[Event] Romance Dawn

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Oct 26, 2011
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The ships had arrived at the port. The time had finally come, Osiris has finally arrived on the island where he was born. Whilst he was being escorted from the basement, Eli had stood in silence. He had to take a small break and ponder what the King of Pirates had just asked him to do. Was he crazy? Eli was Vice Admiral of the Navy HQ and the hero of the marines. Even still, with every passing second, his consiousness grew, he couldn't just...ignore it. Meanwhile outside, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades stood at the
"It's been a while brothers, once this is all over we need to go on vacation together."
"Why? So Zeus get someone else pregnant?"
"Why you...."
Zeus and Hades were locked in an epic staredown, sparks flying from there intense eye contact. Zeus and Hades were rivals more than anything, competing in almost every single facet. If it wasn't for Poseidon, they definitely would have killed each other by now. Just then, one of the marines standing at attention lost his ability to think. He couldn't even stand, his legs began to wobble.
"Oh Geez, it's starting already?"
"If you are not Commodore rank or above, leave, you guys won't be able to stand here"
"It's too late...it doesn't matter."
Just then, every single marine began to lose consiousness. Falling face forward onto the floor. The ability to hold the senses together became lost upon them as Osiris was escorted off the ship. Even the air became thicker, feeling as though you had to swim through the air. Osiris presence was intense and overwhelming. What was even more impressive was the fact that it was unconsious. Osiris wasn't even aware of what he was doing.
"Hey! Don't try to make a scene now that you've been caught! It's no point in trying to save face now."
"What looks worse? Getting captured or losing two admirals?"
"Hey you..." Osiris said as he walked a bit towards Hades. "Would you mind taking these cuffs off of me? They are uncomfortable." He said, motioning the handcuffs in front of Hades face.
"I refuse!" Hades snarled, puffing his chest up as Osiris said that.
"What? It's no point in me running now. BARARARARARARARARARARA...hey, Poseidon join my crew! You know Fishman island was under my protection? Because of me, pirates stopped rampaging through it like hooligans. Apparently, your rocky relationship with your father and sister was the main cause of-"
"Don't bring HER up! My ONLY siblings are the ones standing next to me" Poseidon said, getting ruffled.
Three admiral candidates with very powerful standing and reputation were getting flustered before the great king of pirates. "MOVE ON!" One of his escorts yelled out. Immediately, the two executioners began pushing the Pirate King through the field of unconscious marines. They were heading to Goa Kingdom to execute him.
Just then, the big three immediately stood at attention. The final admiral, Kronohs descended from the ship. His eyepatch and cybernetic arm seemed to garner immense attention on this day. After several long years of battle, he had finally captured the Pirate King. He looked exhausted and tired, but was still ready to get things over with.
"My SONS, do not falter. The Pirate Age is coming to an end today. Let's go, to the end of the world!"

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