to display the enormous strength his body has at its disposal.

"...Your the only thing the heroes can spare for me? Guess they really dont want you alive. Sorry girly but your gonna be my sacrifice"

Not waiting for the other heroes srepsonse Keel would form his fingers into a makeshift javelin structure as he quickly jabbed it forward towards the womans position, the resulting movement producing a 3 meter volume airwave that would travel quickly towards her position.

"Dont die easy on me now"


Quirk Name: Dragon Ape
Quirk Type: Emitter
Quirk SubClass: Range
Quirk Bonus: None
Description: The mutation of Dragon Ape has altered the physique to become akin to abnormal mix of a primate and reptilian creature. The massive power and durability afforded to the character allows them to become a ferocious creature. The enormous durability afforded to the physique is because of the tough scale like exterior. The enormous power afforded to the character stems from the massive muscle mass that has developed in the interior. Ultimately, the character has become a monstrous phenomenon.

Quirk Breakdown

The scaling that has grown on the exterior of the physique is dense enough to provide formidable durability. This durability mentioned is reason why the physique has developed the Perfect Damage Shaving Keyword, meaning that their natural defensive capabilities cannot be bypassed by sources that lack the Destructive Keyword. More importantly, the scales are resilient enough to provide this tremendous amount of resistance against certain natural phenomenon: Fire | Burning | Acidic | Cuts / Slashes / Piercing. This strengthened resistance is reason why the physique developed the Immunity Keyword, which means this resistance cannot be bypassed – ignored – nullified unless the scales have been destroyed.

The Scales serve as an additional layer of protection, which is why the Armored Keyword is granted to the character. Because of this keyword, the character has developed a second pool of Health Points. The amount points within this pool is determined by halving the total amount of the original health pool the character maintains. Whenever damaged, this second health pool is depleted before the original set.

The muscle that has developed throughout the anatomy has drastically empowered the character’s physical capability. This strengthening results in the Human Cap Benchmarks being raised by Two [2] Benchmarks, but this only pertains to the Power – Defense – Agility Attributes. The anatomy is granted One [1] Additional Bonus Point in the Power, Defense, and Agility Attributes. The massive might behind the character is unrivaled, evident whenever the character performs a Martial Related Style Techniques or Free-Form Actions, the Rushing Winds Keyword Triggers. The scaling of the wind projectiles can never exceed Three [3] Meters in Volume, evenly.

Quirk Drawback(s):

Because of the physique is massive, it requires an enormous pool of energy to function. The character suffers an abnormal drawback that triggers upon Spending a Card. Each time the character spends any card ( Excluding a Support Card ), a Heat Counter is stockpiled which is reason why the character has developed the Build-Up Keyword. The heat counter refers to an alarming amount of heat that begins accumulating throughout the body, which begins to overheat the physique. This overheating causes the body to become fatigued faster, which is why the Stamina Pool passively exhausts. One [1] Point is exhausted per Heat Counter. The character can choose to release this built-up energy through the pores on their scales, this resulting a massive blow out of steam. For Every Three [3] Heat Counters, One [1] Support Card is needed.

Name: Gahou
Martial Art: Invincible style - Musouu ryu
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Rank: E-Z
Scale: 1 -40 Meters
Description: The user forms a javelin with his fingers before stabbing it forward at the opponent causing piercing damage should it hit. With the users increased strength the attack throws out an airwave in the loose form of an arrow head towards the opponent. This technique can be used to attack the opponent or block incoming damage and can be used multiple times in one attack albeit the damage is split evenly between each.
Note: ~

Martial Art Name: Invincible style - Musouu ryu
Martial Bonus: All of the users SPM is based on his strength, granting the key word "Brute"
The user has been trained in the ways of the invincible style, a style focusing more on the strength of the user by utilizing the muscles in the body to move and produce attacks solely based on the users power. To attack the user will gather as much power in their fists before launching it off as an explosively fast attack.

Martial Art Breakdown: By putting emphasis on the muscles that define power the user can create attacks that are faster in speed than normal.


Trait EffectsRestrictions
Enraged refers to the users ability to be easily angered when hit or dealing damage, in this state the user goes completely ballistic and considers each attack dealt or recieved as something to further fuel his angerFree
User gains 5 stamina for each attack successfully dealt by or each attack received by the userCannot have Timid or Nonchalant personas

Trait EffectsRestrictions
Exercise Trait: Weight TrainingPricing
The character has chosen to prioritize weight training when engaging in physical training. Weight training has allowed the character to develop an incredible amount of strength and durability.10 Trait Points
The Damage Shaving in the Defense Attribute has been Granted an Additional 0.5 Damage Per Point in the Defense Attribute. The Character's Damage Shaving is Considered to be Perfect Damage Shaving.
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Sep 2, 2014
Trait Points
Rumi's open invitation had its effect and drew the attention of one flamboyant creature in particular. The ghoulish thing stamping its arrival onto their battlefield, with a thunderous crash that signaled both its might and intentions. Its confidence continued as it goaded Rumi's faction, aptitude and gender. However, as the foul breathed behemoth hissed obscenities, Rumi had grinned sheepishly towards it. How bizarre, that an over-sized children's toy would be this confident. Rumi watched on as the being contorted its form, thrust its arm and produced a respectable gust of wind.

In response to this Rumi swiftly raised her right leg upwards, to its full height and subsequently lowered it down. The speed and strength of this action generated a gust of wind ten meters in volume, designed to defend against the oncoming attack [Block]. Furthermore, after the production of this wind, Rumi would capitalize on her legs descending motion and go for the offensive. She intended to finalize its drop as a powerful foot stamp. A tactic that would produce a mighty thumping roar [D Rank] which would induce a physical debilitation against the opponent's condition [Support].

Martial Art Name: Luna
Martial Art Bonus: None
Description: A fighting style founded on strengthening and redirecting the bodies raw power. The style emphasizes speed as an avenue of strength and its practitioners seek to effectively capitalize upon it. Due to her naturally predisposed physique, Rumi's techniques within this style are often leg-based employing a high degree of speed, agility, acrobatics and maneuverability.

Martial-Art Breakdown: The consequence of a continued desire to chase and achieve speed transforms this art from its brutish origins into something more delicate. This is represented by its constant movement and visually aesthetic albeit overwhelming tactics. This parent technique isn't a martial art trait. Thus, doesn't consume slots nor provide bonus perks.

Name: Thump
Martial Art: Luna

Type: Offense | Defense | Support
Rank: E-0 [D]
Scale: Depends
Description: The technique is derived from a rabbit's inherent thumping trait. It involves stamping onto the ground with ferocity. Resulting in the emanation of a thudding sound within the vicinity. As with all Luna martial techniques the sound's speed magnitude is determined on the owner's Power. Once produced this sound can inflict damage or defend against other vibration and/or frequency based sources. If used in a supportive capacity, sound will inflict debilitating effects. If used as an Omega Rank Technique, Rumi suffers 1/2 the debuff inflicted by the technique - unique consequence.
Note: All moves follow Technique usage Rank and Restrictions.
Note: Supportive Techniques trigger a reduction in Dexterity [E-D] or Dexterity and Agility [G-B] or Dexterity, Agility and Power [A-Z].
Note: Omega Rank Techniques can inflict Debuffs and 1/2 Damage simultaneously. Omega Debuffs trigger a reduction in Dexterity, Agility and Power. A maximum of [2] Attribute Points per Attribute can be affected.

Costume Name: Hiro
Costume Grade: C
Costume Perk(s):

  • Grants 20% Morale Point Multiplier
  • Brain: Costume Prioritizes Efficiency And Converts Offensive, Defensive, Supportive and Movement Speed Magnitude As Power Based.
Costume Description: Developed by Ekko, the Third-Year Student and assistant inventor at the Department of Support. It is comprised of a tight-hugging white sleeveless leotard, purple thigh high stockings-boots hybrid and rabbit shaped gloves. At her behest, a sheer breathable mesh cloth has been designed to nestle around her hips and arms. Giving her the comfort she desires while meeting the practicality of a protective gear.


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Brawler - Adamant - Reckless
• Power: 6 • Defense: 2 • Agility: 2 • Dexterity: 8 • Intelligence: 2 • Technique: 2
2 Clash | 5 Attack | 1 Block | 3 Dodge | 1 Support