District 12

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Dec 14, 2011
Trait Points
Korra/Lena leave the landmark


The dragon, denoted Flay, cloaked in the dark structure of GOA arrives and strikes at the first target in site. Flay would dive down from the sky, swinging one of it’s claws horizontally before going in for a strike at the other dragon’s wings. The horizontal swing would lead to the release of raiton that would split into tiny blades that pierce the target from all around it’s body, barring the area Flay occupied. In simultaneous fashion, the garb all around Flay would expand, forming upon itself, creating an outer layer that would also target the other dragon in it’s expansion, specifically in the area that wont be affected by the lightning. The Garb and Lightning would hit before the ff claw strike.

Raiton: Sandan (Lightning Release: Scatter Shot)
Type: Offense
Range: Long- Short
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage Cost: 80
Description: The user firsts channels Raiton to his finger tip and moves in hand horizontally in front of him, creating a horizontal line of Raiton in front of him. On the user's command, the horizontal line shatters into thousands of tiny blades of Raiton that is launched forward at high speeds, shredding the opponent's skin apart.
~Can only be thought by Rikerslade~
~Only usable twice per battle~

Bugu no Achlys) - Garb of Achlys
Type: Weapon
Rank: Dependant
Range: Dependant
Chakra: 10 per turn | Up to forty for specific abilities
Damage: - 80
Description: Garb of Achlys, or GOA, is an ancient tool that takes the form of a battered piece of clothing that resembles a cloth, although due to the abilities it has it has been seen in different forms. Once a worthy owner encounters GOA it would form a bond with them and change into a form desirable and suitable for the user. Once this is accomplished the user would be granted several new abilities, all for a cost though. This is due to the parasitic nature of GOA. GOA is a conscious, sentient construct that although is aware of the world around it, does not interact with it in a significant manner, merely just being present. The weapon itself is said to have an unknown number of capabilities, however only a numbered amount of it’s abilities are currently known.

First and foremost, the garb’s connection with user and the user’s capabilities. Through it’s awareness of the world GOA grants Vayne sensory, however it is limited to shadows. Vayne becomes aware of any and all shadows present in the area, no matter how small or faded they may be. However, although he becomes aware of the shadow, distinguishing specific parts of the shadow would require concentration. Normally Vayne would have a basic understanding of what the shadow is, for example he would distinguish that fingers are being held up, but with concentration he would be capable of knowing how many fingers are being held up. This sensory grants Vayne a two times multiplier in regards to sensing. Of course this ability becomes completely useless for constructs that lack a shadow. This ability is always active as long as a piece of GOA is in contact with Vayne. It costs five chakra points per turn. The user is limited to focusing on 3 objects, during which his awareness of the outer world is cut to just being aware.(No sensory multiplier)

The second ability relates to the general function of the garb and it’s bias towards perfection. Due to this GOA can essentially change it’s shape into anything and separate into multiple shapes to match the need’s of it’s bearer. GOA has the ability to alter it’s size, this proves useful when it is owned by different users. The size altering occurs after the user passively sacrifices twenty chakra points, through those GOA could change it’s size, essentially expanding at a rapid rate, allowing it to assume more shapes. Individually, GOA can be treated as a cloth, not offering any defensive or offensive capabilities. However, when more and more of GOA build atop itself it can reach surmountable strength and durability. The power of GOA depends on the amount of additional chakra the user supplies, with the strength corresponding to the 1:2 chakra:damage output. This can be used five times per battle. When hitting thirty chakra points mark, the strength increase only lasts three turns, which upon ending prevent the utilisation of the power increase of equal or higher measure for two turns. Sacrificing forty results in an increase that only lasts two turns, after which a three turn interval must pass before the reutilisation of the power increase ability. In regards to sacrifices lower than thirty, they all last for four turns, after which a turn interval must pass before the utilisation of the technique. The aspect of decreasing the size of GOA would cost five chakra points and can be freely used as it offers no noteworthy advantage to the user. Any offensive/defensive actions done with the expanded cloth would cost a move, barring the turn it expands in.

The third and perhaps the most battle useful ability of GOA is it’s relation to the Nara clan arts and related techniques. The garb implements it’s awareness into the user and clear their mind from any unnecessary thoughts(killing intent and similar/emotion altering techniques) , this allows the user to be more proficient with their usage of nara clan related techniques, allowing them to be able to create and use more complex and concentration requiring techniques. Normal techniques would be performed with more ease, translating to a -5 to chakra requirement for initial usage of the technique. Furthermore, GOA has one more function that greatly aids the user in conflicts. It becomes passively active when a nara or related technique is used(Shadow CFS for examole), GOA would release some of the user’s previously taken chakra into the technique, empowering it as a result. This translates to a rank increase for A ranks and below, while for higher it increases the power by ten. This ability can only come into effect as long as the GOA has taken some chakra beforehand. GOA absorbs five chakra points per turn for this ability and would require twenty chakra points in order to have the ability come into play, however, the user can actively sacrifice chakra, four times per battle, in order to have a higher storage of chakra. The user can sacrifice up to forty chakra points, this can be performed in the same timeframe of a technique, allowing the user to have the boost added to the attack in the same instance it is released. Boosts are restricted to once every two turns.

In regards to the GOA's durability, it depends on the extent of the second abilities usage that was previously mentioned. When the ability is not in use the garb would be as durable as normal clothes, leaving it vulnerable to attacks. However, all parts of the garb must be destroyed in order to render it completely useless. If a portion of the garb was not destroyed then it could be used to return the garb to it's former glory, based on the capabilities/restrictions placed on the second ability.
-Can only be used by a nara.
-If not on the user's person, it can be summoned similar to any other weapon.
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