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Dec 27, 2018
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In the world of Boku no Hero Academia, those that have ventured down the path of Heroics or Villainy utilize Items for a multitude of reasons. In the Dawn of Tomorrow Role-Play: The Heroes and Villains utilize items for supportive tactics to boost their fighting capability. Items are split into two categories known as Costumes and Gadgets. Each category has specific benefits that the other cannot obtain through ordinary means, which will be explained later in the guide, however there is a large amount of freedom that Items have to grant an enjoyable experience.

What is the Difference Between Costumes and Gadgets?
Costumes serve as the identity for your super powered persona. The Costumes become a symbolic component to your character since it holds your Morale Points. Only when performing Heroic or Villainous deeds while wearing that Costume will grant you positive or negative Morale Points. Owning a costume is optional, but it is recommended that you considered using one.

Morale Points are the currency needed to acquire certain Special Titles. These Titles grant unique perks and advantages for the character, but for more information click the following link. [ Role, Rank, and Titles ]

Gadgets are either weapons or accessories designed to support you in battle. The primary purpose of Gadgets is to be supportive items to enhance your fighting capabilities. Do not be mistaken, it is very possible for Gadgets to be designed with the purpose to cause or prevent oncoming damage. Below are examples to differentiate what are weapons and accessories.

Accessories are Gadgets that are not traditional weapons yet are supportive items, such as material to enhance other items - etc. This type of Gadget is incapable of causing or preventing damage, however they can in rare cases can interact with damage.

Weaponry are Gadgets that are traditional weapons, such as swords and shields. This type of Gadget is only capable of causing or preventing damage, however they can in rare cases gain supportive capabilities since Accessories can be incorporated to enhance Weapons functionality.​

How to Obtain Items?​

Obtaining Costumes or Gadgets requires the Role-Player to submit their ideas, for evaluation, in your personal [ Repertoire ] thread. Role-Players must gain the permission to engage in the submission process via participation in the Economical Pursuits threads made available weekly. The purpose of making this participation required is to create an immersive experience, where their characters actively seek for their items to be tailored made for them. For more information on Economical Pursuits, read the [ Free-Roam Guide ] thread.
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