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Aug 17, 2011
Trait Points
It seems the one whom was running the establishment wasn’t around currently – which at least verified to Mirabelle that Juri wasn’t the boss here, or least now the main one. The student of the dojo however followed up with a statement, saying that this battle wasn’t meant to cause injury or seek death, a friendly spar. The maiden couldn’t help but let out a laugh in that moment, as she quickly breathed in and out from this. “I am Mirabelle D. Marigold, I might be a pirate but I’m not like some of the scum that roams the seas killing for sport or pleasure. I simply wish to carry on the will of my former Captain, which was for her to become Pirate King. I will aim for that now myself, in her honor – so you have my word that nothing within this spar will cause any true harm, to either of us” she solemnly agreed to the final terms and conditions.

[Plot Battle Has Been Picked]

During an Event or Special Plot: the Character Wielding the Letter D. as an Initial has been Prophesize to Overthrow the World. Regardless of the Situation, Fate Refuses to Abandon this Character and Aids Them in Times of Need. When the Character is Near Death ( Requiring Perma Damage to be Activated ) or their Health Points are Reduced to Zero [0], the Character Can Attempt a Mega-Move. That Mega-Move ( If Deemed Plausible ) will be Deemed Automatically Successful. This Trait Grants +3 Points to the Luck and Intimidation Attribute.

Official Title - Lady of the Night /// Mirabelle, Lady of the Night ( When Mentioned )
The Sheer Amount of Lust that Generates from Mirabelle is Enough to Drive Individuals Insane. Without Much Effort: The People Around Become Enamored by Mirabelle’s Presence, Her Smell, Her Look, Her Voice, Any and Everything. And the Worst Part About it? Mirabelle Knows. As Vexing as the Night Can be, She Seems to Embody It. When Mirabelle Interacts with a Target(s), the Attractiveness of Mirabelle will be Considered Aiding the Target.

Martial Style Name: Dance of the Siren
Martial Style Bonus: All Movement ( Excluding Attacks ) is Granted the Flash Keyword.
Description: Dance of the Siren is the personal martial arts created by Mirabelle D. Marigold. After much trial and error in battles of the past, she decided to train herself to the utmost of her ability, becoming much faster. The style focuses on wanting to strike her opponents as fast and quick at vital points, will utilizing the Mero Mero no Mi’s petrification to not only strike her opponent down, but potentially incapacitate them as well.

Martial Style Breakdown: Dance of the Siren emphasizes the concept of maximizing the efficiency of footwork for tactical engagement and disengagement with any target while utilizing the mythical powers of a devil fruit for incapacitation. Utilizing this method of combat allows the character to strike at unprecedented speed due to the ability to reposition better than most. All Movement is granted the Flash Keyword. This Keyword Means the Character Gains X Amount of SPM Advantage, Where X is Equal to Every Two [2] Points in the Agility Attribute. This Keyword Does Not Trigger In Circumstances Where the Opposing Targets are Equal or Faster than the Practitioner.

Characters Possess a Natural Affinity for Color of Armament Haki, Which Means the Trait is Considered Bonus and Does Not Require Trait Points to Purchase ( Just the Resolve Requirement ). Because Characters are Innately Attune to Color of Armament Haki, the Battle Card Requirement to Activate the Different Levels are Reduced by One [1] Card Amount ( the Amount Cannot be Reduced Below One [1] Card ). Characters are Gifted the Companion Trait ( Must Be Snake Related ) which is Considered Bonus as Well. The Snakes Only Possess the Arsenal Trait and the Item Slots Granted will Serve as the Weapon Forms the Snake Can Adopt. Mirabelle's Physiology has Grown Superior to Humans, thus her Human Caps are Raised by One [1] Benchmark and Granted Two [2] Bonus Attribute Points.

Panda Man

Jan 27, 2020
Trait Points

Juri - Cocoa Factory Assistant Manager

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Juri is the younger sister of Master Chun-Li is the Assistant Manager of the famous Cocoa Factory of Karate Island. She has lived all her life on the island, vigorously dedicating her time to growing in her martial arts and business endeavors. All for the sort of assisting her sister, whom she truly loves and respects more than anything else in the world. Often rumored to be a contemporary capable of defeating Ryu, Juri is known for her snake like kicks. A contrast to her older sister, Juri has developed her own style to the unnamed martial arts of this region.​

Plot Battle Triggered: Mirabelle vs Juri

Deemed Expert Level, thus Possesses Two [2] Reaction Cards
The Trait Layout: The Speedster Archetype | Martial Arts | Disciplined | Signature Technique | Technical Fighter
The Attribute Layout: Power: 7 | Intelligent: 6 | Constitution: 3 | Agility: 10 | Dexterity: 10 | Technique: 4​

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