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Dec 27, 2018
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The Torino Kingdom​

The Torino Kingdom ( トリノ王国, Torino Ōkoku ) is a really small island located in the South Blue. Despite the island's small size, Torino Kingdom has an insanely tall tree growing in the middle. The island isn't technologically advanced, but inhabitants have vast medicinal knowledge.

→ Proper Participation refers to Characters that at least behave with the interest to Role-Play on Dawn Island, The purpose is completely customizable. This thread centers around the average life of the characters. Never focused on the small, irrelevant things.

→ This plot point caters to the actions a character performs while embarking this island. You are free to do whatever you please, however remember your actions have consequences whether they are deemed positive or negative. You Cannot Power-Play, Meta-Game, or God-Mod Any Named NPC. This Rule Persists Throughout the Entire Side Plot.​

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Mar 2, 2012
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The first day on the island was mostly Ana getting herself acquainted with her facilities and the locals, walking around to find where supplies were, local hot spots as well as scoping out potential threats on the island. Torino Kingdom had never been a major mark on Ana's map, however through the grapevine she had heard some very interesting news that could potentially help her in her quest. Filling out the appropriate requisition forms and papers, it wasn't long before Ana arrived on the island and her mission started. While officially her mission was to survey the island, secretly she wanted to find some apparently powerful medical knowledge that was on the island somewhere.

Making her way through the markets, Ana respectfully began talking to locals and began to make contacts on the island. It wasn't hard to strike up a conversation, wearing her Marines uniform, she often caught people looking at her either with worried faces or with curiosity. Ana mostly explained that she was here on a diplomatic mission, simply exploring and getting to know the people, explaining that the Marines were currently getting some rest and relaxation while here. Ana had noticed there was a lack of technology here, almost a primitive feel to the island with a lot of the people looking worried or again curious at Ana's Biotic Rifle. Wanting to start her search for the fabled healing, Ana began asking around for any kind of shop to buy medicine, or any healers that could help her. Finding a few places that had a balm or two, while most people said they could help with healing, Ana's investigation was more specific to finding a doctor rather than a healer.

Panda Man

Jan 27, 2020
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Ana’s search has led her to Kusuri Trove, a remote village located near the roots of the Deku Tree. The home for most of the island’s inhabitants, this area features many libraries scattered throughout the region. Considering that the day was early, the marine has found herself among plenty of people enjoying the warmth of the sun while their festivities bolstered a ton of fun and happiness. In the pursuit to locate doctors, Ana continues her search. [ An Official Roll will be Conducted Three Times ( 1 After Each Post Ana Makes ) to Locate a Doctor ]

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These center around the average life of the characters. Never focused on the small, irrelevant things – the plot point caters to the actions a character performs while embarking any island ( city, town, etc ) within the One Piece World. The actions taken matter because your actions will be rewarded with the appropriate consequences
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