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May 28, 2014
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Edo Tensei is a forbidden technique that binds the soul of a deceased person to a living vessel, restoring them as they were when alive in order to do their summoner’s bidding. The technique was originally created by Tobirama Senju, who declared it a Kinjutsu. Over successive generations of users its applicability and strength was refined and enhanced. Before the technique the user requires two components: DNA of the deceased and a living sacrifice for the reincarnated soul to occupy as a vessel. However, the technique is far from absolute and has a few key weaknesses that the user must contend with.

The first, and greatest weakness, is the possibility for a reincarnated soul to resist the user’s control and operate independently. This is the most important feature of Edo Tensei, represented as inversely proportional. The stronger the reincarnated soul, the lower the user’s ability is to control the vessel. This is known as the chance for Breakout. Every biography has a base Breakout of 20% per turn; this is rolled for in the Official Rolls of the Discord channel using the t!choose or t!roll command. The base chance for Breakout is increased based on certain abilities available to the biography that has been summoned. This is noted in the Breakout Chance Modifiers list. The highest resistance modifier is always chosen and can only be further enhanced when a biography owns Kinjutsu, making them the most dangerous biographies to perform Edo Tensei on. For example, an MS biography that owns Yang Release would have a 40% chance at Breakout. This is because MS, which adds 15%, does not stack with Yang Release’s Breakout modifier. However, if a Yang Release user owned Kinjutsu on a biography then their Breakout chance would be 80%, significantly higher because of the addition of Kinjutsu.

When a Breakout occurs the Edo Tensei either will go berserk or they will perform the necessary actions required to break the contract. Breakout occurs when an Edo Tensei successfully resists control and becomes an independent entity. In the case of a Berserk Breakout the owner of the Edo Tensei retains a contractual binding with their summoned soul, in essence allowing them to either attempt to exert control again or undo the summoning entirely, more on this below. The second, and more dangerous, Breakout event is when an Edo Tensei not only resists control but applies the necessary hand seals to break the contract entirely. This only can occur when an Edo Tensei knows Kinjutsu and successfully resists control, turning on their owner. When this occurs the owner is not able to reassert control on their summon and will remain on the battlefield until they are either sealed, the current Ninja World arc ends, or destroyed entirely and unable to regenerate. In either case, should an Edo Tensei remain on the field after resisting control from their owner then a Sensei or Moderator will take control of the Edo Tensei as an independent entity.

Reasserting control is an important function of Breakout and offers one attempt at counterplay should an Edo Tensei rebel against its owner. As previously stated this only occurs when an Edo Tensei goes Berserk, retaining some kind of contractual binding with their owner and not breaking it entirely, like through Kinjutsu. Should the user fail and roll a Breakout (done in the Official Rolls channel of the Discord), and the Edo Tensei does not have Kinjutsu, then they can roll again. Should they opt to roll again then their next move is spent expending 100 Chakra and 2 of their 3 allotted move slots to reassert control over their Edo Tensei. The chance for this to be successful is represented by half the Breakout chance. This means that if an Edo Tensei has a 40% chance for Breakout then the user will have a 20% chance for countering a Breakout. Regardless of whether this secondary roll is successful or not the user must spend 100 Chakra and 2 of their 3 move slots. They cannot delete the roll, accept losing the Edo Tensei, and then carry on. It is a commitment. The user can only counter a single Breakout once.

Edo Tensei are also hindered by another key weakness: the strength of the reincarnated soul. By default, Edo Tensei are weakened when summoned. This is because the soul of the victim is being placed in a vessel that is not their own, making them mismatched in terms of strength, chakra, and so on. By default an Edo Tensei can only access techniques two ranks lower than the maximum its biography allows, its base speed is reduced by four levels, all its damage is reduced by 20 points, and Chakra present in techniques it uses is reduced by 10. These do not count as debuffs; they are modifiers present on the biography from the moment it is summoned.

Mitigating the weaknesses of Edo Tensei is done through the use of Talismans. Talismans are essentially Fuin and Kinjutsu seals placed inside the head of an Edo Tensei that augment certain characteristics of it. Talismans typically operate on a tradeoff between strengthening the biography or assisting in enhancing the user’s control over the Edo Tensei. Basic Talismans, immediately available for all Kinjutsu users, offer basic solutions to Edo Tensei weaknesses. But there are rarer Talismans, obtained through the Ninja World, that do not force choice on the user or offer more unique enhancements to the Edo Tensei. A Kinjutsu user at the end of their training learn two Talismans: Control and Augmentation.

Talismans are divided into multiple different ranks. C and B-Rank Talismans are typically available to Kinjutsu users, unless otherwise noted. They are the most basic available. A-Rank Talismans are available to Kinjutsu specialists who take the Necromancer Extra Specialty. These are usually stronger versions of the C and B-Rank Talismans, still basic but more rewarding for the investment spent. The strongest Talismans are available are considered S-Rank and are extremely rare, typically only coming as rewards from Ninja World Forbidden Missions or special events.
  • Talismans are restricted by tier. C and B-Rank Talismans are used by Kinjutsu users, those who have not specialized in the field. A-Rank Talismans are used by Necromancer specialists. S-Rank Talismans are used by any Kinjutsu user, specialist or not, but are only rewarded through special events, missions, or tournaments.
  • The user of Edo Tensei must first have a prepared living victim to cast the Edo Tensei on to initiate the technique, approved by Moderators. Subsequently, they must also have DNA from a deceased soul in order to successfully use the technique, also approved by Moderators.
  • Edo Tensei passively regenerate physical Health Points at a rate of 15 per turn. They become disabled once their Health falls to zero. When disabled an Edo Tensei regenerates at a rate of 40 Health Points per turn until their Health reaches 50%, upon which they can operate normally again. This advanced regeneration occurs only a full turn after the Edo Tensei has been disabled. Damage suffered by a technique like the Truth-Seeking Orbs or specific Anutu techniques can prevent an Edo Tensei from recovering its health and regenerating properly.
  • Purchasing an Edo Tensei can only be done on abilities and biographies that require Kumi. This is done by paying 5,000 additional Kumi on top of the price of the biography or ability you wish to purchase. For Edo Tensei abilities and biographies that require a test, typically Tier 4, they must be captured in the Ninja World, an official Battle Arena fight, or tested for normally following regular requirements. The intent to Edo Tensei these abilities must be stated in the application.
  • Edo Tensei can use Tier 5 or higher Universal Abilities should they be present on the biography. These cannot be tested or purchased, however. They must be captured.
  • Biographies considered Tier 5 or higher cannot be purchased, tested for, or captured as Edo Tensei.
  • A single Edo Tensei can be paired with only one Talisman, no more. The Talisman paired with it, the full technique, should be posted in the biography along with the Edo Tensei.
  • Please read the Edo Tensei Ninja World rules regarding conflicting biography identities found here.
  • Purchased vessels can access their specific ability purchased or tested for along with the Basic 9 fields. Captured vessels can use any ability present on the biography, following the above rules.
  • Custom Talismans cannot be created.
  • Only one of your biographies can have Edo Tensei at any given time.
  • Requires the user to have completed Kinjutsu training.

Breakout Chance Modifiers

Eight Inner Gates (Tier 4): +10%
Mangekyō Sharingan/Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan (Tier 4): +15%/+20%
Rinnegan (Varying Tiers): +20%
Bijuu (Tier 4): +30%
Hashirama Senju (Tier 4): +40%
Tenseigan (Tier 4): +15%
Hoshigaki Kisame (Tier 4): +10%
Yin or Yang Release (Tier 5 UA): +20%
Yin-Yang Release (Tier 6 UA): +30%
Suen or Utu (Tier 5 UA): +20%
Anutu (Tier 6 UA): +30%


Kinjutsu (Tier 3): +40% (+20% if Tobirama Senju, Orochimaru, or Kabuto)


Outer Path Control: -20%
Edo Tensei controlled through the Outer Path are subjected to even greater levels of control than other victims. While this control is not absolute by any means, it does suppress their free will considerably and requires a significantly powerful biography to resist it. Stacks with Talisman sources of Breakout Chance reduction.​


A basic Jounin biography: 20% Breakout chance

A Mangekyō Sharingan biography with Yin-Yang Release and Kinjutsu: 20% (base) + 30% + 40%: 90% Breakout Chance

A Rinnegan biography with Yin Release and a Talisman of Control installed: 20% + 20% - 30% = 10%
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